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"The Crown Prince has left the palace and is making his way to the public horse stable. He wants to spy on Jia Ru as Shen Zhe is bringing her there for sightseeing along the plains, host."

Hmm, I have prevented the Fourth Prince from meeting with her yesterday and now I need to prevent his brother from doing the same too?


"Zero Three, can you tell me, if, right now, I refuse to do anything and just simply live my life, what will happen? Will the destiny return to its course?"

I keep my eyes close, listening to Xue Er's heart beat. Feeling guilty with what I've done before, I keep thinking, why would I need to care about others? I can simply live happily with the one who loves me. Why would I need to tire myself over something like this?

The main task is to prevent Xue Er from falling in love with that imposter, right?

So, if he already fallen in love with me, the task is considered done, right?

"... Host, due to the fact that you have survived in Jae Hee's body, the original destiny of this plane has been diverted slightly. However, since Jia Ru is considered the main character, she's blessed with 'daughter of the world' halo. If you, host, the foreign entity, failed to stop her, than the destiny will follow its original course."

Shit, I forgot about the whole MC halo. Damn, those thing actually exist? I thought it was some nonsense by authors to grant their MC and ML qualification to justify their actions. Ugh... Now it just make my job even harder.

Which means, even though the Crown Prince and the Emperor himself know about the imposter, she still can make something happen?

"Another matter that need your concern host, don't you remember about the price that you owe? The system will collect the payment immediately after everything is done."


The soul-changed Consort stiffen upon hearing the reminder.

No, he didn't forget.

He still remember the exchange that he demanded of. An exchange to save his own beloved.

And he won't regret it.

The moment he opens his eyes, it shines with determination. A sharp glare came through it, sending an unknown shiver towards the steward's spine that was manoeuvring the horses outside the carriage, making him involuntarily tighten his grip on the reign.

The Prince and his bride are already on their way home, after their short visit at the guest manor. The Consort barely manage to check on the banquet preparation and delegating tasks on the workers, when his husband whisk him away, citing that the Consort looks fatigue and need some rest.

The bride let out a small dissatisfied pout, but it does nothing to stop his Prince. He send out an apologetic glance towards the workers and asked Xiao Er to oversee the rest of the preparation.

And now, just blocks away from their home, the soul-changed Consort abruptly straighten up, demanding to go to the stables, whining about wanting to ride on some horse.

"My dear, it's too cold to go out right now. We will got back later." The Prince says, coaxing his bride to change his mind.

However, a few moments later, this command rang out to the steward's ears.

"Turn to the public stable."

"Yes, Your Highness."


Being pregnant has its own charm after all.


"What? I'm pregnant and it's okay to act the way I did, right?"

Even if Zero Three is a non-existence being, I can feel it's judging eyes boring straight to me back. Judging what you might ask? Well... let's just say I'm using my pregnancy as an advantage to... persuade the Prince.

"By whining and acting childishly like a baby?"

"Shut up!"

".... Host?"

"What? Speak up."

I can barely suppress my irritation upon sensing my system's impending sentence. However, Zero Three's reply is not something I expected.

"You can't ride a horse now. You're pregnant."


The carriage stop abruptly, albeit slowly. The Prince tighten his hold on me while throwing out a question toward the steward, asking why he stop.

I keep my smile hidden within his sleeve, as I knew why.


The lavish carriage of the Forth Prince come to a halt just blocks away from the intended destination. Decorated with the royal emblem, it make it visible to other to distinguish to whom the carriage belongs to.

Which is why, a royal guest just take upon himself to stop the carriage.

"It's the Crown Prince, Your Highness."

The soul-changed Consort keep his smile, inwardly wanting to thrust his hand upward in a victory pose, knowing that his plan has work. From the beginning, he didn't really intended to go to the stables. What he really want was to intercept the Crown Prince from going there.

"So, when the Crown Prince realized that his brother wants to go to the same place, what would he do?," he asks his system in a condescending way.

"The Crown Prince would stop him, host." Come the reply in its monotonous tone.

The soul-changed Consort his smirk as he follow his husband that has already steps out from the carriage. The Prince's features instantly turn rigid upon seeing his brother, still keeping him counted for what had happen before. However, his cold features faded the instant he realized his pregnant bride is behind him.

"Be careful, my dear."

The carriage door is a bit taller than the usual one, making the Prince worry that his bodyweight stumble down, thus, he lend her a helping hand. The Crown Prince slowly shake his head, realizing he has been ignored by his younger brother. The Crown Prince clamber down from his stallion, walking towards the Fourth Prince that is still fusing over his bride.

"Fourth Brother, you missed the morning court today."


The Crown Prince let out a small sigh, partly amused with the Fourth Prince rebellious act. Who would have know, the proper Prince would one day defies the order for the sake of his beloved.

Speaking about beloved, the Crown Prince turn his attention toward the delicate ger that is standing behind the Fourth Prince. The ger give out a small smile upon noticing, bowing his body slightly to greet the future ruler of Tian Mo Kingdom.

"Greetings, Crown Prince. This one is called Jun Jae Hee."

"At ease, Consort Jae Hee. No need to be so formal. We are family."

The Prince didn't even pay attention to his own brother, but instead focusing on his bride. When he saw what the ger was doing, he hold him, stopping him from bowing low.

"You're pregnant, my dear. Don't bow like that."

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