Lord Xue Ying Chapter 832: Harves


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The violet-haired male hesitated for a moment. He asked, "What is the success rate if I were to pay 800 Origin World Rocks?"

"There should be at least 50% certainty every single time we act." The old man said, "After three consecutive failures, the mission will end. Also, if he entered closed-door cultivation or return back to the Great Void Heaven Temple, we will not be able to assassinate him."

"Mn." The violet-haired male nodded.

He knew too.

Xue Ying was practically someone with the highest status within the Celestial Water City. There was only that incarnation of the 'Celestial Water Hall Master' with a higher rank than him there! Thus, Xue Ying would definitely be staying at the central core of the entire Celestial Water City array, and if he did not leave that region, it was impossible for them to assassinate him.

"800 Origin World Rocks. I want him to die." The violet-haired male said.

Even though he had a deep relationship with his little brother, his personal cultivation was essential too. If he were to sell even his weapon just to raise 5,000 Origin World Rocks, he would feel strongly against in his heart. After all, he spent countless time and effort just for the sake of refining this weapon which was most appropriate for himself.


Celestial Water City.

Within the residence of Xue Ying.

The white-robed Xue Ying stood there. He waved his hand, causing many cultivators to appear by the side. These were all the cultivators he had saved.

"This is the Celestial Water City." Xue Ying looked over and declared, "You are all safe now. Currently, you are all free."

"Many thanks, senior."

This group of cultivators including the couple Lei Chen and Qing Ruo was respectfully thanking him.

"Send them away." Xue Ying looked at the green-robed female attendant by his side.

"Yes." The green-robed female attendant acknowledged.

"You all should come with me. Do not veer off from my lead." The green-robed female attendant shouted out. She might be a female attendant, but she was a Void God and was part of the Celestial Water City deacons. This time, she was arranged by the Society of Elder over.

The green-robed female attendant brought them out.

Lei Chen and Qing Ruo even bowed towards Xue Ying.

Xue Ying chuckled at them. He transmitted over, "Go. In the future, if you meet any trouble, you can come to find me."

This time, Lei Chen had contributed to the operation of attacking the base. Xue Ying would naturally remember it.

"Thank you, senior." Lei Chen and Qing Ruo were both filled with joy.

The two had reunited and succeeded in arriving at the Celestial Water City. Towards this Elder Dong Bo, they were filled with gratitude! If not for him, the two of them would eventually fall under the control and serve the Sacred Master eternally.

Only after seeing the two of them leave did Xue Ying turn around and enter the cultivation room.


Within the cultivation room.

It was quiet. There was a joss stick emitting a fragrance around the place. Xue Ying sat down cross-legged on a silver icy-silk praying mat. He waved his hand, causing many treasures to appear on the ground. This was the harvest he had reaped from dealing against the Ancient Sacred Religion. After those sacred disciples died, the treasures would naturally be taken away by Xue Ying! This was also another harvest he got alongside the massive reward from the Great Void Heaven Temple after assaulting a base of the Ancient Sacred Religion! Furthermore, the harvest he got from the battle would even be more than what he would be receiving from the Great Void Heaven Temple.

There were many different kinds of treasures, and Xue Ying was differentiating them one by one–he was valuing them.

'The treasures left behind by the two strongest experts at the base, the two peak Unity experts, and that black-robed Sacred Emissary, were the most.' Xue Ying revealed a joyful look.

The cold male had died in battle, leaving behind treasures worth about 60 Origin World Rocks.

The six-armed girl left behind treasures worth about 50 Origin World Rocks.

As for the black-robed sacred emissary… he left behind the most treasures! Other than the treasures like the teleportation talisman which was prohibited for only the black-robed sacred emissary to use, other treasures added up to a total value of close to 200 Origin World Rocks!

The other sacred emissaries left behind treasures worth fewer, adding up to a total of at most 50 over Origin World Rocks.

As for the sacred disciples, they had many treasures, though the total worth barely reached 20 Origin World Rocks.

In total—

He had reaped a total value of about 380 Origin World Rocks of treasures! This did not include the one million contribution points which he would be getting from the Great Void Heaven Temple too.

'Destroying a base of the Ancient Sacred Religion is indeed very profitable.' Xue Ying was really ecstatic. Even though the price of his Black Gourd was higher, that protective treasure was refined by Gu Qi only for his inheritor to use, and could not be sold. Being an Inner Hall Elder, he had a talisman that boosted his survival capabilities too, and that talisman was more precious than the Black Gourd. But the Inner Hall Elder talisman could not be sold! Even if someone else obtained it, they could not use it.

Thus, this was the first time that Xue Ying had obtained treasures which he could sell.

'Killing that black-robed sacred emissary got me a total of close to 200 Origin World Rocks. I reckon he should have some special background.' Xue Ying made his guesses.

He waved his hand, collecting the treasures laid on the ground. That joss stick was also extinguished. Xue Ying then left the cultivation room.

There were female attendants and servants within the residence.

"Master." A green-robed female attendant walked over. Her voice was clear and respectful, "The Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion sent an invitation card over."

"Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion?" Xue Ying was slightly startled.

The Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion was the most prominent merchant organization in the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World. The Great Void Heaven Temple, Primogenitor Island, and Jade Light Sacred Territory were supporting it.

One had to know…

Cultivators needed resources. Those cultivating the laws and profound mysteries were relatively better as they did not need as many resources for cultivation. As for those cultivating the ancient cultivation system, bloodline cultivation system and the strongest warrior system, they coveted resources and all sorts of precious materials greatly since they required many resources to cultivate. Thus, the three great holy grounds had also created the 'Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion' meant to specially buy and sell resources! Many cultivators were willing to trade with the Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion because they were fair.

The Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion could be found throughout the big cities. Celestial Water City naturally had a Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion too.

'Invited me?' Xue Ying looked at the invitation card, '3,000 years later?'

One could directly buy and sell ordinary treasures from the Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion.

And the more precious ones where only a single set existed across the five sacred world and primal chaos void could not be casually sold. Instead, the pavilion would hold special conventions and inform the various experts from all over the region for an auction. Those who called out the highest price would get the item!

Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion could be found in the big cities across the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World. The cultivators could attend the convention from any big city, but they would merely see the 'illusion' of the treasure. Only after they bought the item would it be sent over! If all the treasures existed in a single big city, it might just attract the attention of experts to attack and steal those items away! Thus, the whereabouts of those treasures were kept unknown.

After buying it, the three great holy grounds would send experts to deliver the treasures.

And this time, the convention which the Seven Star Oceanic Pavilion was hosting, had the name of 'Cheng Qun Convention.

Because the most important treasure this time was also called 'Cheng Qun'. There were no other explanations, only that the starting bid for this treasure was at 1,000 Origin World Rocks!

'What treasure is it that has such a high starting bid?' Xue Ying was slightly surprised, 'Such a treasure should be at a level only Primal Chaos realm giants are willing to purchase. I wonder what it is used for? I have never heard of this treasure before.'

Invitations to this Convention would be sent out several thousand years in advance.

The earlier the invitations were sent, the more precious the convention.

And in history…

There was a Cosmos God ranked weapon which was sold during a convention once in the past. Invitations had been sent out a full 100 million years in advance. Invitations had even been sent out to the Ancient Sacred World.

'I'll go over and have a look by then.' Xue Ying was quite interested. This 'Cheng Qun' treasure which he had never heard before was something he could not afford. But a convention would still contain many other treasures and rare items.