Lord Xue Ying Chapter 971: Vermillion Nightmare Tenth Transformation


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Within the primal chaos void, there was a small piece of land surrounded by a meandering black river. On this land existed a cultivation cavern-dwelling with several million people living in it. This was considered a tiny area that cultivators lived in.


A teenager garbed in a thick white robe appeared above this black river looking down at that land. An illusory realm directly descended the next instant. As this place wasn't suppressed by the sacred world, Xue Ying's illusory realm covered a vast area–this land and the river did not occupy one-hundred-millionth of the entire area of effect.

Naturally, other than Xue Ying's great strength, the primary reason was that this river-land was very small.

All people living on the land including the Unity realm cultivator had fallen into the illusory realm.

'Mn? They aren't here either?' Xue Ying softly shook his head.

'Deducing from the various intelligence, the probability that they are in this region is much higher.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

The Destruction Devils did not have ultra-long distance teleportation capabilities.

It was hard for them to travel within the primal chaos void. Those huge operations involving an assault against 'Primal Chaos cultivators' would usually involve a huge amount of time spent just to travel to the destination. As for the smaller scale slaughters… Xue Ying believed that the Destruction Devils would not be too willing to spend too much time. That was why Xue Ying could demarcate the surrounding region according to where they 'devoured and slaughtered' more frequently to determine where the Destruction Devils could be located!

And that was what Xue Ying had been focusing on–investigating these regions. It's a pity that he had no results at all. The primal chaos void was ultimately too big.


Xue Ying looked through his surroundings through the black fog spherical holes in search of the next place where there could possibly be living beings.

He would only search for places where there were living beings staying at.

If the Destruction Devils were to hide in a particular area, they would be careful. That was why Xue Ying had to check the surroundings through the black fog spherical holes. The Destruction Devils could not hide from that.

Under his observation, Xue Ying easily scoured through the various places…

…A mountain valley exploded, "It's still a failure. The experiment is another failure!" A hex cultivator living alone was roaring out in frustration…

…A civilian on the primal chaos land was peacefully living by himself…

...A cosmos where the cultivators believed in Ancestor Mother Religion…


A huge primal chaos land with lifeforms numbering a trillion living on it. Right outside a broken-looking god palace.

Many people were kneeling there–about a million of them.

"Master Celestial Wind, please save our world."

"Master Celestial Wind, please come down."

"Master Celestial Wind."

These million people were praying–they were cultivators, and the weakest was at the Deity realm.

"The magnificent Ancestor Mother, the magnificent Sacred Master, all magnificent existences, as long as you are willing to save our world, we are willing to believe in you."

"Ancestor Mother, Sacred Master."

"Please save our world."

In the eyes of these people frantically shouting, there was only despair. The situation within the cosmos might be inaccessible, through information on a primal chaos land could easily flow with the external world. They knew of the final cultivation realm–Cosmos God realm! And also knew of the legendary 'Sacred Master' and 'Ancestor Mother' whom they were willing to believe in.

Even though it might be easy to perceive when someone called his name within a cosmos, the primal chaos void was much more boundless, and the supreme law was more profound than the law of the cosmos. Just calling the name of the recipient would not reach both Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother that easily.

"Hahaha~" Gradually, a huge figure faintly appeared in the dense fog.

"It is here!"

"It is here!"


These people who were kneeling revealed terror.

"You are praying for Old Ghost Celestial Wind? Hahaha, Old Ghost Celestial Wind has already escaped. He no longer dared to return, yet you guys are still praying for him to come?" The sound from a huge figure boomed in the dense fog, reverberating around the world, "I am already benevolent, devouring just a small portion of you beings every single time. It is impossible for me to harm the foundation of the entire world."

"You devil!"

"You are treating everyone on our world as domesticated animals, eating a batch and growing another batch."

"Sacred Master, Ancestor Mother, we are sincerely praying for you to kill this devil."

These people were shouting out and praying for a miracle. The gap in their strength was too big, and they could not retaliate at all. Facing death, they could only pray to the void.

"Praying? Haha, do you think praying would work?" The huge figure guffawed in the dense fog.


Looking through the black fog spherical hole, Xue Ying was able to get a glimpse of this scene.


He first teleported through an ultra-long distant to get closer so as not to alert the other party. Xue Ying then teleported directly into this primal chaos land.

