Lord Xue Ying Chapter 924: Sacred Master and Gu Qi


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This was a bitter battle between Cang Qiong Tian Yun and Xing Huo Xun Yi. Both of them did not have it hard when fighting in the previous eight battles.

Cang Qiong Tian Yun's body was tyrannical. It was considered rare amongst those on the same level. His close combat offensive skills were similarly fierce and ruthless, and after being guided by General Hatchet Palace Master and the others, his body and close combat offensive skills were comparable to that of a fifth level Star Pagoda expert. But at the same time, he had a glaring weakness–that was his body movement skills were weak. In the previous battles, many cultivators could surpass him in speed. And it was because of this glaring weakness that made his overall strength stay at the fourth level standard.

When facing other opponents, Cang Qiong Tian Yun had an easy time–just directly attack from far.

He would send his fist out. Even if it was a far-range attack, it sufficed in defeating the opponent.

But it's a pity that this was useless against Xing Huo Xun Yi.

Xing Huo Xun Yi's ancient cultivation illusory realm was extremely extraordinary. Cang Qiong Tian Yun might be able to resist against it, but he would be distracted, causing his strength to suffer a decline. More importantly, the 'Mirage Annihilation' was extremely powerful. Three stacked Mirage Annihilations sufficed to damage the lifeforce of Cang Qiong Tian Yun. Many Mirages would envelop around Cang Qiong Tian Yun, forcing him to furiously break them apart. But even as he pushed the mirages apart, it would still damage him.

More importantly, the mirages were able to restrict him.

His far range attacks could not break apart the 'mirages', and his close combat skills did not let him get close to Xing Huo Xun Yi. As a result, he was 'consumed' by the other party during this battle.

"Break, break." Cang Qiong Tian Yun fiercely roared. He was madly attacking the restrictive mirages. The World Mirages came endlessly, giving Cang Qiong Tian Yun a hard time. He would occasionally send an attack out, extending his arms to strike at Xing Huo Xun Yi, yet by then, a new mirage would have descended.

Xing Huo Xun Yi was cautious.

Under the frenetic offense, Cang Qiong Tian Yu could easily force him to activate his protective treasure with just a single strike. He would have lost then.

'His body is too strong.' Xing Huo Xun Yi was also finding it taxing. The 'Mirage Annihilation' was his strongest move, and he could only form three of such world mirages at most. Only then could it barely injure the other party! That body was genuinely heaven-defying.

As such, Xing Huo Xun Yi maintained alert throughout the battle. He did not let Cang Qiong Tian Yun get close to him.

Cang Qiong Tian Yun was akin to a fierce beast. He did not dare let his body become too big since it would reduce his defenses. His defenses were the strongest only when it is maintained at the usual body shape. He would also extend his arms occasionally to try and sneak in some attacks.

After the time taken to brew a cup of tea.

Cang Qiong Tian Yun's lifeforce had been depleted, forcing him to unwillingly admit defeat.

'I've lost.' Cang Qiong Tian Yun thought, 'In the future, I must think of ways to improve my speed.'

In the past, he had focused all his attention on the absolute art "12 Calamity Cosmos Body". This was an absolute art belonging to the strongest warrior cultivation system. This absolute art aimed at obtaining the strongest defensive body that would not be destroyed after suffering from 10,000 calamities. The more extreme he tempered his body, the stronger his defenses would be. Even a casual swing of his hand would generate a vast force. It was only his speed that was lacking.

'General Hatchet Palace Master, General Heaven Light, Elder Dong Bo, and the others have said before that cultivating other systems would enable me to cover up this weakness.' Cang Qiong Tian Yun thought. The 10,000 years period was too short. He needed a longer time to cultivate. As long as he could cover up this weakness of his, he would be able to reach the fifth level Star Pagoda strength.

"Cang Qiong Tian Yun, I would not have thought that your body is able to reach such a formidable stage. Admirable." Xing Huo Xun Yi was indeed admirable of the other party. His father, 'Monarch Xing Huo', other than being famous for his flames, was also well-known for his fleshy body amongst those at the ninth level. As a result, his body was also slightly stronger than usual because of his bloodline cultivation system.

