Lord Xue Ying Chapter 410: A Grand Battle


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Chapter 410: A Grand Battle
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Many of the guards on the Black-Bone-Mountain-controlled Ice Iron Planet, as well as their commander, were all watching the scene. The array that covered the cavern was actually the strongest one within the fort, and it had never even once been activated since it was first imprinted. It was just too powerful!

"The array is well hidden; he should not be able to discover it." The purple-scaled man was looking forward to the array’s activation. "Come. Quickly now!"

As per his expectations…

Xue Ying unknowingly moved further into the cavern.

There are different pathways? Xue Ying had, indeed, not discovered the danger that lay hidden inside the cavern. For the moment, he was still investigating those pathways illuminated by those lights reflecting over time after time. "The left cavern should be the one that would lead to the deepest path underground."

This was, after all, a mine! And the miners would all be located deep underground.

It’s been quite a while since I destroyed that icy dragon, yet nobody else has come over to attack me during all that time. Xue Ying gripped his spear tight as he investigated his surroundings. In the end, he decided to keep moving deeper inside.

The cavern was about five kilometers in diameter, its walls embedded with various crystal rocks shining in an emerald glow.

Just as Xue Ying began walking toward the leftmost path–


With no sound nor sign, a large amount of black seals started flowing along the walls of this gigantic cavern. Those myriad seals melded together to form a much more complex array—it was a trap, and it completely covered the entire cavern. Xue Ying’s complexion paled at the sight of that. This array…

He was able to tell that this array could actually pose a great threat to him.


The previously five-kilometer-wide cavern suddenly shrunk, and everything within its premises turned entirely into a stream of particles. Xue Ying tried displaying his spear techniques hoping to make a charge out of that area, but his speed was reduced by the terrifying collapse of space to such an extent that he was practically not moving anymore.

Along with the cavern’s shrinking, Xue Ying’s figure was also becoming smaller and smaller before finally disappearing into nothingness.

Everything in the area had converged into a single dark point.

Nothing, no matter what it was made of, could escape being pushed into that point!

Hong long long~ A mere instant later, the dark point suddenly exploded outward! Its whole accumulated power frantically erupted every direction, but the unique construction of the forts interior caused the shockwave caused by the explosion to dissipate primarily upward. The terrifying power had simply destroyed the many levels of passageways above and sent the debris left behind flying all over the place.

Someone watching from above could see that, alongside a deafening boom coming from the fort, all of that debris was tossed upward to the surface of Ice Iron Planet. Even the main gate had been blasted out.

In fact, that explosion was so powerful that the entire planet was even tremoring, and cracks began to spread in various places around the planet.

Such power was truly unimaginable.

This was the real strength of a World Deity. And it was not even just pure strength, but it was actually enhanced by the Laws of Profound Mysteries.

"Hahaha…" No damage could be seen on the palace hall from deep within the fort. Inside, the purple-scaled man was laughing voraciously. "Such a foolish chap. So what if your combat power is strong? A peak Deity actually tried using his own strength alone to assault the territory of Black Bone Mountain? He could kill the Tapir Beast in one move and even managed to destroy the ice dragon, but what happened to him in the end? Didn’t he die just the same? The Mountain Lord put a lot of effort into setting up that killing array; how could you, a puny Deity, hope to withstand it?"

"Congratulations, commander." His subordinates immediately began to shower him with praise.

"Congratulations my ass, what about this is worth celebrating?" the purple-scaled male coldly replied with a frown. "The fort has almost been destroyed in its entirety. We’ve suffered such huge losses, yet you’re still congratulating me? All of you, get to repairing the fort this very instant. You must restore every last part of it."

"We have to restore the whole fort?"

All three of his subordinates immediately felt their heads ache.

"Repair what you can first. Whatever you can’t restore, I’ll think of some way to fix later," the purple-scaled man howled.

He had to ensure the losses were kept to a minimum.

"That powerful of a peak stage Deity died just like that," one of the two beauties leaning against the purple-scaled man began speaking. "Under the might of the array, he died without even getting a chance to resist."

"This is the Deity world; those who wish to survive for a long time need to have wisdom on top of combat power. This person was foolish enough to dare charge us head-on. If even someone like him doesn’t die, who will?" The violet-scaled male sneered.

"Commander, come quickly. Take a look!" the other beauty exclaimed while looking at that image floating in mid-air.

The screen gradually rendered an image an image of Xue Ying who was still gripping his spear. He had appeared where the cavern was previously located.

"How could this be possible!" The eyes of the purple-scaled man almost shot out of its sockets.

Inside the Mirage, somewhere in the starry sky above Ice Iron Planet.

Xue Ying was currently waiting there, dressed in a starry-blue robe. He could not help but sigh. Such a formidable array. The Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord really has the ability of an ancient World Deity who has cultivated for billions of years. He might be stuck at the first stage realm, but he was still able to increase his power through various means. On top of that, he is actually quite well-learned when it comes to arrays.

