Lord Xue Ying Chapter 486: Establishing Oneself


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Chapter 486: Establishing Oneself

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At times fleeting, at other times lasting.

Information finally stopped flowing into Xue Ying's sea of consciousness, and his True Deity Heart was now able to relax and start comprehending the huge volume of knowledge he received. Inside the inner space, a tiny man with Xue Ying's appearance was looking upward at the dazzling white sphere floating above him. On its surface were countless patterns swirling all around, giving it a truly mystical quality. Watching the white spherical body gave Xue Ying a similar feeling to that which he got as he watched the Laws of the Material World revolving about.

As a Realm Lord, he could meld into the mortal world to view the law of the entire Material World. This Law was more vast, encompassing, and complex than that of the mortal world alone. It only made sense, considering that the Material World was made up of billions upon billions of mortal worlds!

But now, watching this white sphere gave him the same taste as watching the Law of the entire Material World.

Such is an absolute art that even powerful existences hope to get their hands on. It truly is the sort of technique which allows one to transcend their current realm. Xue Ying had tried to prepare himself mentally for this, but as he received the huge amount of information, he still found himself unable to suppress his excitement.

He had first been fortunate enough for the Bloodshed God Emperor to accept him as a disciple during the Myriad Flower Feast and then to become a stage two World Deity within five thousand years!

Even then, it was only after he was accepted as a personal disciple that he finally got the opportunity to learn an absolute art! As for the hard work he put in for a hundred thousand years just to create what was a rather crude destruction spear technique, he also did it in order to kill the the prisoner and learn the absolute art. This was of secondary importance, however, since he would have improved enough sooner or later.

"Luminous Sun", like the dazzling, strong sun, can conquer any obstacle in its path… Xue Ying revealed a grin as he went down the stairs, casually sitting down at an empty space by the side to begin cultivating the absolute art.

He was, after all, in the Bloodshed God Palace, and his safety was guaranteed. On top of that, he was also inside the impregnable prison.

Most of all, the absolute art was truly too alluring, so Xue Ying decided to learn it right away.

The "Luminous Sun" was split into a total of six volumes. Stage one World Deities could cultivate the first volume, the second volume was reserved to stage two and so on…!

On top of that, the volumes themselves were split into four different boundaries.

First was the entry boundary, followed by a minor success, a major success, and finally grand perfection.

As an absolute art, the technique was very difficult to cultivate. Anyone who could reach the volume reserved for powerful existence would become truly formidable, but to cultivate it to the grand perfection boundary was, indeed, tough to achieve! Monarch Gu Zang, for instance, was also in possession of an absolute art, but even now he was not strong enough to match the three ancestors! Monarch Green, on the other hand, had similarly cultivated an absolute art in the past, and he was now seen as a powerful expert on the same level as the Bloodshed God Emperor, the Temporal Island Lord, and a few others.

This was the difference between the different cultivation levels of an absolute art.

The Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Lord was merely a stage four World Deity, yet it was precisely by relying on an absolute art that he received the qualification of being one of the three ancestors! He had also tried imparting his absolute art to some of his fortunate personal disciples, but none of them had been able to reach as dazzling a stage as himself.


Xue Ying was sitting cross-legged, breathing through his mouth, with nine golden beads placed on the ground right in front of him. Without warning, golden light began to fly into Xue Ying's open mouth.

Xue Ying's innate comprehension ability was at a very high level. How formidable did he have to be in order to become a stage two World Deity within just five thousand years? He had also spent a total of a hundred thousand years in an attempt to refine a secret skill, before finally coming up with a rather crude form of a destruction spear technique. Even in this crude stage, however, its power was already incredible. It could be said that, in terms of his usage of the Laws of Profound Mysteries, Xue Ying was already sitting at the highest spot amongst all stage two World Deities.

Naturally, he managed to easily cultivate the first volume, yet the second volume was already giving him problems.

This"Luminous Sun" art uses the World Deity Heart as a base, the same World Deity Heart I grasped back in the Xia Clan world. Not only that, my best usage of the Laws of Profound Mysteries are also in terms of the aspect of the world, yet I'm still having a hard time cultivating this absolute art, Xue Ying reflected. Its usage of the Profound Mysteries of the Law is simply unfathomable. Clearly, it surpasses World Deity ranked secret techniques by an overly large amount! It's no wonder that by relying on this absolute art alone, one can transcend their own realm in battle.

Transcending one's current realm was extremely difficult to accomplish.

Stage two World Deities could mop the floor with stage one World Deities, while stage three World Deities could similarly sweep away all stage two World Deities! That prisoner, for instance, could have easily extinguished Xue Ying in a few moves had he not been suppressed and restricted. It was the same case for stage four World Deity in relation to stage three World Deities.

