Love System: Changing Destinies Chapter 43: First Love: Mo Xue (41)


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"Consort Jae Hee is really talented. Look at how he handle the household and the foreign entourage. The Emperor trusted him and the Prince loves him. It looks like, we haven't got anything to compete with him."

One of the ladies that reside within the Prince's household lament over this during breakfast, on the next morning. A few other concubines that she was close with is accompanying her, nodding their heads in agreement.

"Thank goodness that he haven't done anything to us even with all the scheme we have pulled on him. If not, our live might end just like Sister Ning and Sister Shen." Another one continues.

"Perhaps, he doesn't know. Look, Sister Ning and Sister Shen were both punished due to the fact that their acts were discovered. Sister Ning was caught poisoning the Consort and Sister Shen was punished after she spill her father's plan for treason." The third one chimes in.

"I wonder," the first one mulled over her thought before continuing, "Is it still safe for us to be staying here anymore?"

The other two widen their eyes in shock, unable to understand what the lady is trying to say? The first lady quickly contemplating on something, before she dismiss all of their maids, requiring privacy.

"What if," she begin hushly, "we request for us to leave this household and go home."


The other two were bewildered with such notion. However, after listening the first lady explanation and thoughts, they were soon enamoured with it as well.

"I think, it's better for us to discuss it with our family. After all, even if we haven't been touched by the Prince, we have entered his household with enough fare last time. Our family's reputation will suffer if we simply go home."

"Yeah, you are right. But... I don't want to rot here. Nothing to do, nothing to love, nothing to care for. The Prince hasn't been gracing any of us, so how can we be lucky like Consort Jae Hee, already pregnant with a child."

While the concubines mulled over such thing the morning haven't even begin for the said Consort. He was still sleeping, tired with his 'punishment' last night. However, the one that gives it still lingers on the bed with him, holding him close, unable to let go.

Yesterday, the Prince was frightened to death after he woke up in the dark alley. Fear get the best of him as he rush home, only to met with a sleeping beauty resting on the chaise inside their shared chamber. He immediately hug his pregnant bride, waking him up in the process.

"Xue Er?"

Trying to set his heart to rest, the Prince captured the lush lips wholly, as if he wants to devour the ger. The latter tried to resist at the beginning, being unable to breath with such sudden assault. However, his body soften the moment his husband ended the kiss, lamented pitifully on his shoulder.

"My dear, never again. Never again will I let you be so close to danger. Never again."
Last night...

'Never again.'

I can't help it as guilt crept across my heart. He loves me. He wants me save. And I...

Xue Er, I'm sorry.

I must do what I did, so you will be safe. So this kingdom will be safe. I won't regret the price that I had to pay for this to happen. I just...

I look up to see his face. It is one of those rare moment where he stay by my side in the morning, as he would usually be summoned to the palace. Today is not that day. He purposely refused to go.

"Xue Er, won't Royal Father be mad at you?"

My voice still sound a bit hoarse, after...

"I wouldn't be going to the palace anytime soon. I want to with you, my dear."

I can feel his arm tighten around my body, not letting even an inch of a gap between our naked body beneath this tangled sheet.

Last night, was the first time I ever see this valiant man shows his fear, his weakness. And that weakness is me. I swear I noticed tears lingers at the corner of his eyes, while he take me again and again, while confirming, no, more like vowing to himself, to never leave me alone, in the face of danger.

'Never again.'

"Hey, what's wrong?"

I didn't realize my tears have flown down until he cup my face and wipe it off. Unable to face this guilt, I bury myself into his embrace, silently crying, letting my tears out freely on his chest.

How am I going to survive when I finally have to leave him?
The Prince keep accompanying his bride throughout the morning, helping him clean up, feeding him breakfast and hounding him like a lost puppy, wanting to follow him around. His bride tried to chase him away, but the anxious husband is so determined to be sticky.

The soul-changed Consort needs to oversee the preparation for tonight's welcoming banquet at the guest manor, and the Prince doesn't want to be left him behind. The ger finally relent upon realizing that the imposter is absent from the manor, already on her way with Shen Ze, touring around the city.

"Zero Three, monitor them as usual. Oh, where is the Crown Prince right now?"

The ger fake a nap on his husband's shoulder, while listening to his system's report, inside the carriage as they make their way to the guest manor.

"He is with the Emperor at the palace, discussing the absent of the Fourth Prince during today's court meet."
"Royal Father, it seems like Fourth Brother really loves his consort. He must be resentful to both of us, since he blatantly absent from the morning court."

Inside the private study of the Emperor, a pair of father and son are discussing leisurely over a pot of tea, about the Fourth Prince's 'tantrum'.

"Your brother... if before, I was worried about his lack of interest. But now..." The Emperor let out a tired sigh before continuing, "That boy... I hope he can be discreet about this. This is no longer about him. It's about the safety of our kingdom."

The Crown Prince shared a small smile, never doubting his younger brother. After discussing their next strategy with his father, the Crown Prince step out from the chamber, making his way out of the palace.

As soon as he was out, one of his shadow guard appears in front of him, kneeling while reporting is news.

"Monitor that princess. Make sure Mo Xue stay away from her."
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