Love Betrayal Chapter 27: The Truth Unfold II


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"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong? Is there something on my face?" Chao Li questioned.

"No it's just that Mr.Shao used the water from the pool of frogs...." Qing Han replied.

"What? The frogs?!?!" Chao Li screamed in confusion.

The students laughed and Mr.Shao took a stick and slapped it on the floor.


"No...." The students said in union.

"Back to worl, back to work! Go go." Mr.Shao said as he slapped the students back with the stick.

Chao Li looked at Mr.Shao and he said "Out, out, out. Go change."


As Chao Li walked back to her dorm to get changed, someone grabbed her hand and they slipped away.

"Hey! Who are you!" Chao Li said.

The guy didn't answer but he held Chao Li's hand and took out a sword. Thinking that the guy was harming her, she made the guy lay on the floor.

"Hey, I'm under Jin Rong, I am one of her servants. She has ordered me to bring back some of your blood to her for the moon." the guy said.


"As you know, Jin Rong is in charged of the birth and death of every one in the Crystal Tribe. Technically, you are not born yet."

"No born? I'm human, I'm living and breathing."

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"Unlike before, Jin Rong has lost her powers but she can still help you recover your powers."

"She lost her powers?"

"You should know by now, your father and your uncle ate a pill that determined who should become your mother's husband. According to the Crystal Tribe's rules, once there is a winner, all the people should get a antidote but there was only one antidote left and your mother decided to give it to your father, she allowed Yuan Feng to die. As punishment for losing the antidote, the current king, Emperor Gu died and Jin Rong was forced to give up everything. In the end, the Crystal Empire collapsed and never rose again."

"Sooooo my uncle has Jin Rong's powers?"

"Yes, Liang Fen."

"Liang Fen?!?! The teacher at Tan Shang?"

The guy nodded.

In the distance, Qing Han shouted "CHAO LI! CHAO!"

The guy took Chao Li's hand and vanished into thin air.

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