Lord Xue Ying Chapter 156: The Protection of the Xia Clan


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"We can only briefly see what happened in battle," Chi Qiu Bai laughed. "But that four-armed old man died under that move, and he was able to experience how formidable that move was. There has to be a reason why he suspects that that move was either an embryonic form of a grade two or grade one True Meaning!"
"Grade one? I don’t even dare to think about it!" Faction Head Si Kong Yang shook his head.
Grade one True Meaning…
Across the countless worlds, even in the Deity World, it would be a peak True Meaning, a legend among the legends.
With just a grade two True Meaning’s name, — True Meaning of Great Destruction, True Meaning of Reincarnation, True Meaning of Time Stoppage, True Meaning of Yin Yang, True Meaning of Space, True Meaning of Minute, and many others, it was seen as terrifying much less to say those on the highest tier, the grade one True Meaning. Each and every grade one True Meaning represented a part of the fundamental essence of the World.
"Haha, I guess this Tran