Lord Xue Ying Chapter 548: Unleashing his Strength


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Chapter 548: Unleashing his Strength

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Xue Ying actually understood previously that sealing his true deity heart would be about testing the unleashing of his body strength. Thus, when battling on the platform, he had been thinking about how to improve the utilization of his body strength!

The two opponents before this were too weak, and had been dealt with rapidly.

And now, these two black men who came attacking him were much stronger. If he was to use all his spear techniques and methods, he could easily deal with them. But Xue Ying did not dare to hurry up in acting. Instead, he was slowly delaying it.

Because the moment he killed his opponents, the black men that appeared thereafter would be much stronger. By then, it would be hard for him to ponder over his body strength.

"The strength of my body."

With the current realm of Xue Ying, it was higher by a few multitude times as compared to when he was a mortal.

His feeling towards his body had permeated through every single particle. Due to the reason that he had cultivated in the Time Immemorial Body, every single minute particle of his body had formed a world internally. And within each world, it was a piece of primal chaos, developing towards that of a perfected 'time immemorial world'! Usually, one had to grasp hold of the entire laws of the world could he have a chance to improve them further into a complete time immemorial world.

Even still, the potential of Xue Ying's body remained great. Every single strength released by the inner world of each particle was merely a single small part of its entire potential.


At the same time, within Crimson Rock Mountain at Xia Clan world, a white-robed Xue Ying was seated cross-legged under a huge tree. The flow of time over at this courtyard had been accelerated by 10,000 times, allowing him to have more time to ponder.

"The strength of a body. How should I unleash an even stronger force?" The white-robed Xue Ying was currently pondering over the question. The leaves from the big tree ahead of him were currently floating down.

"Compared to the laws of the world, the body should be relatively simpler." The white-robed Xue Ying felt his own body. To mortals, the body was filled with many profound mysteries. But to a stage three World Deity, he could see through the body easily.

The hair, the muscles, the blood vessels, the organs and other parts of the body did not need to be explained.

It's the most minute particles of that constituted a body which had become as big as the earth under observation. Every single particle of Xue Ying's body was holding a primal world within. Each particle held an immense force, and could similarly withstand an even greater impact.

"In order to let the body unleash an even stronger force, firstly, I'll have to allow the most fundamental particle of the body to unleash a stronger force." Xue Ying thought.


The deepest layer of particles in each muscle and cell held a vague primal world. The world was currently becoming bigger under the control of Xue Ying, becoming a few dozen times bigger.

"This require me to control every single particle of my body. But there's too many particles, and I can't practically multi-task in controlling billions and billions of particles." Xue Ying thought, "Much less during a battle if I still have to concentrate on controlling the countless particles, how would I be able to battle?"

In a life and death battle, losing one's attention was the most fearful thing.

Just losing a slight concentration was fine to an expert like Xue Ying. If he was to focus entirely on controlling all the particles of his body, it would have a huge impact on the battle.

"In order to unleash the strength of the body, it must not be about micro-controlling every single particle."

"Then what should I do?"

Barely displaying an ultra strength yet his movement would be foolish, and even the profound mysteries of law could not be utilized properly. Such foolishness was one that would lead to the death of an expert.

Xue Ying was seated cross-legged.

There was no need to continue researching on how to release the strength of his muscles and bones. The only thing he could improve on was the unleashing of strength of each minute particles on his body. The question was how he could let out a stronger power while battling.

The particles still contained a few dozen times worth of potential.

"Hong." The white-robed Xue Ying sat under the big tree. His figure released a sudden explosive undulation, causing the surrounding space to tremble and form ripples that spread out in all directions.

And at the same time, the Crimson Rock Mountain also immediately activated its prowess to control this shockwave since if the shockwave was left alone, it would most likely destroy a region of a few hundred thousand kilometers. One could see a cover forming around Xue Ying, obstructing the shockwave with a stability like that of Mount Tai.

