Lord Xue Ying Chapter 866: Choosing an aide


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Xue Ying looked at the fiery-red cauldron. He felt a horrifying suppression pressing down on him. Xue Ying could not help but feel his eyes dilating: 'Cosmos ranked secret treasure? Furthermore, it is ranked really high up even amongst the cosmos ranked secret treasures.' His own horizons were limited. But this was the biggest and strongest treasure he had ever seen. This treasure outstripped the value of the '12 beads of Black Water Beads' previously.

"This is the 'Third Fire Prison Realm Cauldron'." A hoarse voice sounded.

Xue Ying turned over. There was currently a stooped black-robed male walking over from deep in the corridor. The cool eyes of this stooped male stared at the huge cauldron as he continued, "Its origin is unknown. It has once been fortuitously obtained during the early periods of the primitive Ancient Sacred World by my master 'Monarch Nine Cloud'. Even during his death, my master has yet to truly understand the true, profound mystery of this 'Third Fire Prison Realm Cauldron'. It is to the extent that the name of this enormous cauldron has been made known from Sacred Master. It… is also the reason for my master's downfall."

"Mn?" Xue Ying was stunned. This huge cauldron was the main reason for the downfall of Monarch Nine Cloud?

"When the Sacred Master first found out that my master has this huge cauldron, he came over to demand for it. It was only after the Sacred Master spoke of this cauldron that my master found out about what this huge cauldron is called. Clearly, Sacred Master knows where this huge cauldron came from, and also the mystery behind it." The stooped black-robed male coldly laughed, "It's a pity that the Sacred Master is too tyrannical! Despite being unquestionably the strongest expert during the era of primitive Ancient Sacred World, he gave such an unsatisfactory condition to my master for this cauldron, so why would he give this cauldron to the other party?"

"Thus, the Sacred Master came, again and again, targeting my master."

"During the final battle… the Sacred Master displayed his entire strength. More importantly, he had been targeting my master, and eventually injured him heavily. Even though my master was able to escape, he still fell from his injuries in the end." The black-robed male's hoarse voice was filled with hatred, "It's a pity, a pity that the Sacred Master will never get this huge cauldron despite his desire for it!"

Xue Ying felt his heart tightening as he listened.

Sacred Master…

Even though almost all final realm existences had enmity with him, he remained the most dazzling expert and stood at the highest position overlooking on all other final realm existences! He occupied the strongest 'Ancient Sacred World' out of all five great sacred worlds by himself. With his own strength, he was able to make three other great sacred worlds team up against him. As for Ancestor Mother, even though he had also created the 'Ancestor Mother Religion', and was ranked in the top three amongst all Cosmos Gods, he could not compete with the Sacred Master.

Sacred Master was someone who completely surpassed the other final realm existences.

'The enmity between Sacred Master and Monarch Nine Cloud is all because Sacred Master wanted this Third Fire Prison Realm Cauldron?' Xue Ying muttered inwardly, 'He actually revealed such a huge secret to me, a little brat at the Unity realm?'

Even his own Great Void Heaven Temple's Forefather Tian Yu and Swordmaster were both weaker than Monarch Nine Cloud, much less Sacred Master.

According to his intelligence, those at the final realm existences were split into several levels.

Sacred Master was unquestionably the strongest, and was at the first level.

Those on the second level included Ancestor Mother, World Ancestor, Ancestor Sorcerer, Blade Emperor, Devil Mountain Primogenitor, and several others. Even Monarch Nine Cloud who had fallen was at the second level.

The majority of the other Cosmos Gods like Forefather Tian Yu, Swordmaster, Void Primogenitor, Ancestor Bone, Ancestor Pure One were at the third level!

Of which there was someone with a slightly unique position, and that was Myriad World Tavern Master! Because he had many avatars, none could kill him. None was willing to become enemies with him, and he was considered a unique Cosmos God.

"Do you know why I told you these?" The black-robed male with a stooped body stared at Xue Ying with his clear cold eyes. His hoarse voice was filled with hatred and killing intent, "Because master hates Sacred Master to the core. Even after he died, he still wanted to deal with Sacred Master."

Xue Ying could hazily discern this black-robed male as a puppet lifeform.

For a puppet lifeform to be filled with so much hatred and killing intent showed how much anger his master Monarch Nine Cloud had towards Sacred Master.

"After Master died, he wanted any future juniors coming over to help him." The black-robed male said, "And you are one of them."

"Me?" Xue Ying was stunned, "Asking me to deal against Sacred Master? Senior, aren't you regarding me too highly?"