According to various intelligence reports he had collected, the Black Bone Mountain Mountain Lord had naturally cultivated an avatar technique, which meant he had one true body and one avatar, and his avatar had cultivated the Black Bone Body technique. It even seemed that his accomplishments when it came to arrays was also quite high.

It’s fortunate that I chose to only send out a mirage body. Xue Ying sighed.

The mirage body had the same combat power as his true body.

It was extremely difficult to condense a Mirage Deity Heart, so those who did so were few and far between. However, any one who succeeded would be able to condense mirage bodies! At the ‘mirage is also reality’ stage, one could condense an illusory body that was identical to the the true body, and it was a complete materialization. For instance, with Xue Ying having cultivated his body to the third level of the Time Immemorial Body, his avatar would also be at that same level.

The reason Xue Ying had dared to charge in so mindlessly was precisely because he had merely sent out a mirage body.


The mirage body had been destroyed.

But he could just condense another! As long as his true body remained undamaged, it would not matter how many times his mirage bodies were destroyed. This was precisely why the Mirage Deity Heart was so terrifying. The only issue was that, usually, those who condensed a Mirage Deity Heart would not be so powerful in terms of offense. However, Xue Ying’s multiple Deity Hearts and secret skills made him an exception.

"That is quite the formidable array." Xue Ying was looking at that enormous cavern which had expanded greatly but was also severely damaged, as he shouted out, "If you have any other techniques, you should bring them on. It won’t be so easy to kill me."

"Impossible, you couldn’t possibly have survived that array. Unless…that was not your true body, and you’ve cultivated the Mirage Deity Heart?" the violet-scaled male’s voice reverberated throughout the enormous cavern.

There were few other possible methods. If it wasn’t the Mirage Deity Heart, another possibility would be the even higher-level World Deity Heart. But any one who could condense a World Deity Heart were World Deities! There was absolutely no way that the purple-scaled man would believe this intruder to be World Deity.

"Oh?" Xue Ying laughed. His opponent wasn’t that stupid after all. Indeed, since he could reappear after clearly being utterly destroyed by the array, anyone who was at the least bit bright could easily deduce the situation.


The ground beneath Xue Ying’s feet began to tremble.

Xue Ying’s expression changed. The surface had been able to hold itself together even under the impact of that explosion and remained quite stable even after being distorted, yet now it began to tremor? As soon as Xue Ying stepped on the surface, he could feel that the vibration was coming from deep underground.

"He has a Mirage Deity Heart? This is madness. Absolute madness!" The purple-scaled man could no longer conceal his tension. "Grasping hold of those grade two Deity Hearts, a bunch of secret skills and even the that chaotic secret skill is one thing, but why is it that he also condensed a Mirage Deity Heart… This is truly giving me a headache. A peak stage Deity like him would easily be able to join the Bloodshed Tavern to become a Deity assassin."

There truly was no organization quite like the Bloodshed Tavern in the Deity World and the Dark Abyss.

The requirements for joining as a Deity assassin were truly high, not something ordinary peak stage Deities could easily fulfill! However, with Xue Ying’s Mirage Deity Heart as well as the various other Deity Hearts and secret skills…he would certainly be able to get in without any hassle.

"A formidable expert like him has actually come to bully me." The purple-scaled man felt angry and nervous at the same time. In spite of his emotions, he certainly understood that the gap between his combat power and the intruder’s was too large. This expert before his eyes truly had the prowess to destroy his territory. On top of that, not only was his opponent’s combat power very high, he could actually still continue the attack even after ‘dying’ once. After all, he was only sending his mirage body into battle!


The scaled man’s expression suddenly changed drastically. He could feel the ground trembling faintly.

"What’s going on?" The man, those two beauties, and the three subordinates all turned even more nervous at this turn of events.

Soon after, another tremor passed along the surface of the ground.

And finally, Hong!

The cavern began to shake.

From inside the enormous damaged cavern, Xue Ying could see the whole world shaking before his very eyes. Even the metal which had distorted, but was not completely broken after the terrifying explosion caused by the array, was beginning to split into pieces. Even the upper portions of the cavern were starting to break.

"This, this…"

Inside the Mirage, in the starry sky above Ice Iron Planet, Xue Ying’s true body was standing in place. He was watching the planet below tremble, as if about to break apart.

The whole planet is going to be shatter. Xue Ying could not believe his own eyes. How could such a thing be possible? This planet had a strong gravity, and even that explosion caused by an array set down by a World Deity had merely caused the planet to tremble slightly. How could it be that it was about to break down?

Right then, a truly terrifying aura began erupting from within the core of the planet, rising rapidly into the atmosphere. It was vast and mighty, and it could envelop billions upon billions of kilometers. Xue Ying could not stop his heart from shuddering, even though he was located inside the Mirage and floating high up in the starry sky.