Love Cafe: When only memories remains Chapter 138: Severe Ties IV


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"Grandpa, what I want now is stop reading in weird position. It will make your brain even more stressed and also it is not good for your eyes."

Smrity put down her bags and sit in front of Anubhav with gentle eyes. Anubhav felt like punching on cotton, no matter how many method he tried to pursued her, she was not going to change her decision. He cannot win against her stubbornness. He finally put down his book with long sigh,

"Fine... Do you think this decision will work? Throwing aside you position means taking big risk, all share holder are happy because of you. What if our share's value will fall?"

His eyes shows uneasiness, he knew if the plan consequences will be severe.

"Grandpa, Risk and business are two sides of one coin, don't worry it will bring good things to our company. Don't take stress, believe on me alright. I will make everything better."

Smrity said to him in her consoled tone. She could understand his concern but she herself didn't know how much damage will cause this decision.

Anubhav rolled his eyes, deep down he believed her every words, only he need to confirm from her.

"Promise??" Anubhav said, when he looked at her child looking for mother to protect. Smrity always loves his childish side. Beside from her he never shows his this side to others.

"I promise, you believe me right??" Smrity asked, while making promise.

"I believe in your intelligence and abilities." He take deep breathe, in relief tone when she make promise. Because he knew she never make false promises.

"Grandfather..." Smrity called him in deep low voice.

"Hmmm..." Anubhav raised his eyes brows and looked towards her when her tone change.

"Will you able to severe ties with them?" Smrity asked in concerned tone, she knew no matter how cold he showed himself to outside people, but he was actually a warm person inside. Also abandoning own son was greatest pain for him.

"Don't forgot how cruel decision I took in past, for dignity of our family I can do anything. This time they cross limit, no matter who are they, there is no mercy for traitor." He said coldly with no trace of emotion, he was always like this when it come to family clan and family business.

Smrity satisfied with his reply although she had taken last from her father, but she always fully being responsible to Basnet family. She wanted to fulfill the dream of her grandfather, because no one really understand him. She had also made promise to her mother to make him always happy.

"Don't worry, grandfather I won't take their life, also for the sake of second aunt I will let him alive. Today I investigate where is he and with whom. I found this look by yourself."

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Smrity pass her tablet to Anubhav, when he saw photos and video in it. His anger instantly flared up.

"How come I have such scum child?" He angrily threw tablet,

"Grandfather, calm down. I investigate matter further, that girl was daugther of your ex driver whom you sent to jail because you caught him doing under table deal. She is here to make conflict between our family and want to destroy you and your dream.

I am investigating more about her, it seems her connection was also with our rival. Under protection of them, she boldly seduce second uncle and sell our darkfroce secret to Red Dragon Force."

Anubhav was taken aback when he heard the name 'Red Dragon Force'. How come he didn't know about this force, did this force form new?

"Do you know anything about these force?" Anubhav asked to Smrity.

"This is the new force which I form newly, its been only 6 month. I kept it secret from you and everybody because I already something wasn't right in our dark force. Although it still require lots of power to strengthen, but I never expect they will sell my secrets to me."

Anubhav who was shocked by name of Red Dragon Force, now he was even more shocked when he heard that was actually new force which Smrity personally build up for critical situation.

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