That was Sacred Master!

Almost all final realm existences had enmity with him. Despite that, he was able to live as the most dazzling existence. Even if Xue Ying was confident of himself, and had once thought of becoming a final realm existence in the future, he did not dare to say that he could deal with Sacred Master! After all, Ancestor Mother, World Ancestor, Ancestor Sorcerer, and the others could not do so.

"It is natural that you can't do it yourself. You are just one of the many."

The black-robed male's chuckled and continued with his hoarse voice, "What do you think Master left behind so many treasure coves for? Do you really think he wanted to distribute them away? You are wrong! The first and second level of the Treasure Cove God Pagodas contain very ordinary treasures and aren't worth anything to Master. They are meant to attract experts from the outer world."

"Only the treasures in the third level are the significant ones. Reaching the third level of any treasure cove will actually bring you here." The black-robed male casually mentioned, "And it is just one of the 16 palace halls which Master has within this entire Cultivation Palace.'

"16 palace halls contain extremely precious treasures."

"Most Primal chaos realm experts could enter, but almost none can take the treasures away! Only those extremely powerful Primal Chaos realm experts or those with extremely high attainment in certain aspects…" The black-robed male said, "Could take the treasures away from the third level. They are also chosen as 'aides' for Master. As for you? You are also one of the aides."

Xue Ying felt puzzled, "Previously, I can't even take a single treasure away in the palace hall. Yet I am qualified to be chosen as an 'aide'?"

"I chose you for your potential." The black-robed male looked at Xue Ying grinning. It's only that his laughter seemed horrifying, "You are currently the one with the highest comprehension ability and potential amongst those who entered my master's treasure coves! It is highly unlikely for those Primal Chaos realm experts to improve themselves further. Some could not even take away the treasures in the third level and are too weak, so they aren't qualified to become an aide. Only those who could take them away are slightly useful."

"As for you? Your potential and comprehension ability are extremely high. That is why I chose you to be an aide too."

The black-robed male coldly said, "All those aides who are chosen will be given the same conditions."

"Kill a 'Saint' from the Ancient Sacred Religion, and you are able to get a treasure worth 10,000 Origin World Rocks from here. The more you kill, the more treasures you will acquire."

"Killing 50 'Saints' from the Ancient Sacred Religion or a Cosmos God and you will get all the treasures Master left behind."

Xue Ying was stunned.

He felt helpless.

Killing Saints? Who were the Saints? They were Primal Chaos giants!

Like in the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World, there were a total of 12 Primal Chaos realm giants in the Great Void Heaven Temple. There were also quite a few of these existences in the Primogenitor Devil Mountain and Jade Light Sacred Territory. There were even more Primal Chaos realm giants who were not willing to join the holy grounds and would rather remain free. Adding up, there would only be a few dozen Primal Chaos giants across the entire Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World but not reaching 100.

'50 of such existences will be a heavy loss even to Ancient Sacred Religion.' Xue Ying thought, 'As for a Cosmos God? Sacred Master has offended too many final realm existences, so only one Cosmos God has decided to rely on him.'

If anyone got rid of this Cosmos God, it was, in essence, breaking an arm of the Sacred Master.

"I can't kill Sacred Master now." Xue Ying said.

"You might not be able to do so now, but maybe you could in the future." The black-robed male said, "According to the appraisal of your outer world, you can kill those of the 'fifth level Star Pagoda' from Ancient Sacred Religion. Ten of them would be equivalent to a Saints! And a hundred of those at the fourth level Star Pagoda would be equivalent to a single Saints. By killing more and more, you are able to obtain millions and millions of Origin World Rocks."

"The more you kill, the more you get."

The eyes of the black-robed male were filled with madness, "And even at the end, if you killed 50 Saints or that Cosmos God, this Third Fire Prison Realm Cauldron and all other treasures could possibly belong to you.'

"Do you believe in me so much that I'll definitely help Monarch Nine Cloud?" Xue Ying asked.

"I've checked using the secret technique. You aren't a follower of Ancient Sacred Religion." The black-robed male calmly mentioned, "And almost all of those who aren't part of the Ancient Sacred Religion are enemies with Sacred Master! Furthermore, I am only taking the treasures out for you to execute the tasks. It is a fair trade."


Xue Ying understood slightly in his heart.

The treasures at the third level of the treasure coves were very hard to get! Because if they were, how easy would it be to attract 'aides' to attack the Ancient Sacred Religion?