Love Betrayal Chapter 22: Seniors


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"Chao Li! Chao Li!" The mysterious black woman said as she grabbed Chao Li's neck.

Grasping for air, Chao Li coughed and coughed but the woman didn't seemed like she was letting go. Two words fluttered in her mind: WAKE UP! But the woman kept strangling her until someone shooked Chao Li.

"AHHHH!" Chao Li screamed as she jerked up.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Second Senior asked.

Chao Li looked to her right and saw First,Second and Third Seniors staring at her with the weirdest face ever.

"She probably had a bad dream or something." First Senior said.

"Like you know anything about dreams." Second Senior replied.

The two twins fought over dreams and Third Senior coughed to stopped the fight.

"Now if you excuse me, the door is that way if you guys wanna fight." Third Senior said as he pointed to the exit.

Chao Li giggled and the twins turned around and gave her the evil eye at her.

"If there a red mark on my neck?" Chao asked the Seniors.

The three Seniors shooked their head in union and Chao Li whispered "That's weird she definitely choked me."

"Who's she?" Second Senior asked.

"Huh?" Chao Li responded.

"The she you just whispered, I have ears you know!" Second Senior said as he grinned.

"Some weird old woman in black."

"Do you know who she is? Any features like eyes or face?" First Senior asked.

"No...." Chao Li said slowly as she shooked her head.

"No luck then." Third Senior said sadly.

"But, she said something about Yuan Feng last time she appeared."

"So she appeared not only once." Third Senior said.

Chao Li nodded her head and First Senior screamed "OMG!"

Everyone turned to her and she asked " You said Yuan Feng right?"

"Yeah I did, and...." Chao Li said.

"Yuan Feng, I heard that name from Mr.Liang Feng! He was talking to himself in a mirror so I thought he was crazy or something."

"Mr.Liang Feng? Does he know Yuan Feng?." Chao Li asked at once.

"I don't know. But there was this story of how he died for a woman or something like that." First Senior asked.

"Yeah I heard from Qiu Feng that he took his own life for a woman."

"That's so sad." Second Senior said.

"Yeah but that's the power of love." First Senior said.

"Oh, I forgot to ask: Can you guys get me out of here, I don't wanna stay in this boring room anymore." Chao Li said.

"I'll go ask Mr.Bai." Third Senior said and he left the room.

"So... I heard you placed last out of everyone at Tan Shang." First Senior said.

"Uh....yeah about that." Chao Li answered.

"You fainted from some poison and yeah yeah yeah." Second Senior said.

"Wait how did you know, you guys weren't even there."

" You were the talk of the town." First Senior said.

Chao Li got embarrassed and hid her face under her blanket.

"Ah, no worries you have us, the first and second place winner to help you train for the next Monthly Competition!" Second Senior boasted.


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