Love Cafe: When only memories remains Chapter 139: Reason of Building Red Dragon Force


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"What did you said just now? Red Dragon Force is new force under OM Corporation?"

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Anubhav frowned while asking her. He lift up his tea cup started sipping.

"No, not under OM Corporation, it is under my name." Smrity casually picked up fresh juice and said to Anubhav.

Anubhav who was sipping tea, he spat out tea and cough violently. He felt like he was fool all along, she actually build her own territory under his nose he was still on dark. He was tricked by this little devil, whom he teach now already surpass him.

"From when did you start planning all these? And Why?" He asked her without hiding his surprising reaction.

"Since the day I became CEO of OM Corporation. And you ask me why? Grandpa, did your IQ level decrease?"

After Anubhav and Board member decided to make her CEO, Smrity knew she is heading towards power and to hold power she also have to be powerful enough. Otherwise, someone will crushed her and she knew that her uncle and other relatives were not happy to her becoming CEO.

To face huge problem like this in future she build Red Dragon force, no one knew about it expect Soham and her. Soham was the incharge of Red Dragon force, all of the member thought Soham was the who is boss.

Also Soham was the elite member of Dark Force, no one knew he was also member of Dark force. Soham was the person whom Smrity trust the most, his loyalty was far more precious to her.

Upon hearing her criticism Mr Basnet could only sigh, how could he not understand her. But he felt really ashamed that he couldn't be able to protect her own granddaughter.

"But still must have other copies also if they find out you are the boss then..."

Before he could say anything, Smrity interrupt him.

"That is the main thing, I have to find out how much they are holding in their hand. Also about finding true boss behind Red Dragon Force it will be impossible for them.

Grandfather, it was my bait this time and for your dream I can sacrifice anything. Red Dragon force is just a small contribution and I can also sacrifice my life for you happily."

Smrity said to Anubhav with her low tone,

"Grandfather, apart from Father, mother, brother and you who else I have? If, I can't be able to protect my loved ones what will be the meaning of my life?"

Her every words touched bottom of heart of Anubhav Basnet, he knew she is very serious when it came to family.

"Alright, I believe you. Go and continue your plan this old bone will not disturb you."

After saying he walked up stair, his mood uplift by little.

"Back then I didn't take wrong decision at all."

He mumbled himself....

At the same time,

Light Green Palace...

Sweta mesmerize by natural beauty, It looks like heaven in earth.

Small lake, beautiful garden, lane, forest and most importantly a huge palace built by woods, wooden craftsmanship makes it was built by the people from ancient time. There is also rare medicinal plant were planted which makes granden refreshing.

"Mr Thakuri, I didn't expect that your family would so rich?" Sweta smile and said him in teasing tone.

"It is not that our family is rich, it is just that my sister is money making machine..." He mumbled himself. While his gaze fixed beauty in front of him.

"Well, this property was belong to Smrity, she built it up two year ago." Shisham casually said to Sweta, but it hit in Sweta's forcefully.

"You said this was all Smrity's idea? Also it's been only two year after it built." She was dumbstruck by idea of Smrity.

"Miss Chettri you are quite lucky having intelligent friend like her, but...." 'Unlucky at the same time you also grab attention from devil.' Remain unsaid by him.

"But what?" Sweta asked when he stopped talking in mid way.

"But you never taken my feelings seriously towards you." Shisham said with grin in his eyes.

" What feeling that young master Thakuri is talking about?" Sweta raised her eyes, looked at him and innocently.

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