Lord Xue Ying Chapter 827: Crush


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The expressions on both the six-armed girl and cold male were unpleasant; they were looking at the black-robed male with indignance.

"Our base is essential. There are only 90 bases across the entire Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World, and they are crucial for us to spread our religion." The cold male said solemnly, "Now that the Inner Hall Elder from the Great Void Heaven Temple is here, it is highly likely that this base has been revealed. What we can do now is to reduce our losses."

The black-robed male gritted his teeth. He transmitted back in a low voice, "This is unrelated to me!"

He wanted to push away all responsibility at the first instance.

The six-armed girl and cold male gave him a glance. They did not say anything because the final punishment… would be judged fairly by the higher-ups from the Ancient Sacred Religion! The black-robed male 'Sacred Emissary Chi Yun' was spreading the religion in the Golden Wing Nation and had offended the Inner Hall Elder Xue Ying from the Great Void Heaven Temple. Sacred Emissary Chi Yun then escaped all the way to this base, leading Xue Ying along the way here!

Anyone who wasn't a fool could guess that Xue Ying must have pursued behind in the dark. Maybe he had left some sort of tracking imprint on Sacred Emissary Chi Yun.

"Immediately lead other Sacred Emissaries to the underground sacred palace hall." The cold male ordered, "Use your fastest speed to move the Sacred Master sculpture away. After bringing it away successfully, immediately teleport away after that."

"Yes." The six-armed girl and black-robed male, Sacred Emissary Chi Yun, acknowledged.

Why did they only have just 90 bases in such a vast area within the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World?

Precisely because every single base required a 'Sacred Master sculpture'. It was meant for communicating with the distant Ancient Sacred World and to control the cultivators. These actions required the aid of the 'Sacred Master sculpture'.

Just like in the Golden Wing Nation, the controlling method done on the cultivators was of a lower level–it could only control the weaker cultivators, and most True God Rulers could resist against it!

But once the cultivator was sent to the Sacred Master sculpture…

Relying on this sculpture, even those with powerful spirit amongst True God Rulers, Origin Birth experts, and even the slightly weaker Unity experts would be forcibly controlled! By marking an imprint on their souls, these cultivators would remain absolutely loyal to the Sacred Master.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying might be here, but he might not be certain that this place is where our base is." The cold male said, "I'll handle him and try to delay for as much time as possible."

"If you can kill him, that'll be great too." The black-robed male Sacred Emissary Chi Yun said.

"Killing an Inner Hall Elder? Their survival capabilities are too formidable." The cold male felt genuinely incensed in his heart. Even if they successfully bring the Sacred Master sculpture away, they had to give up this base. The Ancient Sacred Religion would unquestionably punish them! Nevertheless, if they could not even secure the Sacred Master sculpture, then the punishments would be even direr.


The cold male immediately flew out of the dark palace hall.

The six-armed girl and black-robed male, Sacred Emissary Chi Yun, were also moving. They transmitted to other sacred emissaries for them to proceed towards the underground sacred palace hall, and to use the fastest speed in moving the Sacred Master sculpture away.


A white-robed Xue Ying stood in the air. He was looking at this black city. He directly employed the Plate Ripple Diagram, spreading unseen ripples over the place. Nevertheless, the black city contained arrays that prevented it from permeating in.

"Who dares to trespass my Black Mountain City." A figure flew out. He was none other than that cold male. He was emitting a majestic aura that caused icy snowflakes to fly in the surrounding void. This cold male frowned and shouted, "Who are you?"

The white-robed Xue Ying was too lazy to reply. He knew the other party was delaying for time.

Xue Ying was clear that the most important object in the base of the Ancient Sacred Religion was the Sacred Master sculpture. It required them time to move the sculpture away, though this period was not long.


Xue Ying extended his hand, causing a talisman to appear. It was the talisman that an Inner Hall Elder could get. This talisman emitted a horrifying aura, and it had even formed a towering and huge dazzling palace hall illusion behind Xue Ying. The aura of this illusion was filled with suppression, and it could match the aura of Primal Chaos realm experts.

This was precisely the illusion of the Great Void Heaven Temple! It could not be forged!

"I am an Inner Hall Elder from the Great Void Heaven Temple." Xue Ying shouted out, "Hurry up and disable the array of your Black Mountain City. If you dare resist, you are offending my Great Void Heaven Temple. All of you will be treated as part of the Ancient Sacred Religion, and all will be killed without pardon!"

"Inner Hall Elder of the Great Void Heaven Temple?" The cold male paled after seeing it. He replied with reverence and panic, "This Sir Elder, I have been staying here for a long time, why would this Sir Elder…"

"Stop your nonsense."

Xue Ying frowned. He was like a sword edge currently. Xue Ying was preventing this cold male from delaying for more time, "Disable you array now."

"I am refining an important treasure, and have spent long time and effort trying to do so. Why not…" The cold male was still trying to dawdle.


