Love's Journey Chapter 1: Rainfall


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The moon was dimly lit, covered by dark clouds. There were no stars in the sky, leaving the moon all alone.

Inside a rickety apartment building, in one of the apartments, smoke filled the room. A man seated on a couch smoking a cigarette and watching television called out to a woman nearby.

"Su Mei, go get me some more cigs, I'm about to run out."

Su Mei bit her lower lip, "dear, smoking too much is bad for you. Don't you think you've had enough?" She smiled.

"Don't talk back to me! If I tell you to do something then do it!" he raised his hand threateningly.

She flinched and looked down, "O-okay… how about the money for it…?"

He lowered his hand and returned his attention to the television. "Money? It's always about money this, money that. I don't have it, you pay. Oh yeah, remember to get some beer as well."

She opened her mouth but no words came out. She closed it and nodded before grabbing her purse and leaving for the nearest convenience store.

Su Mei walked the streets at night for twenty minutes before arriving at a convenience store. She bought a pack of six beer bottles along with a pack of cigarettes with most of the few crumpled bills she had in her purse.

Su Mei walked back with a plastic bag in hand holding what she had just bought. Halfway there, she received a call, "hello?"

"Su Mei! It's me, Li Qing."

"Oh! Qing Qing, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Listen, are you still with that Dong Wu?"

"Yea, why?"

"You have to break up with him. I heard from some friends about you and him. He's not the same person he was in high school. He's changed and you know it. I've heard that he even physically abused you! You have to leave him!"

Su Mei was silent, "he's just not feeling well right now. He's in a sort of slump, he'll get better, he even promised that he'll change and get a job. He said he'll marry me once he gets his life in order. He just needs some time right now that's all."

A sigh could be heard over the phone, "alright, I've said my piece. I just hope you'll make the right decision." The call cut off.

Su Mei stood still, her figure under a streetlight. She shook her head as she started walking again. She looked up at the clouds, "it looks like it's going to rain soon, I should hurry up."

She picked up her pace, arriving faster than expected. She was about to enter the apartment when she heard people talking from inside.

"Shouldn't I get going? After All isn't she coming back soon?"

"No, stay. That dumb broad shouldn't be here for at least five more minutes."

"Hehe, alright. You're such a bad boy aren't you?"

Sounds of affection and intimacy could be heard. With shaking hands, Su Mei opened the door. She dropped the plastic bag, the shattering of the glass echoed out. In front of her was her boyfriend, Dong Wu with another girl in his embrace.

The cigarette in his mouth fell out as he froze in shock. "M-Mei'er this isn't what it looks like-"

"This isn't what it looks like? I overheard you earlier! I think this is exactly what it looks like!" Su Mei yelled out with tears in her eyes.

Dong Wu clicked his tongue, "you can't blame this on me! We've been together for four, almost five years! The number of times we've done it before? ZERO!"

Su Mei was shivering, all kinds of emotions flowing through her. She turned around and ran. She ran and ran and ran.

While she was running, dark clouds had gathered in the sky and rain had started to fall. She kept going despite being soaked. She didn't know how long she had ran but she eventually arrived and stopped in front of a small bar.

Soaked and not in the correct state of mind, she went in.
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