But compared to Cang Qiong Tian Yun, he was far lacking.

He knew Cang Qiong Tian Yun must undoubtedly have a formidable absolute art, but so what? He, Xing Huo Xun Yi, could easily obtain many absolute arts. The core members of the holy grounds could even obtain cosmos ranked absolute arts, but what happened to them in the end? They still had to cultivate in these arts themselves.

"I admire you more for you to improve so much in this short 10,000 years. I accept this loss wholeheartedly." Cang Qiong Tian Yun said.


As the two most dazzling talented cultivators of this Star Convention Xing Huo Xun Yi and Cang Qiong Tian Yun talked to each other, they were also walking down the battle platform.

At the same time, on the high platform, the Primal Chaos giants were unknowingly turning over to the white-robed teenager who was seated by the edge where the five teachers of the convention sat. They knew that this time, Xue Ying's name would definitely be spread between the Primal Chaos giants since his performance was brilliant.

There were many unanswered questions still.

How was Xue Ying able to make Xing Huo Xun Yi improve so fast in the short 10,000 years with that great background of his? Improving his rank from 3,600th in the Star Pagoda preliminary selections to the eventual first rank during the decisive battle! That was truly unfathomable!

"Dong Bo Xue Ying." A cold voice came from the side.

Xue Ying turned towards it.

Five Luster Serpent Ancestor remained cold, though his gaze towards Xue Ying was slightly different: "Congratulations. The Xing Huo Xun Yi you chose has become the top-ranked this time."

"It is all due to his great comprehension ability." Xue Ying chuckled immediately. He understood that it was rare for Five Luster Serpent Ancestor to take the initiative of 'congratulating' him.

After Five Luster Serpent Ancestor finished speaking, he continued looking downwards.

The over 200 talented cultivators were currently recovering. Some of the more heavily injured ones were being healed by the experts who were invited over by the organization of the Star Convention.

Very soon.

They began entering the Star Pagoda one after another. The Star Pagoda trials would be starting.

The performance of the 'decisive battle' and the two performances of attempting the Star Pagoda as well as their own performance throughout the 10,000 years of seeking help from the teachers of the convention, and many other reasons would be used by the five teachers of the convention as factors. The teachers would use these factors to select five cultivators. These five along with the top five ranked cultivators during the ranking battles would add up to a total of ten cultivators. These ten could decide which holy ground they want to enter. Furthermore, they would become core members of the holy grounds too.

Since there were just 200 cultivators, the time taken for all of them to cross the Star Pagoda was short.

There were only three cultivators who got through the fourth level Star Pagoda this time: Xing Huo Xun Yi, Cang Qiong Tian Yun, and Kang Yong.

There were 169 who got through the third level Star Pagoda. The remaining 28 had gotten through the second level.

"Dong Bo, prepare yourself properly. In 10,000 years, all of you will have to give a Dao lecture." As everyone began leaving, Monarch Xing Huo, Xue Ying, and Inquisitive Sky Hall Master flew side by side.


Xue Ying also felt quite carefree.

In the following 10,000 years, he just had to select one person. Even though this name register was significant, the difficulty wasn't huge. By then, he would be giving a public Dao lecture along with the other four teachers of the convention. This was considered a massive opportunity for the weaker cultivators. After the Dao lectures were given, the convention would officially end.

'At least I did not disgrace my Great Void Heaven Temple during this convention.' Xue Ying thought. He had a smile on his face.


The Star Convention was already at its final stages. Xue Ying of the Great Void Heaven Temple was also being mentioned by many Primal Chaos giants. And at this point, there was a startling matter which happened in the Myriad Ancient Sacred World.

Located in an area deep in the mountains, within a courtyard.


A profound fluctuation came from deep in the courtyard. It did not seem conspicuous.

Nevertheless, the entire courtyard had transformed into ruins soundlessly. Some of the surrounding mountainous rocks and plants had similarly collapsed and withered. The disturbances created were small, but this only represented that the force had been remarkably restrained.

