Lord Xue Ying Chapter 973: Capturing Two Alive


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The only Destruction Devil who could maintain consciousness had stepped into the ninth level a long time ago. He had tempered his heart to a state comparable to the ninth level cultivators. That was the reason why he was qualified to protect 'General Mo Gu' along with another ninth level Destruction Devil.

"No, no." This Destruction Devil waved his hand, keeping two of his comrades into his Eden treasure first before flashing directly into the palace hall. His speed was too fast.

Even though Xue Ying had immediately unleashed the Destruction Flower, a mere distance of half a kilometer was an instant to this ninth level Destruction Devil! Xue Ying was slightly slower in his deployment of the Destruction Flower.

"Keep." He just kept General Mo Gu who had fallen softly onto the ground into his Eden treasure when the black nine-petaled flower descended.

The nine-petaled flower completely surrounded him. Many layers wrapped around him–there were a total of six flowers with the bigger ones wrapping over the smaller ones. He was trapped entirely within.

At the same time, there was another nine-petaled flower descending and wrapping around the other two Destruction Devils who had fallen into the illusory realm.

'Fortunately.' Xue Ying felt relaxed after that.

Of the six Destruction Devils…

The fate of two of them had fallen into his hands!

As for that ninth level Destruction Devil and the three others whom he had saved, they were trapped in six nine-petaled flowers. It was impossible for them to escape. His illusory realm had already spread across the entire location.


There was even a gigantic fiery-red Vermillion Nightmare totem appearing behind Xue Ying. With a sweep of its wings, streams of fiery-red air began spreading out in all directions. By relying on the ancient cultivation inheritance, the illusory realm Xue Ying formed would continuously be generated. That fiery red airstream also wrapped around that Destruction Devil who could maintain consciousness. He had already shown his true self–a tall and big single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying." The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil had a savage expression. His single horn was truly sharp as he let out an enraged roar.

He was both furious and despondent.

He felt despondent about his fate and despondent for General Mo Gu! Protecting 'General Mo Gu' was his mission, but he had felt that incomparably horrifying illusory realm. The majority of his willpower was used on resisting against this illusory realm, and from how he sees, the number of golden-armored Destruction Devils who could resist against this illusory realm could be counted with one's fingers.

"Die." Xue Ying took a step closer, keeping the innocent cultivators who had fallen into an illusory realm. At the same time, with a thought, the nine-petaled flower began exploding.

"Hong hong hong…"

The nine-petaled flower wrapped around the single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil began subsiding and exploding. During the point of explosion, Xue Ying formed another new nine-petaled flower again.

One flower exploded, and another emerged.

The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil suffered from the terrifying assault. He roared as injuries appeared on his body before being healed again.


Within the Eden treasure.

The three Destruction Devils who were saved were located here, of which there was General Mo Gu within. This location was not affected by the illusory realm, and they naturally regained their clarity of mind.

"What happened?"

"We were previously…"

The three of them stood there blankly.


A strand of golden light descended, condensing into an incarnation of that single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil. He swept his gaze before growling: "Dong Bo Xue Ying has discovered us. The three of you has fallen prey for his illusory realm."

"Illusory realm?" The three of them were alarmed. According to intelligence, Xue Ying's 'nine-petaled flower' was extremely formidable. The moment they were trapped within, even ninth level Destruction Devils could not escape.

"We can't escape." The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil shook his head, "We no longer have hope. His illusory realm has completely curbed General Mo Gu. Furthermore, the Cosmos Gods on the side of cultivators are rushing over as we speak. Of the six of us… Only I can maintain consciousness, though part of my strength has been redirected to resist against it. It is impossible for me to break apart that nine-petaled flower of his. Instead, I am being injured."

"No, no, impossible." General Mo Gu angrily roared. He revealed his real body–a body covered by golden scales. There were also three black twisted horns protruding from his forehead.

"I cannot die here. Absolutely not." General Mo Gu was not willing to believe it.

Ever since his birth, his status was incomparably respected. Even kings attached great importance to him. He was someone that rid above all other golden-armored Destruction Devils!

After coming to the world of the cultivators, his days were really comfortable. He could devour the cultivators to his liking. His strength was also improving, and he felt that sooner or later, he would reach the ninth level, and even becoming a 'king' in the future. He was ambitious and felt that he would become the strongest king given his talent.

But now, Xue Ying's sudden descent had destroyed everything.

"Suicide." The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil stated, "We would reveal more information if we were to fall into the hands of the cultivators. If you don't believe my words, you all could see what is happening outside."


The space within the Eden treasure warped, showing the combat scenes occurring outside. The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil's true body was doing his best to fight, yet he was only accumulating more injuries. Furthermore, there were many black flowers wrapped over his surroundings.

"We are doomed."

"Dong Bo Xue Ying."

Two of the golden-armored Destruction Devils roared angrily, though their bodies soon started dissipating.

"No, I do not believe it. I know that my shadowless talent will definitely allow me to escape." General Mo Gu soon revealed his shadowless talent, causing his body to disappear. Clearly, he had utterly 'shadow-ified'.

"You will only be captured alive by him if you were to go out." The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil hurriedly shouted.

Nevertheless, General Mo Gu had disappeared.

It was evident that General Mo Gu was not willing to give up. He was absolutely confident of his own talent and felt that it was because he had not utilized his talent previously, which was why he fell prey for Xue Ying's technique. As long as he 'teleported' immediately, the nine-petaled flower would not hinder his movement. It was entirely possible for him to escape, or so he thought.


'I must escape. I must.' General Mo Gu easily arrived outside from the Eden treasure. He began teleporting after that.

But the illusory realm was maintained all the time. It was also suppressing that single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil, causing the other two to remain asleep.

And just as General Mo Gu left the Eden treasure, he fell into the illusory realm immediately.

He could not retaliate at all!


The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil felt indignant when he saw the body of General Mo Gu appearing by the side from nothingness.

"Die." The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil's body turned into countless golden light that tunneled into the body of General Mo GU. Just like how cultivators could kill each other, the golden-armored Destruction Devils could do so as well! The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devils had immediately destroyed the soul of General Mo Gu to prevent him from falling into the hands of the cultivators. He had destroyed General Mo Gu's body too. Nevertheless, as General Mo Gu's body was destroyed, his scaled armor was left behind as it could not be destroyed.


The distant space started distorting and fluctuated.

'It's a pity that they have captured two alive.' The single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil immediately took the initiative to suicide.

"Xue Ying, how is it?" The black-robed green-haired male Void Primogenitor appeared with a laugh

"I've discovered six Destruction Devils. There should be four who died, and two whom I captured alive." Xue Ying said with a grin. Following that, he brought the Eden treasure of the single-horned golden-armored Destruction Devil over, yet it's a pity he did not find any golden-armored Destruction Devil. Clearly, the other two had suicided. This was as Xue Ying expected.

Very soon.

Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor arrived.

"You've captured two alive?" Ancestor Sorcerer and Blade Emperor watched at the two golden-armored Destruction Devils who had fallen into deep sleep. One was at the peak of the eighth level and the other at the ninth level.

"Such a formidable illusory realm." As Xue Ying began reducing the area of influence of his illusory realm, when Ancestor Sorcerer got closer to it, he was affected by it. His expression could not help but change to one of shock.

They had never met before such formidable illusory realm.

Even though few ancient cultivators specialized in the illusory realm, they were all outclassed by Xue Ying.