Lord Xue Ying Chapter 972: Great Harvest, six Destruction Devils!


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Creating the unprecedented Vermillion Nightmare Tenth Transformation was something that made Xue Ying mad with joy. Though he understood in his heart that there was another difficulty ahead–becoming a Cosmos God! This was the final realm of cultivation, and also the final breakthrough of the major realm. As to the first, second and third level of Cosmos God realm, they were three minor levels within the Cosmos God realm.

'I can create the third style of Destruction Flower and Tenth Transformation of Vermillion Nightmare. These two moves are at the ninth level. Thus, I believe I should have greater hope of breaking through to the Cosmos God realm.' Xue Ying was becoming more confident of himself. Other ninth level Primal Chaos giants usually grasped just a single ninth level technique, yet Xue Ying grasped two such great techniques.


"Sou sou."

Xue Ying continued traveling around various places of the primal chaos void. Even though Xue Ying was considered young amongst Primal Chaos giants, with how he was currently scouring through the entire void, his understanding of the 'primal chaos void' after visiting many mysterious and secluded places would likely rank ahead of his peers. This sort of mad search had earned Xue Ying several precious materials, though he no longer cared about these items with his current realm.

'They aren't here either.' Standing on a desolate primal chaos land, the white-robed Xue Ying stood there checking through his surroundings using the black fog spherical holes.

Places with any signs of living were examined by him.

There was a primal chaos land…

Several cosmos…

Secluded cavern-dwellings…

'Mn?' Just as Xue Ying checked through more than a thousand of the places as mentioned earlier, his expression changed slightly.

During his observation–

There was a fiery-red great stone located in the void. This great stone hid a cavern-dwelling within, and there were six cultivators in it. They seemed to be only at the Unity realm.

In one of the palace halls within, a triangular-eyed male sat on the throne. He was casually flipped through various absolute art scriptures. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, more than a thousand humans appeared within this palace hall. These people teleported out were slightly weaker. Most of them were only at the Deity and World Deity realm. There were only two at the True God realm.

'Devil.' These people revealed terror when they were brought out, yet they could not retaliate at all given the unseen suppression.

"You are all food for me. Don't resist anymore." The triangular-eyed male chuckled. His fierce eyes were staring at these cultivators.


Xue Ying's expression changed when he saw this: 'Another wicked devil? Seems like a devour-class cultivator.'

Xue Ying did not think that the other party was a Destruction Devil because he had discovered too many devils during his long years of search. There had been countless devils who were killed by him! Thus, his first reaction when facing this scene would be the thought that he had encountered another wicked devil. Xue Ying would kill all cultivators who rampantly devour humans without pardon!

He immediately teleported close using ultra-long distance teleportation before flashing in.


Fiery-red great stone, cavern-dwelling, inside the palace hall.

General Mo Gu sat there. His wicked eyes were examining these weak cultivators numbering beyond a thousand. Seeing their look of despair and indignance as well as their angry shouts made General Mo Gu happier: "Hahaha, you are all food even if you curse more."



These cultivators felt endless hatred towards this General Mo Gu who emanated a bloody aura! Many cultivators had been domesticated like animals after being captured so that they could breed. After that, many batches were brought out, and they could guess that there should be nothing positive after being moved out.

"Hahaha, right, I am evil. I am a devil." General Mo Gu laughed before opening his mouth. A swallowing force enveloped all the cultivators.

At this moment–

In the sky above the fiery-red great stone, a white-robed teenager appeared.

"Hmph." A cold snort.

An illusory realm had descended next!

The vast illusory realm was endless. Being a technique at the ninth level and reaching that of the Cosmos God realm, it not only encompassed a huge area, but its power was also horrifying too.

There were a total of six Destruction Devils including General Mo Gu within this cavern-dwelling.

As General Mo Gu was ready to devour the cultivators, the illusory realm descended, causing him to be immersed in it without any form of resistance. He had been entirely robbed of his consciousness! Actually, even if General Mo Gu displayed his shadowless talent, he would similarly be affected by this technique since his greatest weakness… was still his soul!

The illusory realm targeted the soul directly, and General Mo Gu's willpower was way too weak. He naturally would fall for this technique.

If General Mo Gu's willpower were formidable, he would be a frightening character. One had to know that Xue Ying could be ranked top amongst cultivators who had techniques targeting the soul. Only Heart Imitation Religious Master could match up to him.

As for Cosmos Gods? Those like Forefather Tian Yu, Swordmaster, Blade Emperor, Jade Light Master, World Ancestor, Sacred Master, Ancestor Mother, and others did not specialize in soul attacks. Even though 'Ancestor Sorcerer' might have some techniques relating to the soul, he had not broken through to the Cosmos God in this Dao path. Every strong expert had something he specialized in, and Xue Ying specialized in the Dao of Mirage the most. Furthermore, after pushing it to the ninth level, this technique had a profoundness that could barely reach the Cosmos God level.

Cultivators had their own Dao path.

And there had yet been a Cosmos God who became one by deepening on an aspect specializing in the soul. Hence, Xue Ying could barely rank first in this soul aspect.

These Destruction Devils who were so strong after emerging to this world were comparatively weaker in their heart temperament as compared to the cultivators.


Of the other five Destruction Devils within the cavern-dwelling, one after another fell unconscious, leaving behind just one who staggered, yet could maintain his eyes wide-open. He shouted in terror: "Dong Bo Xue Ying."

Including General Mo Gu, the five of them had fallen soft and into the illusory realm, leaving behind just one who barely stayed awake.

One had to know…

There were two at the ninth level in this team. The others were at the peak of the eighth level.

Clearly, one of them at the ninth level fell without resistance to the illusory realm. If a cultivator at the ninth level came, he could only unleash part of his strength after suffering from the horrifying disturbance of Xue Ying's illusory realm. But it was impossible for them to be entirely helpless. Nevertheless, only one of the Destruction Devils could maintain his consciousness.

The moment they fell…

They were no longer able to hide their auras and secret techniques. Their auras were let out, and it was unquestionably that of the destructive aura. This aura had suffered from repulsion of the supreme law.

"Destruction Devils!" Xue Ying was much shocked.

It had been far too long.

Xue Ying did not have any harvest for more than a trillion years. Even though he had formulated an approximate region where the Destruction Devils might be located at, he still pursued after them for far too long! Over this period, he had killed countless of devils, and Xue Ying would think that he had encountered yet another devil this time.

In the end, it was a great surprise for him!

Furthermore, there were a total of six Destruction Devils! It was an unprecedented harvest! It seemed that his hard work over this trillion years would finally be paid off