The silver-haired golden-horned man, 'Gu Qi', stood within the ruined courtyard. His current figure had split into a hundred pieces. These pieces had already fused back into a humanoid, albeit there was black light over his cracked body. This black light was spreading out continuously. There was also a glaring hole in his chest.

Gu Qi held onto the hole of his chest while staring forward.

There was currently a figure ahead.

He stood there, though the surrounding space had become quiet and docile. The surrounding world was completely subservient in front of him. Even though the Myriad Ancient Sacred World was created by both Ancestor Sorcerer and the World Ancestor together, with him here, the surrounding world still became subservient to him.

His skin was white and tender. His face was gentle and soft. Even though he did not seem attractive when comparing him with any other handsome male or beautiful girl… his appearances gave off the feeling that he contained part of the primal chaos void supreme law. Seeing his face was akin to observing a supreme law. Even most Cosmos Gods would unknowingly have the feeling of a child looking at their parents.

There was a gentle smile on his face. His eyes seemed sincere too, just like how husband looked into the eyes of his dear wife.

"Sacred Master!" Gu Qi painstakingly opened his mouth. His voice was hoarse, and there was a faint black light pervading by his throat, "For the sake of killing me, you have truly spent a lot of effort."

"I merely forced you back to the primal chaos." Sacred Master said warmly and sincerely, "Those who hinder me will be forced back to the primal chaos. Those who comply with me will remain eternally loyal to me. In the future when I control the entire primal chaos void, I'll similarly call you back again, and you will be loyal to me forever. By then, all living beings in the primal chaos void would be as close as family members. Everything will be peaceful. How good is it?"

Sacred Master walked over and extended his hand. His palm was white and soft. He caressed the throat of Gu Qi: "I do not have any enmity with you, neither do I have any hatred. It's only because you obstructed me, so I can only temporarily let you return to the primal chaos. Go, it'll be like a sleep. When I call you back, you will be awakened."

Gu Qi wanted to retreat, but the black light had already wrapped around his body. His body began solidifying, and even his mouth could no longer move.

"Call me? Just based on you and you wished to control the entire primal chaos void?" Gu Qi controlled the void to let out a sound. His entire skin was gradually transforming into black jade. His eyes glared at Sacred Master regardless.

"Nobody is able to obstruct me. You will see that day coming. By then, you will also be my child." Sacred Master turned around to the distant.

There was already a figure appearing there.

Ancestor Sorcerer stood there. Many black shackles were surrounding his body. Clearly, he was extremely vigilant as he stared at Sacred Master to the distant.

"Nobody can stop me from doing the things I want to do. You can't stop me either." Sacred Master looked at Ancestor Sorcerer, "Those who stop me, even if I might not have the heart the do so, I can only make them return to the primal chaos temporarily."

Sacred Master chuckled.

He then disappeared from the Myriad Ancient Sacred World just like this as if he had never appeared before.

The expression of Ancestor Sorcerer was ugly. He turned towards Gu Qi who was gradually turning into a black jade sculpture, sighing in a low voice: "Gu Qi, I am unable to protect you."

The soul of Gu Qi had similarly solidified just like his body. His thinking was moving really slowly.

'Fortunately, I still have a disciple.'

'It's just that disciple, I am not able to meet you in time.'

The thinking of Gu Qi began slower and slower.

And eventually, it completely stopped.

The black jade sculpture no longer moved. It was like a dead object standing there silently and looking afar.


Gu Qi was still killed by the Sacred Master.

Ancestor Sorcerer first mentioned this news to Gu Qi's teacher, 'Void Primogenitor'. When Void Primogenitor heard the news, he was utterly stunned. He sat there by himself for a long time. In his heart, he felt heartache and self-reproach. He felt heartache because he could not forget those times when he taught Gu Qi, that unfettered disciple of his and also the most outstanding one. Self-reproach because he was too weak and could not protect him. Closely following that, the information naturally spread across all the final realm existences.

Even though Ancestor Sorcerer tried obstructing it, Sacred Master was able to kill another Cosmos God, and this time, he was called 'Gu Qi'.