Lord Xue Ying Chapter 678: Arrival


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With a flash of light, Xue Ying arrived in a piece of vast mountainous forest. His figure moved, "Hong–", at high speed, and as he accelerated, an unseen law powerfully suppressed his motion; burning flames appeared on his body. Xue Ying was slightly alarmed as he stood on top of a mountain peak.

'I discovered this huge land being suppressed by laws the moment I arrived. I cannot teleport, yet I would have never thought that even flying at high speed will be restricted too.' Xue Ying was alarmed. Previously when he flew, the faster he went, the stronger the restrictive laws. It was to the extent that frightening flames burned his body. Naturally, he could easily isolate it with the luminous sun force on his body.

'The ancient map of Ancestor Devil should be referring to this world.' Xue Ying looked afar as stood on the mountain peak.

With a single gaze, he could see the clouds rolling in this vast world. They were like dragon-snakes, and even with Xue Ying's vision