Love Lost: Taekook fanfic bl Chapter 1: Prolonge


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*Author's Monologue*

*16 years ago*

As Jungkook and Y/n fight over who gets to sit on which side of the car their mother tries to quickly usher them in the car to go and celebrate their birthday with their friends Jimin and Jin in the park.

  As soon as they are settled in the car their father starts the car and pulls out of their driveway heading towards the Spring Day park.

  As they head towards the park the family chats and talks about what the twins want for their birthday.  The twins start to fight over who will be able to blow out the candles on the cake when they arrive at the party their father turns his head taking his eyes off the road for a second and in that second a transfer truck comes in contact with the car causing blood splatter all over the two children that sit in the back the impact was so hard that in caused the car to flip and crash into a pole on Jungkook's side crushing his lower abdomen causing the 5 year old scream out in pain and cry as blood ozsed out of his wounds.

  The pain was to much for Jungkook to bear that he passed out. Y/n screamed and cried for help and upon seeing headlights screamed louder hopefully that they would hear them.

Mr.Kim slowly approach the vehicle upon hearing yells and with a flashlight checked the back and found Jungkook and Y/n he quickly called 911 and inform them about what happened.

As soon as the paramedics came they started to cut out Jungkook and Y/n . Upon cutting out Jungkook and Y/n they took them to the hospital .

Jungkook was immediately rushed into surgery. Y/n cried though the whole process.

*One week later *

"Jungkookie please wake up mommy and daddy left me and I don't want you to leave me too." Y/n as they cried their eyes out. 

As Jungkook came to he opened his eyes and seen a blank white celling and heard crying on his left side.

Once Jungkook turned his head and seen Y/n crying he pulled them into a hug and asked why they are crying .

"Why awe you crying Y/n and what happened?" Jungkook pulling away from the hug .

"Jungkookie there was accident and mommy and daddy left us here to go to heaven." Y/n cried wishing what they just said was not true.

As they were talking the doctor walked in to check on Jungkook and upon seeing him awake spoke up and said.

"Jungkook is it ok if I talk to you in private?" Dr. Fuerojo said.

" Ok Mr." Jungkook replied

"..... Jungkook I am sorry to inform you that you will not be able to walk again." Upon hearing this from Dr. Fuerojo, Jungkook at first denied it and tried to stand up ultimately failling to do so and landing on his butt.

"...but what about playing, dancing an-and scoccer." Jungkook said with a pout.

"I'm sorry but we did all we could." Dr. Fuerojo said a she left the room.

*5 years later*

*At the orphanage*

As Jungkook sat looking out the window drawing the beautiful scenery a little tiger hybrid approach the boy from behind tapping his shoulder.

"Hi I'm Taehyung but you can call me taetae let's be friends." The tiger hybrid said with a box smile.


I wonder what Jungkook's reaction to Tae will be. Sorry that this chapter is short I promise the chapters will get better and longer as the story goes on

I hope you have a great night / day~Angie☺️
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