Love Cafe: When only memories remains Chapter 137: Severe Ties III


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Outskirts of Mumbai City somewhere,

At beautiful farm house, Men who was at his Thirty's who was in full bright mood after getting phone call couldn't help but smiling cheekily. In his arms there is beautiful girl, pressing her body against his.

"Oh... you are such a lucky charm to me, she make decision so fast. As expected my neice." He said to the girl lifting up her chin.

"She is known as well known schemer, be careful darling." She wishpered in his ear.

The man is second son of Basnet family Abhirav Basnet, Smrity's second uncle.

"I don't want to make grudge between family but that old scumbag make me to go against my family. You know if he didn't stayed stubborn to make daughter's daughter who didn't belong to our family anymore CEO, I won't make my own sister enemy of mine."

He said to his girlfriend,

"Not only that he insist me to marry such useless women, who don't even able to give me child. That old bone always been cold hearted to his own child, at first when we were child he never pay attention to us and after we grown up he never looked us and give any opportunity to win over his side.

He threw all his son out from home, and not only that, the girl who bring shame to our family now he brought her daughter to takeover our family business.

Just because she is genius like him, who can ruthlessly run his business along. You know he never care about us after mom gone no one care about us. Just because of his cold attitude our all relatives also cut of ties with us."

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He kept complaining about his father, the girl kept listening giving him gentle gaze.

"Don't worry now I am with you. I will help you to bring back what belong to you.

Just keep your eyes on your niece, I don't think she will let this matter go so easily. I heard she already came back to Mumbai and also she attend office in short time. We only sell her darkforce's secret little, this makes her back bone little weak this doesn't mean she don't have anything on her sleeves.

And do you find our why she is attending college? Hasn't she already got her PhD degree?" She said with evil smile, if she could see future, now she would trying to find where to hide but pity she don't have this ability.

"Don't worry, that was her dream to learn in college of Darjeeling which that old bone gives her permission to go and learn nothing special."

He said, while filling his wine glass. But the girl didn't believe that Smrity was the type of person who attend college just for knowledge and for her dream. There is something missing from there eyes, she have to find out it will help her to achieve her goal.

Abhirav saw her losting in deep thought, he came over her and hugged from back.

"Don't think much although she is genius also don't forget she is only 19. All youngster will do anything to fulfill their dream."

She nodded only, she only believe half of him. Her eyes filled with venomous gaze.

"Baby, when you will divorced your wife and got married with me?"

"Soon, after I snatch my position back I will do first thing take divorced from her, if she refused..."

His eyes turned into murderous and cold, his bloodthirsty emotions welled up in his eyes it turned in red. Upon seeing his eyes the girl, smiled at satisfaction.

At the same time,

Smrity returned to Forest Mansion, Mr Anubhav was sitting in living impatiently waiting for her. Upon seeing her finally, he caught breathe. Ever since in afternoon, when he got call from Mr Malhotra. He didn't understand why she take such decision.

"It seems you got call from Mr Malhotra already?"

Smrity asked to her grandfather when she saw he was holding book upside down. She knew he always do same task reading from opposite side when he got tensed.

"You... What do you want?" Anubhav asked to Smrity, rolling his eyes trying to surpress his anger.

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