Lord Xue Ying Chapter 554: A True God Weapon Belonging to Me


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"Break for me!"

The miniature man, 'Xue Ying's entire body was akin to ceramic glaze. It was currently emitting light. Looking up, Xue Ying let out a roar, his eyes were revealing terrifying undulations of willpower!


The undulations of willpower had been erupted from his true deity heart, and was much more vast than previously, more fierce and was of moving forward without looking back!

"Ka ka ka~" The surface of the true deity heart had a blurred grayish energy forming. There appeared many cracks on this grayish energy. Under the powerful willpower impacting on it, the grayish energy was finally torn apart. Following that, it was like snow melting, disappearing.

Seated next to the lake cross-legged, Xue Ying opened his eyes and looked ahead. A frightening willpower undulation was being released from his eyes. One could see the space completely distorting, sweeping across a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers in range. Even the water on the lake had suddenly been gouged an entire level because the surface of the water had completely been shattered and dispelled into nothingness.

A powerful willpower could directly influence the reality, causing the vast thick layer of water of a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers in range of area to disappear.

Xue Ying then closed his eyes, keeping the willpower which erupted and opening his eyes again. The gouged layer of water had left an empty space which caused large amounts of lake water to flow back.

Sou sou sou sou sou sou!

Many figures came arcing through the sky before descending. It was none other than the three golden-armored captains, eight black-armored soldiers and that black-caped sir commander. They were all looking at Xue Ying with bright eyes.

"Welcome in joining us." Sir commander grinned.



They all looked at Xue Ying with smiles on their face. They were truly too lonely due to being undying, and everytime there was someone new joining the Destruction Legion, it would allow them to feel the existence of the Destruction Legion, as if it was still the cosmos epoch which they stemmed from.

Xue Ying looked at them and grinned too.

"Brother Pang Yi, Dong Bo Xue Ying has gotten through the trials and have officially joined our Destruction Legion." Sir Commander had transmitted a message to inform another Destruction Legion member, Pang Yi. He then walked up to Xue Ying, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, you are better than my initial expectations. You are the first stage three World Deity to get through the trials. From today on, you are a soldier of the Destruction Legion."

Xue Ying nodded.

"Wait until you reached the stage four World Deity realm, you'll have the qualifications to apply for the captain trials, and even the commander ranking trials." Sir commander said, "Alright, follow me to receive your weapon first."

"It's a true god weapon!" The monkey chuckled by the side.

"Mn." Xue Ying was also feeling excited about it.

Sou sou sou sou sou…

They then arced through the sky rapidly, flying at high speed towards another place. It was a grand palace. This palace was taller than even the ordinary mountains.

The doors to the grand palace were pushed open.

Commander brought his subordinates in. Xue Ying was also filled with expectations as he looked on.

"See that." Commander pointed out.

Xue Ying looked over. Within the enormous hall, there were a total of eight light pillars. Each light pillars contained a weapon within.

"Currently, there are only eight true god weapons left. Thus, the trials to join our Destruction Legion has become much harsher. Go and pick one." Commander said. At this moment, he reminisced towards the period when he first joined. He had similarly been brought over. At that time, it was a highest status sir general in the entire Destruction Legion who let him choose a weapon. The general of the Destruction Legion was a life and death brother of the Lake Heart Island master, and also his uncle-master.

"Eight true god weapons." Xue Ying swept his gaze over before feeling anguished.

These true god weapons, there were three which were blades (one was a saber, one was a heavy machete, and one was a more ordinary-looking blade), one sword, one shield, one pole, one throwing knife, and one umbrella.

"No spear?" Xue Ying helplessly said.

"You seem to be using spear, but it's a pity that there aren't many who used spears, and so we did not prepare much previously. They have long been picked." Commander said from the side.

Xue Ying could only walk on towards each of the light pillar, letting out his feeling.

Very soon.

When Xue Ying walked to the light pillar second from the last, the light pillar held a flying knife which was kept in a scabbard.

"Mn?" The moment Xue Ying got close, he could sense the aura from this true god weapon. It had caused a jolt in his heart.

