Lord Xue Ying Chapter 904: Gu Qi


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After the four giants roared, they stared at the distant Xue Ying. Following that, with a 'sou', they disappeared, leaving behind only afterimages.

Even though their speed was slower than the true body, it sufficed in making Xue Ying speechless: 'The fleshy body of Lei Yan is indeed the strongest across the five great sacred worlds. Even the giants who were formed from part of his fleshy body are fast to this extent.'


The four giants moved through different routes and attacked Xue Ying at the same time. Their palms were akin to stone sculptures, and they would either send their palms over, try grabbing Xue Ying like claws, or chopped at Xue Ying… even though the attacks had yet to reach Xue Ying, its power caused the surrounding space to break like mirrors, emitting sounds of 'pu pu pu'.

This was tyrannical strength! All of them were being controlled by Thunder Pagoda Master who did not care about the illusory realm.

"Hmph." With a thought, Xue Ying let out many ripple strands into the void. They rapidly entangled around the four giants, thus diminishing their speed slightly. This made Xue Ying shook his head inwardly. The power of the Plate Ripple Diagram was not enough. If he could improve it to the sixth level Star Pagoda strength, it would be more useful.

But the ripple domain was merely used as assistance. Xue Ying's killing move was still the Sky Punishment Edges.

One could see 12 illusory worlds forming jade green light simultaneously.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu…" 12 Sky Punishment Edges descended from illusory. When they appeared, they were right where the four giants were heading to. Furthermore, three Sky Punishment Edges targeted a giant each.

"12 Sky Punishment Edges?" Thunder Pagoda Master who was always confident of himself, had a change in expression.

"Hong hong hong…"

The 12 Sky Punishment Edges clashed against the four giants. These four giants let out a furious roar as they received the incoming edges with their palms.

One party included four huge bodies that the Thunder Pagoda Master refined with the idea of making them extremely powerful in close combat.

The other side was purely 12 Sky Punishment Edges that were meant to attack!

When both sides clashed, it let out a world-shaking boom.

The shockwave from a single Sky Punishment Edge swept out for more than 5,000 kilometers. As for the palm, the shockwave emitted from the clash had swept across a massive area of even more than 50,000 kilometers! This was not because the palms of the giants were strong. Instead, the strength from the Sky Punishment Edges was more condensed.

When the Sky Punishment Edges dissipated, the four giants stood on the great land with savage injuries on their bodies. Some of them were practically cut into two, though their wounds were recovering rapidly.

And this great land…

The surrounding area spanning hundreds of thousands of kilometers had turned into ruins. Half the oasis which was initially filled with life energy had been destroyed.

This was a sacred world, and for the shockwaves from a battle to destroy a region of several hundred thousand kilometers represented a fight between those at the level of Primal Chaos giants. Naturally, it was between the weaker Primal Chaos giants! Those with a slightly deeper foundation might even affect a region of a few million kilometers as they battled!

"For you to resist my four diagram-collection giants, you are worthy for me to use my full strength." The true body of Thunder Pagoda Master who stood far away finally started moving.


He did not display the domain technique which he was more famous for since he was clear that Xue Ying was unquestionably the strongest Unity realm expert he had ever met. Ordinary techniques were a waste of time.

"This is my strongest killing move. Receive it."

His voice transmitted to the ears of Xue Ying.

By then, Thunder Pagoda Master had turned into a strand of thunder before arriving by the side of Xue Ying. It was too fast. The distance between the two wasn't far, though in front of the horrifying speed Thunder Pagoda Master had, it was not any weaker than teleportation. If one said that the speed of the giants far transcended his, then this speed that Thunder Pagoda Master revealed had sufficiently startled Xue Ying. The gap in was too big.

Being the expert with the strongest body within the Unity realm, for the sake of survival, the true body of Thunder Pagoda Master was extremely formidable in his speed and defenses!


Thunder Pagoda Master's hands were white and tender. They slapped towards Xue Ying like how a mortal would, though there was some faint thunder surrounding one palm, and flames surging on the other. They might seem like regular slaps–it was much weaker than the giants when comparing how loud these attacks were. But this was the most terrifying move Thunder Pagoda Master had.

The absolute art "Thunder Fire" was also what others called it.

It was said that when he was weak, Lei Yan was utterly obsessed with thunder and flames. He did not delve into other areas of the hex cultivation. Thunder Pagoda Master had already primarily researched into both thunder and flames. It was only later on that he began to research into the fleshy body. He fused both thunder and flames to form a fusion absolute art, the "Thunder Fire" which brought him where he was now.

His true body proceeded with attacking, and the other four gigantic bodies similarly roared out and once again charged forward.

"Hong hong hong…" Xue Ying split his attention, forming 12 Sky Punishment Edges and sent them to obstruct the four giants. At the same time, the surface of Xue Ying's hands was abruptly covered in black scales. His hands had transformed into an exceptionally terrifying beast, emitting an aura of slaughter. Closely following that, his palms pierced out just like two swords.

"Si la–"

His scaled-palms directly met against the palms of Thunder Pagoda Master. The lips of Thunder Pagoda Master edged upwards. He had deliberately met Xue Ying's palms too. He was an extremely proud son of the generation, so why would he evade it?

During the juncture when they clashed, the palms of Thunder Pagoda Master–the thunder on his left hand suddenly changed into flames, and his right hand suddenly formed thunder from flames. This sudden transformation also caused a frightening might to erupt.

And Xue Ying's palms were as valiant as a hegemon. At that moment, there was a pair of sharp claw illusions which appeared by his palms. They were sent piercing out along with Xue Ying's palms.


The two sides clashed.