However, the gap between powerful existences and stage four World Deities was not as large.

The cause of this was that stage four World Deities were able grasp entire Laws of the World in practice and were only a very small step away from becoming powerful existences themselves. Thus, there were many stage four World Deities who could match powerful existences in might.


The nine golden beads in Xue Ying's possession were known as Golden Fiend Beads. They contained the sharpness of golden fiends and were required in the cultivation of the "Luminous Sun". They were one of the treasures Xue Ying received from the Bloodshed God Emperor. However, this golden fiend sharpness inherent to the nine beads was only useful for cultivation up to the grand perfection boundary of the second volume. Once Xue Ying became a stage three World Deity, he would have to seek the necessary treasures for himself.

Indeed, absolute arts were obviously different from the World Deity ranked secret techniques in that they would require external help from certain items so they could be cultivated to higher realms.

After a whole night of cultivation, Xue Ying opened his eyes and waved his hand to store the nine beads away.

This"Luminous Sun" absolute art is truly difficult. Even after struggling for an entire night, I have yet to reach a major success! Xue Ying stood up and countless white tips flew out from his body without warning. These white tips intertwined with space, slithering about through the air with an unparalleled sharpness! Those white tips…were precisely what made up the luminous sun force Xue Ying gained after cultivating the absolute art. The Shackle Technique and the Herculean Technique which Xue Ying previously learned were both merely small parts of the entire absolute art "Luminous Sun".

Once he learned the absolute art, these two secret techniques were naturally of no more use.

Pu pu pu~

This white luminous sun force that was intertwining with space with unparalleled sharpness would be threatening even to stage three World Deities.

"Hmph." As the luminous sun force was revolving through his body, Xue Ying fiercely punched out. Hong long long~ Space itself began to fold and be crushed under the pressure. In fact, the affected portion of space even seemed to tremble faintly. This casual strike was so powerful that it even surpassed that of the imprisoned Great Demonic God! Naturally, the Great Demonic God's True Deity Heart had been sealed alongside his World Deity energy, so the strength of his fleshy body alone was greatly weakened.

Even then, Xue Ying's punch still had the necessary power to match stage three World Deities.

Once I succeed in cultivating the third boundary, I'll be able to suppress some stage three World Deities, Xue Ying thought.

Such was the power of an absolute art. Anyone possessing them would easily transcend their realm during battle!

"Dong Bo, you brat, stop showing off. Once you finish your cultivation, hurry over to see your teacher," a screech resounded within the surrounding space. Xue Ying knew this voice to belong to the black bird which always followed his teacher.

"Yes." Xue Ying felt rather awkward. It was true that he was showing off in style, but to think he was actually clearly seen by the black bird…

He quickly left through the array ripple with a smile plastered on his face, passed the mountain range, and then rushed back to Crimson Stone Courtyard.


In a quiet region of Crimson Stone Courtyard, the Bloodshed God Emperor was currently standing with his hands behind his back. This place was where he usually met his disciples.

Xue Ying walked in through the entrance to the garden and immediately greeted, "Teacher."

Only then did Bloodshed God Emperor turned around.

"What level did you reach after a night of training?" The corners of the Bloodshed God Emperor's mouth curled upward ever so slightly.

"I found it quite easy to comprehend up to the first two boundaries of the second volume, but the the third boundary seems relatively harder. After struggling for an entire night, I'm just a small ways off," Xue Ying politely replied. At first, he thought that spending that hundred thousand years to create his secret skill would have given him enough experience, but who would have thought that he could not even succeed in cultivating to the third boundary within a night.

According to the information provided by the "Luminous Sun", it was very simple to reach the entry boundary. A minor success was harder to achieve, but it wouldn't take very long, if the direction of one's comprehension matched. Experts with higher comprehension ability could succeed within a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, third boundary was very difficult! It was only those with great comprehension ability who could hope to succeed.

The fourth boundary? It was nigh impossible to comprehend. It was only in one of two scenarios that someone might succeed: the user would either need to have a truly heaven-defying comprehension ability, or their realm had to reach the next level. For instance, a stage one World Deity could not grasp the last boundary of the first volume, but as soon as he succeeded in becoming a stage two World Deity, he would find it simple to reach grand perfection for the first volume.

Yet despite Xue Ying's current experience and comprehension ability, he was still unable to reach the third boundary of the second volume.

"Your comprehension ability is quite high, and you managed to kill even that Great Demonic God. I don't doubt that it will only take a little more time for you to succeed in crossing the third boundary." The Bloodshed God Emperor nodded. "Now that you've obtained the "Luminous Sun" absolute art, it's about time for you to leave and establish a name for yourself."