Lord Xue Ying Chapter 548: Unleashing his Strength


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Xue Ying actually understood previously that sealing his true deity heart would be about testing the unleashing of his body strength. Thus, when battling on the platform, he had been thinking about how to improve the utilization of his body strength!

The two opponents before this were too weak, and had been dealt with rapidly.

And now, these two black men who came attacking him were much stronger. If he was to use all his spear techniques and methods, he could easily deal with them. But Xue Ying did not dare to hurry up in acting. Instead, he was slowly delaying it.

Because the moment he killed his opponents, the black men that appeared thereafter would be much stronger. By then, it would be hard for him to ponder over his body strength.

"The strength of my body."

With the current realm of Xue Ying, it was higher by a few multitude times as compared to when he was a mortal.

His feeling towards his body had permeated through every single particle.