Love System: Changing Destinies Chapter 29: First Love: Mo Xue (27)


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"Zero Three, which bonus task that I have completed for task five?"

"You have completed the task of exposing Minister Shen's scheme, host."

"Meaning, the Shen's family is still standing."

Hmm... Well, this might be possible due to the fact that Concubine Shen's elder brother have no idea about what his dad and little sister have been doing. He seems to be a pretty decent guy. The Emperor might pardon him and let him succeed his father's place.

Yup, that kinda make sense.

But, the war?

"The system has no information regarding this, host. In the original story, there are no wars. Tian Mo Kingdom was directly plunged to oblivion by Jia Ru from the inside. The destinies of this whole alternate world is changing because of your presence, host."


So, there will be war?

And I still need to stop it?
"There are a total of nine princes, mistress. However, the ones that are capable to lead are only two, Crown Prince Mo Tang and the Fourth Prince, Mo Xue."

In the middle of a desert, inside a lavish brown tent, a woman, dressed in a skimpy red outfit, lay on a soft yellow chaise. With a thin piece of organza covering her lower face, leaving only a pair of mesmerizing black eyes to be exposed, the woman gently pluck one piece of grape from the side table and bring it to her mouth.

A tiny trail of juice escape from her mouth. It can be barely seen through the semi transparent cloth, but it's enough to sway the heart of any man. However, the man that is standing in front of her wouldn't even dare to raise his gaze, knowing that impending doom will fall upon him if he did.

"How is the relationship between those two princes?"

The lilting voice softly boom inside the tent. Apart from them both, there are a few maids standing at both side of the chaise, bowing their head in submission.

"Their relationship is pretty good, mistress. Even though the Fourth Prince is talented, he is not interested with the throne. Plus, he would usually help the Crown Prince and support him from behind."

The woman in red slowly raise her body, sitting, crossing her legs and perch one hand on her thigh, resting her chin on it. From behind the organza, the woman purse her red lips out, while her back fingers are drumming her chin. After a while those pouty mouth curve into a smile, seductive and dangerous.

"Well then, perhaps we can do something to change it. Prepare to leave in the morrow. We have to get there before the next full moon."

The man give out a salute before bowing and leaving the luxurious tent. The woman in red lay back lazily as her maids steps forward to massage her body.

In another place, miles away from the desert, a certain ger is having tea while waiting for someone. No, not his handsome prince, but someone else.

"Hee Hee."

The ger that was so deep in his thoughts jerk his head up upon hearing it. He give out a small smile while inviting his cousin to take a seat beside him. Yes, the one he's been waiting for is his cousin, Jun Jin Lee.

His eyes widen when he heard me call him in the Silla's language. After coming here as a delegate, I know he have not been able to speak it. As a symbol of respect towards this kingdom and the Emperor, most of Silla's citizens that come here will only speaks in Tian Mo's language.

"Oraboni." I repeat before continuing in Silla's again, "This little brother needs help."

"What's wrong? Do you... do you want to... go home? Are you not happy here?"

"No. It is nothing like that. It's just..." Shaking my head, I reorganize my thoughts.

Ever since I realize that my system can't no longer give me any help regarding the impending war, I started to make up some plans. However, due to my status as a delicate ger that is not supposed to interfere with any political issues, I have to seek help from someone else. It's true that my system can help to monitor certain parties, but as I said before, this is not a modern world where I can manipulate any evidence.

Since the war is between this country and the original Jae Hee's kingdom, I thought it would highly inappropriate for me to ask for the Prince's help. Hence, I choose my cousin to be my external help. I was thinking of giving him hint and guiding him so he can discover any plot and scheme from any third parties that wants to drive this kingdom into war with the Kingdom of Silla.

"Oraboni, do you remember what did Concubine Shen said that day? About... The war?" I continues further when I notice he keep his silence. "This little brother knows that he's not supposed to meddle with this issue but this one can't help from being worried. After all, this little one is still the Royal Prince of Silla."

"Hee Hee, that matter has been settled. Minister Shen has been detained and Concubine Shen has been punished with poison. You don't have to worry about it."

"Oraboni, do you know how many that despise me for being the Prince's Consort? Not just the ladies in this household but also their families. Two concubines have been put to death because of me. This one might be paranoid but don't you think those family that have their daughters here wouldn't do something about it?"

I see him grew silence again, probably thinking about the rationality behind my deduction. He might never have thought about such think but for me, a seasoned marathoner of drama, how can't I not know those thing. I might not be a woman myself but if any of these man ever stop and think, they will naturally figured it out as well. However, in their cases, most of them would figure it out way to late. Thank God I have the knowledge of my drama. It seems like my efforts in watching countless hours of those period C-drama hasn't gone to waste.


I'm so gonna watch more of it when I get back to the modern world.

Jae, focus.

"Oraboni, could you perhaps, take some precautions? I don't want to burden the Prince with this, so I can only turn to you. They have been made sure not to plot in me, but what about our kingdom. Royal Father sent me here to keep our kingdom safe because he know he can't hold any outside force from plunging our kingdom. If war happen..."

After a long pause, he finally lift his head up, looking slightly miserable but with determination layered on top of it.

"What do you want me to do?"

I proceed to tell him about the ladies in this household, asking him to monitor any sudden movement from their families. After that I also remind him about the second son of the Shen family.

"Shen family is still standing with Noble Son Shen taking the reign. He is a decent guy. Even if their family rank has gone down, he still keep his heads up. His younger brother in the other hand..."

"This one knows. This one have heard stories about him and has even met him once during his visits with his sister."

Searching Jae Hee's memory, it is true that the original have met with the second son of the Shen's family. It's was the day where Concubine Ning trick him to the garden and trip him to fall onto the icy lake. From his memory, I can see the sneer and lust emerge from his eyes when he's looking at this original's body.

"Oraboni, perhaps... you can start with him? He frequently come here to visit Concubine Shen so he might actually have some idea on Concubine Shen's plan. He ceased his visit after the return of the Prince."

"His father has sent him to the neighbouring country to study. He may be on his way back now. I assume his family has sent in notice about what have happen here. Don't worry little cousin, oraboni will help you."
The soul-changed Consort smiles in relief after knowing he has manage to get the original's cousin to help him. He was busy doing a small celebratory dance inwardly when all of the sudden his system put out a notice, making him curse furiously.

"Jia Ru is on her way, host. Shen Zhe is also on his way back. With their speed, it is estimated that they will arrive in ten days."
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