It was a very unique aura.

Apparently, it felt like a mist of nothingness.

There was a feeling of 'Mirage'! But in this mist of nothingness, it concealed a killing intent deeply. This little killing intent was hiding and biding its time, and the moment it was unveiled, it would certainly be terrifying and abnormal.

"This seems not bad." Xue Ying murmured. Each of the weapons did not seem to suit him, though this flying knife had an aura which was quite similar to his. When he was a Transcendent, he comprehended the True Meaning of Mirage, and one of his three big secret skills was the 'Destruction' which was filled with killing intent.

Xue Ying went on to feel the final umbrella.

That umbrella had some sort of dimmed and dusky feeling which he could not feel the directions for. Xue Ying temporarily gave it up. These true god weapons were all amazing, though he had to choose one suited for him! What he specialized in originally would be easier for him to refine the 'true god weapon' as well. Furthermore, borrowing the strength of the true god weapon to comprehend would be of help too.

"It's this!" Xue Ying went back to the flying knife light pillar, looking at it silently.

"Have you decided?" Sir commander asked.

"It's this!" Xue Ying pointed to the light pillar in front of him.

"No regrets?" Sir commander asked again, "This cannot be switched."

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded.

Sir commander extended his hand, causing the light pillar to dissipate. The flying knife slowly flew towards Xue Ying, stopping right in front of him.

Xue Ying extended his hand to grab that flying knife. He began trying to feel and refine it.



Xue Ying could feel himself entering a dark world. This piece of world seemed very real, but it was strange at the same time since it had a feeling of illusory. This made Xue Ying puzzled because he specialized most in the world aspect of profound mysteries. But this piece of dark world gave him a different feeling.

"It is a mirage, though within the mirage, it has given off the feeling of reality already." Xue Ying muttered.

This was a mirage.

One that exceeded that of the ordinary laws of the world.

Following which, within this piece of dark world, Xue Ying could see a light which had practically flashed in front of him before disappearing.


"Dong Bo Xue Ying." Sir commander started, waking up Xue Ying who was immersed in his thinking.

"The true god weapon is extraordinary. You haven't reached the stage four World Deity, and you are still lacking the ability to refine it." Sir commander said, "Keep it first. Go back and properly comprehend."

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded too.

The profound mysteries within the true god weapon was something even Nine Yang Palace Head desired to comprehend. One could see how profound it was.

It was also the first time Xue Ying discovering that the mirage could actually transform into a real world. And that final brightness had made his heart jitter, and was truly terrifying.

Just refining it and to display the skills would have to wait until many days later. His wife Jing Qiu had obtained the true god weapon for so many years and had a higher realm than his, but she had yet to completely refine the weapon. As long as she grasped hold of the weapon, only then would she be able to display the power of the true god weapon.

"Go, you still have yet to learn the absolute art." Sir commander brought along his subordinates out of the palace, arcing through the sky once again.

Very soon, they descended towards the location where the obelisks were at, where he had first learned the "Ten apocalyptic fire" secret technique.

"You have just learned the first eight layers of this secret technique previously I reckon. Finish learning it first." Sir commander said, "These World Deity ranked secret technique, according to the initial rules, you can learn one set during the trial. The moment you passed the trials, you can get the entire set. And thereafter, you'll have to put in efforts, only then will you have the capabilities to cultivate other secret techniques. These World Deity ranked secret techniques are just lacking by a bit to the absolute arts, and are very precious. But the Destruction Legion no longer have any missions nowadays, and you do not have any opportunities to to learn any other secret techniques either."

Xue Ying did not mind. He had to first finish learning this "Ten apocalyptic fire".

"Hong long long~" At the center of the location where the many stone obelisks were, suddenly a black obelisk appeared. There were many blood-colored characters appearing on this black obelisk.

"This is the absolute art which the soldiers of the Destruction Legion could learn. Those true gods desire to learn it, but have no opportunity to do so." Sir commander said, "This has been created by my teacher, and its power might be weaker than the captain rank or commander rank version, but it similarly is as difficult to cultivate as those."