Lord Xue Ying Chapter 796: Are You Here Yet?


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Since the array no longer had someone controlling it, it dissipated too. That was also the array which was bestowed by Heaven Weeping Sect Master to his subordinates. And currently, with Heaven Weeping Sect Master personally acting, he no longer cared about the array!

"Ancestor Devil, I've long heard that you are more untamed and unbridled. It is truly the case. You have just entered the Primal Chaos realm recently without cultivating for long yet you dare to challenge me?" Heaven Weeping Sect Master was genuinely indignant. Even though he did not care about them personally, they were still five Unity realm experts under him. Killing them right in front of him truly meant that Ancestor Devil belittled him.

Reaching his level, he would absolutely not let things go after being humiliated. As his anger rose, the surrounding void started crumbling too. Nevertheless, the region surrounding Ancestor Devil remained quiet as he looked toward Heaven Weeping Sect Master.

Ancestor Devil remained cold from start to end. He did not even have a strand of ridicule.

"Ancestor Devil..." In the heart of Heaven Weeping Sect Master, detailed intelligence related to Ancestor Devil started forming.

Ancestor Devil was extremely unbridled.

According to rumors, that time when he arrived at the Great Void Heaven Temple, he did not even regard those from the same sect as him. He had even called himself 'Ancestor Devil'. One had to know that such a term was slightly egotistical to him when he was still at the peak of Unity realm at that time. After all, a place like the Great Void Heaven Temple was a place none dared to call himself ancestor!

Xue Ying might be called Monarch Dong Bo from those in his hometown cosmos, but if it were in the Great Void Heaven Temple, he did not dare to be so rampant and directly call himself as 'Monarch Dong Bo'.

When he was weak, he should be low-profile.

But Ancestor Devil was different!

At that time, he actually riled up a group of Unity realm experts in the Great Void Heaven Temple together. The experts of the Great Void Heaven Temple were different from those in the outside world. Firstly, their combat power was stronger as they studied the 'laws and profound mysteries'-related techniques. Amongst which, the geniuses were even more amazing! But as they challenged Ancestor Devil, none won!

And not long later, Ancestor Devil reached the Primal Chaos realm. With how ambitious he was, he wanted to challenge Lake Heart Island Swordmaster! But what made Ancestor Devil helpless was that the Lake Heart Island Swordmaster who had been in long-term cultivation had already reached the final realm of cultivation–Cosmos God!

Ancestor Devil was undoubtedly an absolute peak grade talent–he was able to attain the peak Unity realm in his hometown cosmos, and entering the Great Void Heaven Temple, he had attained enough resources to undergo a qualitative change to reach the Primal Chaos realm.

But that Lake Heart Island Swordmaster... he was matchless, outstanding across all five sacred worlds. In the Great Void Heaven Temple, after reading through a large number of scriptures, he was able to easily comprehend and break through to the Cosmos God realm.

'He is the Great Void Heaven Temple Punishment Hall Master. According to hearsay, he had defeated the Sky Water Palace Palace Master from the Great Void Heaven Temple before being trounced by the Inquisitive Sky Palace Palace Master.' Heaven Weeping Sect Master contemplated silently, 'He took a shorter period to break through into the Primal Chaos realm, and the gap with the Inquisitive Sky Palace Palace Master is slightly obvious. Mn...'

Actually, Ancestor Devil had reached the Primal Chaos for a very long time, albeit it was short to an existence like Heaven Weeping Sect Master who had lived for a very long period.


To speak this description would have taken a long time, but the thoughts occurring in his heart were but a flash.

Heaven Weeping Sect Master decided to act. He did not believe that he could not triumph over a new junior with his extended period of cultivation.

"The laws and profound mysteries only contain flashy moves. I'll let you know your own stupidity!" Heaven Weeping Sect Master's voice resounded. At that time, endless primal chaos void in the surrounding began forming rainwater. There was a downpour of this black rainwater.

Xue Ying and Luo Hai both felt how horrifying the surrounding rain was.

Ancestor Devil remained standing there. There was endless cold frost emerging in the surrounding. The frost aura engulfed the entire region, causing an enormous frost land to be formed. And the rainwater that fell there froze.

"Your ultra-miniature cosmos cannot triumph against me." Ancestor Devil said.


Heaven Weeping Sect Master then extended his hand. The skin of his palm was shriveled. His hand which seemed like skeletal claws came grabbing outwards. It seemed very ordinary and everywhere it passed, there was not a strand of ripple. But Ancestor Devil turned solemn. He knew that the Heaven Weeping Sect Master had stepped into the Primal Chaos realm for far too long. Maybe the degree of how he battled might seem ordinary, but his combat power was extremely tyrannical.

Ancestor Devil also sent a palm out. His palm was crystalline and tender. It was faintly transparent. His body had also evolved into an ultra-miniature cosmos, and currently, the power of the cosmos was gathered in his palm. He had even sent the strength of the Primal Chaos realm "Myriad Devil True Body".