"Pray, pray more! Come on, pray louder! Haha!" The huge figure lowered his head and was about to start devouring the people.

And Xue Ying suddenly appeared above this world.


An immensely huge illusory realm descended. It not only enveloped the entire land, it had also enveloped every single region hundred times that of what this land occupied.

The trillion living beings and even the void creatures located by the boundary of this primal chaos land fell into the illusory realm immediately. All of them were experiencing their own lives within the illusory realm. Through the illusory realm, Xue Ying was able to understand what these people experienced in the past. He had even given these cultivators a miraculous encounter through this illusory realm.

Some had obtained cultivation inheritance swithin.

And some were given enough time to train, coming out with some formidable sword techniques.


When they woke up, the absolute majority of people on the primal chaos land had forgotten what happened. They did not even know they fell into an illusory realm previously. Some had become much stronger through the trial given by Xue Ying. These people remembered what happened within the illusory realm clearly. They had even gotten inheritances much stronger than the strongest inheritance previously found on this great land.

As for the devil?

The devil was casually killed by Xue Ying within the illusory realm.

'I still haven't found them yet. But still, I was able to encounter some brats who are not bad.' Xue Ying chuckled before leaving this primal chaos land.

Of the many people who awakened from the illusory realm, there were very few who remembered the teacher, the senior and the expert within the illusory realm.

"Forefather Xue Ying?"

"Dong Bo Island Master"?

"Guest Dong Bo?"


Xue Ying continued traveling around the places in search of traces of the Destruction Devils.

As he unleashed his illusory realm, he was also challenging his limits continuously. Currently, he was able to give billions and billions of beings each their own unique encounter with a single thought. Furthermore, Xue Ying was able to unleash his illusory realm in order with each realm having its own laws. Living within the 'illusory realm' was basically the same as living in reality. The operation of the inner law was quite similar to that of a cosmos law.

Those who learned the laws within the illusory realm would become stronger in reality too!

Within the illusory realm, just a short moment could be equivalent to a hundred years. And cultivating this 100 years, the person would become stronger. This was absolutely a heaven-defying version of 'time acceleration'.


Standing by himself in the vast primal chaos void, Xue Ying moved his hands in an arc, causing an illusory realm to form. It enveloped the abode of a cultivator living in seclusion.

But during this moment, Xue YIng had a unique feeling of perfection as he unleashed the technique.

It was too beautiful.

With experience of creating the 'Destruction Flower' previously, Xue Ying knew what this meant and revealed a joyous look. Even though there were no Destruction Devils living in seclusion at a distance, Xue Ying was not disappointed. He was raving in mad bliss.

'This illusory realm.' Xue Ying was incredibly excited, 'Has it finally succeeded?'

Xue Ying had always been seeking to improve the 'Dao of Mirage' to the ninth level purely by itself. One had to know that the highest level of "Vermillion Nightmare inheritance" was only the ninth transformation–that was at the eighth level strength. The difficulty of reaching the ninth level on a single Dao path was tremendous. Xue Ying had spent just tens of billions of years after leaving the Void Castle before he created the third style of Destruction Flower.

But now, it had been close to a trillion years since Xue Ying left the Void Castle. He had accumulated enough experience, and had some understanding of the Cosmos God realm too.

But it was too hard taking this step still.

'The ninth level illusory realm?' Xue Ying revealed a grin. He was very satisfied with this illusory realm since it contained part of the realm a Cosmos God would have. There were still some aspects that were still lacking, and that was why this move was at the ninth level.

'My Vermillion Nightmare inheritance.'

With a thought, Xue Ying easily altered the illusory realm structure within the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance.


The illusory realm had been altered many times before, yet it had never undergone a qualitative transformation. Nevertheless, it was different this time round.

"Hong long long~" His soul was booming.

The qualitative transformation of Vermillion Nightmare inheritance had strengthened his soul.

A resounding cry sounded across the endless void. A truly beautiful 'Vermillion Nightmare' appeared behind Xue Ying. it was truly big, and its fiery-red wings easily covered a huge area around it. Its power had easily caused many realms to appear within the surrounding trillion kilometers, and myriad existences started emerging within it. To these myriad existences, they felt that this illusory realm was reality…

Clearly, Xue Ying's illusory realm was comparable to a true cosmos.

'This is the tenth transformation of Vermillion Nightmare.' Xue Ying felt the nourishing of his soul and thought.