Xue Ying's eyes flashed with coldness.

Even though he was not entirely certain that this black city was an important base of the Ancient Sacred Religion, he was 70-80% certain. Furthermore, that black-robed male had entered the place as he was escaping. Right now, even after flashing his identity to the other party, he was not willing to let him in! That meant that something was wrong.

"Xiu xiu xiu~" Following the shout, a total of 300 violet fishes went flying out from the surface of Xue Ying. They targeted at the cold male. At the same time, many thin transparent ripple strands had entangled around that cold male. The cold male shouted out, "Sir Elder, I am really refining an important treasure. My incarnation is currently in front of the furnace and cannot be disturbed."

Even though he was shouting out, the cold male had begun resisting against the attack. A crystalline armor condensed on his body, and at the same time, an icy sword appeared in his hand.

Even though his body was entangled by countless ripples, he was able to brandish his sword out.


Space began to freeze. It started restricting and influencing the surrounding thin ripple strands. It also influenced the Termination Energy that was flying over, greatly diminishing the speed of the incoming Termination Energy. At the same time, the dazzling sword light directly clashed against those Termination Energy.

The 300 violet fishes were just like a school of fish charging forward. They clashed against that ice sword's sword light within that moment. The Termination Energy which had originally become really slow in speed had been destroyed by the sword light.

But there were still four violet fishes that surged in power.

"Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!"

They were like four God Dragons that arced through the sky towards the cold male. The cold male might have been entangled by the thin ripple strands, causing his speed to be significantly impacted, but his heaven-shaking strength enabled him to brazenly brandish the ice sword in his hand to parry against the four fearsome God Dragon-like Termination Energy. These four strands of Termination Energy had precisely displayed the third sword from the "13 Apocalyptic Swords"!

This was also the reason why there were only 300 fishes. Because if he unleashed too much Termination Energy, it would be an enormous burden on his heart energy. He would not be able to fuse the Apocalyptic Third Sword into the technique.

"Peng peng peng peng."

The icy cold sword light was refracted time after time.

The sword light coming from the cold male was truly strange. It was actually able to parry against the incoming strike from the four strands of Termination Energy. Even though the other fishes had also charged towards him, they could not break the icy armor he had. They had merely affected his speed. Even after being struck by one occasional 'Apocalyptic Third Sword', it had merely caused a hole to form on his body.

Suddenly, the fishes all disappeared.

There were only four God Dragon-like Termination Energy strand which attacked fiercely. And the distant Xue Ying also disappeared


Xue Ying immediately appeared by the side of the cold male. He sent a fierce strike with his spear out.

"Teleport?" The cold male sneered inwardly. Without the influence of the fishes, and under the circumstance of still parrying against the four strands of Termination Energy, he was still able to repel against the spear from Xue Ying with a flash of his sword.


At that moment when he parried against the attack, another spear came out from the void! It was too sudden. The cold male who had previously tried his best to parry against the spear and to deal with the four strands of Termination Energy did not have time to react against this spear that appeared so close to him. Nevertheless, the cold male remained calm as he let his body handle the attack because he had once survived against the Apocalyptic Third Sword strike formed using the Termination Energy.

"Hong~" The spear pierced through the cold male body, causing his expression to change abruptly.

He was wrong.

He was totally wrong!

This spear was an upper graded Void God weapon! The spearhead was imbued with Termination Energy! Xue Ying had utterly instilled the strength from the 28th level of Walker's Hidden Secret into this spear while displaying the skill of the Apocalyptic Third Sword as well… It was so much stronger than a standard Apocalyptic Third Sword manifested using the Termination Energy. His body was ripped entirely, and the destructive energy engulfed his entire body.

"Peng peng peng~" As the body of the other party was being ripped at this moment, Xue Ying released yet another strand of Termination Energy onto his spear. Countless Termination Energy fishes were also frantically destroying the body of the other party. In the next moment, Xue Ying sent out three spears as fast as lightning.

After the third spear was sent out, the body of that cold male shattered and dissipated. As he died, there was still a look of disbelief and despair on his face.

He did not dare believe that he would lose to an Origin Birth realm Void God. Even if the other party were an Inner Hall Elder from the Great Void Heaven Temple, he was still at the Origin Birth realm.

"Hmph." Xue Ying coldly looked at this. Even without cultivating the Plate Ripple Diagram, he could get through the third level of Star Pagoda. And now, with the Plate Ripple Diagram restricting the other party during the battle, the other party could only display part of his strength. Thus, it was normal for the other party to die.


Saying it was slow, but in reality, the battle between Xue Ying and the cold male happened exceptionally quickly. First, it was a group attack, followed by close combat. Not even a breath had passed when the other party died in battle.

"Not good." The expression of the six-armed girl who was within the sacred palace hall underneath the black city changed abruptly. She relied on the monitoring array to 'see' that the cold male had already died in battle!