Xue Ying was forced to take six steps back. Every single step caused the ground to tremble. And Thunder Pagoda Master had merely taken a single step back. He was looking at Xue Ying with shock: 'He could actually receive my Thunder Fire killing move directly?'

At this moment, Xue Ying stood there. His scaled black hands were faintly covered by a pair of enormous scaled front claws. They were emitting a horrifying killing intent.

'Even when I display the Apocalyptic Sixth Sword with my Imperial Dragon claws, I am still on the disadvantaged end.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

The most terrifying part of the Imperial Dragon inheritance was its hands!

If one said that the body armor was as tough as a middle-grade Void God weapon, then the palms which were used as weapons would be comparable to an upper-grade Void God weapon. Furthermore, they contained all sorts of bizarre effects. Using it to unleash the Apocalyptic Sixth Sword was much stronger than using a weapon to display the strike. One could say that Xue Ying also held an advantage in close combat battles. He would definitely be able to tear apart a giant if he fought against it alone. But it's a pity that he was still on the disadvantaged end when facing the strongest killing move of Thunder Pagoda Master.

But Xue Ying did not have any injuries!

"Again." Thunder Pagoda Master did not want to believe it. He roared.


His true body struck out once again. The four giants also roared and charged over. An ultra-strong true body along with four huge giants. Even though he had few moves in the hex cultivation, Thunder Pagoda Master was able to suppress all other Unity realm experts with this. After all, there had yet to be a Unity realm expert who could cross through the seventh level Star Pagoda in the three great sacred worlds! Xue Ying felt that his strikes were insufficient in enabling him to get through the seventh level as well.

"You came at the right time." Xue Ying was in a frenzy too.

His black-scaled palms which contained a slaughter and destructive aura went over directly to receive the attack. He sent Sky Punishment Edges from the illusion as well–an occasional four to five Sky Punishment Edges to attack the true body of Thunder Pagoda Master! After all, Xue Ying only needed to use eight Sky Punishment Edges to suppress the four giants.

Accompanied by the Sky Punishment Edges and his true body's close combat attacks, Xue Ying had the upper hand.


Thunder Pagoda Master was truly infuriated.

Even though his body was strong enough to resist against the Sky Punishment Edges, but the power of the edges was too strong. It would force him to retreat after withstanding against it. His combat movements would be affected too. In terms of techniques, Xue Ying who cultivated the laws and profound mysteries system still held an upper hand. His palms frequently landed on the body of Thunder Pagoda Master.

"Peng peng peng…"

Thunder Pagoda Master might be unafraid, though he kept getting struck by the attacks.

"Hmph." Thunder Pagoda Master suddenly retreated. He directly moved back to a far distance. The fleshy bodies from the four giants also rapidly flew towards him and fused into his body. He coldly glanced at Xue Ying and was too lazy to speak. After waving his hand, he caused a thunder fire to flash. He tore apart a spatial passage before leaving the vicinity with a single step.

Thunder Pagoda Master was indeed sullen.

His attacks were wild and brutal. Even the four giants had a great offense too. When all of them worked together, it was usually he who suppressed other Unity realm experts!

But this time, Xue Ying was the one attacking him wildly, and he could only resist against it with his body!

"He left just like that?" Xue Ying still admired the other party. He had not won the battle and only had a slight upper hand. The other party's body was indeed horrifying.

'It seems my strength isn't enough for me to get through the seventh level Star Pagoda.' Xue Ying thought, 'Maybe according to my plan, I should research that strongest killing move before I could be absolutely certain I can get through the seventh level.'

He had already attained a great accomplishment in both the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance and the Imperial Dragon inheritance.

With the guidance by the 'stone mirror', Xue Ying also fused both these inheritances, allowing them to form a sinister black flower.

Xue Ying was studying the fusion of the profound mysteries of 'Dao of Mirage' and 'Dao of Slaughter' from this sinister black flower. If he could fuse these two Daos together, he might be able to come out with a move stronger than even the Apocalyptic Sixth Sword and the Sky Punishment Edge!


At that time, there were no spectators on this battle.

But Wicked-Eyed Palace Master was actually captured alive. The disciples under the Ancestor Sorcerer sect soon sent people to investigate. Naturally, they were able to observe the scene of what happened. This scene had startled them.


"Dong Bo Xue Ying isn't any weaker than Lei Yan?"

"Such a horrifying illusory technique, Sky Punishment Edge and even close combat skills?"

"Lei Yan is forced to use his body to resist against the attacks. How, how can this be?"

Once many people knew of it, the information also spread like wildfire.

Xue Ying also reported upwards regarding the news. After all, he had captured an expert of the Ancestor Sorcerer alive, and the Great Void Heaven Temple was similarly shocked when they investigated what had happened.


Lei Yan was previously publicly acknowledged as the strongest Unity realm expert in this generation across the three great sacred worlds. Nevertheless, after this battle, it was not the case anymore! Naturally, Xue Ying was not recognized as the strongest too since both parties did not have a clear advantage over the other.

"Hahaha…" Within Myriad Ancient Sacred World, in a small courtyard deep in the mountain, there were many overgrown weeds.

Within this place.

There was a silver-haired golden-horned male who sat on a stone stool. His silver eyebrows which were like swords raised upwards. He could not help but chuckle in delight. His laughter reverberated within the small courtyard. A scene had appeared in midair ahead. It was the battle between Xue Ying and Thunder Pagoda Master.

"He is indeed the disciple of me, Gu Qi. Even though I have only accepted a single disciple, he is actually the current strongest Unity expert in the three great sacred worlds. My eyesight for accepting disciples is really awesome." The silver-haired golden-horned male was relatively delighted.