"It still requires deliberate effort. With a thought, only then could I unleash my strength." Xue Ying thought.


The white-robed Xue Ying was seated cross-legged. Many shockwave was formed time after time from his figure. The terrifying spatial undulation had surged out in all directions, though they were forcibly suppressed by the spatial cover.

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

The power that was released from his body was sometimes strong and sometimes weak. It was because he had never properly researched on this aspect after becoming a World Deity. Still, Xue Ying's comprehension of the realm was quite high, naturally, he would have much accomplishments after simply researching, understanding many methods of utilization, and how to activate the strength of the world inherent in the deepest particles of his body, accumulating such strength before releasing them at once.

Attempting it time after time, three times, four times, five times.

Xue Ying had merely spent half an hour before improving the unleashing of his body's strength to five times. Thereafter, any improvement was clearly much slower. Actually, reaching a five times explosive strength could be considered as normal within the boundary of stage three realm. Compared to the luminous sun force which could be comparable to powerful existences, it was far too weak. One could understand why Xue Ying was too lazy to even ponder over this.

Because there were countless World Deities, there would certainly be people who researched on how to unleash the strength of one's body. But never had he ever heard of someone who relied entirely on the strength of the body to fight against someone of a higher realm. Even if one's strength was tyrannical and unparalleled, it was because of absolute art that made his body so strong.

Like the absolute art of the Destruction Legion, it was precisely one that targeted the cultivation of the body, allowing a holistic improvement of the entire body, allowing one to be unparalleled in strength, speed and defense! Because this absolute art was quite specialized in terms of strength, it was quite meaningful still to research on how to unleash his strength.

After spending another day or more, he had painstakingly raised the unleashing of his body's strength to six times. Xue Ying understood he would most likely have to spend maybe a year and a half to barely reach seven times the utilization strength.


Deep in the mysterious Lake Heart Island within the Destruction Eden, even though the white-robed Xue Ying had spent a day or more comprehending, due to the fact that it was in a 10,000 times time accelerated environment, the black-robed Xue Ying who was battling on the platform on top of the peak of the mountain had spent less than a breath of time.

"Hua hua hua." Xue Ying might not have killed these two black men, and was deliberately delaying for more time, but the deity marks on the light cover by the boundary of the platform had formed another three black men.

This caused Xue Ying's expression to change.

He had not killed the enemies, yet new enemies had formed, and their numbers were even increasing?

"Hahaha, Brat Dong Bo, no matter if you kill or did not kill the enemies, there will be more enemies as the time passes." The golden-armored old man gave out a weird laughter.

"Hong hong."

The spear in Xue Ying's hand changed. He immediately the explosive strength of his body to three times. The speed of his spear piercing out was clearly faster, and the technique was clearly more ruthless.

It was like a venomous snake probing its way on. The spear had merely just clashed against the shield of the opponent who was wielding a saber and shield, before it opened a path, piercing right through the chest of that black man.

Following that, he did not pause. He flipped the spear to gave out a hack, bringing with it a surging power against the black man holding a pole.

Hong~ under the hack of the spear, it lashed out at the black man with a power that he could not help but kneel on the ground.

The spear moved as fast as lightning, slightly pulling back before extending once again.

Just like a venomous snake spitting its venom, an extremely fast pulling back and extension let the spear pierce through the middle of the eyebrows of that black man.

The two black men whom Xue Ying had fought for close to a breath of time, had been killed.

"Haha." The eight black-armored soldiers and three golden-armored captains and the black-caped sir commander were watching the battle with astonishment from afar.

"His comprehension is quite high, allowing the unleashing of the body's strength to improve so drastically."

"He should most likely have an avatar researching in a time-accelerated environment."

"For him to improve so quickly, he is quite formidable."

These old men were discussing and praising Xue Ying. Yet they did not know that Xue Ying was the fastest person to become a stage three World Deity in this cosmos epoch.