The two palms clashed. The surrounding space formed many black cracks. The presence of the black cracks caused all energy and space to disappear.

Xue Ying and Luo Hai were watching from the side. They were also being protected by Ancestor Devil, yet they still feel their souls being jolted.

Both Heaven Weeping Sect Master and Ancestor Devil merely trembled from the impact. They took a slight step back.

"What?" Heaven Weeping Sect Master was startled, "The strength of his body seems to not be any weaker than mine? This body of mine has been tempered for a long time, yet, yet..." He could feel that the other party had purely used his strength to fight against him. He did not utilize any soft techniques.

His strength was slightly stronger even amongst the Primal Chaos giants. It was amazing to be ranked above average since every Primal Chaos giants were extraordinary.

"My Myriad Devil True Body is still too weak. Despite fusing strength with the energy from the ultra-miniature cosmos, I can't even suppress Heaven Weeping Sect Master." Ancestor Devil slightly frowned, "This Heaven Weeping Sect Master has many wicked techniques. Even if I could hold an upper hand, the advantage I have over him will not be too obvious."

"He specialized in the laws and profound mysteries. Now that I do not have superiority in strength, it is impossible for me to win even if I used all my other methods." Heaven Weeping Sect Master was not willing to accept this outcome, but it was the reality.


"You guys should leave." Heaven Weeping Sect Master coldly said.

"Leave?" Ancestor Devil coldly answered, "I've said before that I'll kill every single void creatures across the 289 primal chaos land without pardon."

"I'll immediately send an order to let them leave." Heaven Weeping Sect Master nonchalantly replied, "As for how many you can kill, it'll depend on your strength." With the primal chaos lands situated all around, how many could Ancestor Devil kill even after splitting his body apart when all void creatures escape?

"Killing them is a minor matter. You must destroy that robe of yours which you have been refining." Ancestor Devil continued.

Heaven Weeping Sect Master's expression had a considerable change.


He spent a long period collecting all sorts of materials to refine it. Now, he was also collecting terror across the 200 over primal chaos lands to fuse them into the robe to refine it. He had even added the 'Heaven Weeping Sacred Robe' as his name. Adding up his strength, it would suffice to increase his overall combat strength by 50%.

Right now, this robe had already been refined to 90% of completion.

"You actually know of it?" The expression on Heaven Weeping Sect Master was slightly savage, "It seems you have already investigated it."

"I've been investigating for a long period in the dark." Ancestor Devil coldly said, "With my temper, I do not care if you refine that robe of yours. But the rules of Great Void Heaven Temple stated that any treasure which has used the terror and hatred of countless living beings to nurture must be destroyed!"

"Destroyed? On just your word?" Heaven Weeping Sect Master sneered.

He did not care too much about giving up 200 over primal chaos great lands. He did not care about the death of some of his subordinates. But he had spent too much effort and blood on the 'Heaven Weeping Sacred Robe', and even if Ancestor Bone came personally, he would not give it up still! Because to experts, their own combat power was still the most important!

"Right. Just my words." Ancestor Devil's eyes turned colder. His killing intent shot into the sky. Even though he was not certain, he still wanted to battle and kill this Heaven Weeping Sect Master.

"Hong long~"

A mysterious aura descended. Endless white bones appeared in the surrounding. The surrounding frost ground and black rainwater all disappeared, leaving behind just a continuous land of white bone which one could not see the end of.

Xue Ying and Luo Hai felt bone stuck in their throat after seeing this boundless white bone great land. They had their own vague guesses.

One could see a figure appearing in the distance.

He had white hair which trailed over his shoulders. Even though he was slightly older, from his facial features, he seemed relatively handsome. He was also wearing a relatively luxurious white robe.

A luxurious white-robed white-haired old man looked towards Ancestor Devil, "Great Void Heaven Temple Ancestor Devil, bring your men away."


Fighting spirit rose in the eyes of Ancestor Devil, "Ancestor Bone, an incarnation of yours isn't able to frighten me. Fighting one on two, hahaha, things are getting interesting." Saying that, many figures walked out from the body of Ancestor Devil. There was a blood-colored figure, a tall and sturdy figure, a figure filled with scales, a charming figure...

There were a total of six incarnations all located at different places.

The true body was situated at the center!

Ancestor Devil's laughter was slightly mad, "My Myriad Devil True Body contains six great incarnations. Even though I haven't truly perfected it to large success, they can still be used to fight this battle. Come on."

Xue Ying and Luo Hai held their breath behind Ancestor Devil.

It was okay if the two of them offended Heaven Weeping Sect Master. But the appearance of Ancestor Bone, someone at the final realm...

"Dad, have you arrived yet? The battle is escalating. If they were not careful, I'd likely be affected by it." Luo Hai transmitted a message to his father. During the previous time when the Heaven Weeping Sect Master grabbed him, he had already sent a message for help.

"Hahaha, I've long arrived. The Ancestor Devil of Great Void Heaven Temple seems to be quite an interesting person. I'll have fun watching it first." A sound resounded in the mind of Luo Hai.