Love Betrayal Chapter 28: Eclipse


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"Mr.Shao, her roommate said she never went back to her dorm." Wang Fang said.

"That dam girl plans to ditch my class! Go back to work." Mr. Shao said.

At that moment Qing Han comes running into the classroom.

"Mr.Shao an eclipse is happening!" Qing Han said.

Everyone ran outside and the moon covered the sun.


"Jin Rong. I brought her back." the guy said.

"Just in time, the moon is coming up." Jin Rong said.

Jin Rong and the guy walked to a balcany and looked up in the sky, it was a eclipse.

"Eclipse?" Chao Li asked in confusing.

Jing Rong took Chao Li's hand and slashed a sword on her palm. Chao Li's blood fell to the floor as the moon covered the sun. When everything was dark, the blood from the floor started to rise and fly to the moon, the moon turned into a dark red color. Chao Li's hand also got dragged to the moon soon she was flying. As she reached the moon, a light flashed over the cities.


The bright light caused the people at Tan Shang to close their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, there was a black silhouette on the moon the person was holding a sword. As the sun reappeared, the person fell to the ground.


"Get her. Make sure she is safe." Jin Rong said.

"Yes." the guy said and he left.

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"It's finally here, the day is coming!" Mr. Liang Fen said as the escplise ended.

Chang Ming walked into the room and said " The Emperor has arrived."

"Tell him to come in."


Emperor Sima walked into the room and Mr. Liang Fen similed.

"The day is coming." Emperor Sima said with a smile.

"We waited years for this day." Mr. Liang Fen said.

"Oh and by the way, Chenglei told me a sentence ."

"Sentence? Is it another stupid sentence ?"

"Yeah but this one seems like it was going to come true."


" The Blood Moon Arise so does Crystal Tribe."

"The Crystal Tribe will arise my foot. It's been years since it was still alive. Back then, I was a fool to like Cheng Yi. I won't make the same mistake again, I will elimate everyone once and for all." Mr. Liang Fen said.

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