Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1137: Final Monsters


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Under the careful preparation of Xue Ying, he began casting the Mirage and Illusory Realm on the surroundings. Naturally, he avoided Black Sovereign, Great Monarch Bone Clamor, and Hunter.

"Hmph hmph." Great Monarch Bone Clamor sneered at Xue Ying, "Flying Snow Brat, don't be so anxious. It hasn't begun."

"When the stage begins, the few of us will be teleported into a different space." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword transmitted over, "You could cast your Mirage and Illusory Realm after that."

"Alright." Only then did Xue Ying understand that he had become a joker.

But he had no choice. This was his first time here.

Another two days passed.


Initially, the surrounding was an ordinary garden. But now, the entire place started turning illusory and distorted into a vast dark starry sky. The six experts currently stood amidst the starry sky.

"Hua." Xue Ying did not hesitate to cast the Mirage and Illusory Realm using the Devil Emperor Gown down on a large piece of starry sky surrounding himself, Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword.

"The enemies are here."

The present six Cosmos Gods looked into the distance as more than a hundred peculiar battleships appeared. Each battleship contained a large number of humanoid creatures. In one of the battleships, a total of 1,000 experts were currently gathered within the hall of the battleship seated cross-legged. At the center of the hall sat a white-haired old man.

"Fellow cultivators, we have reached the final stage of the 'Mirage Cosmic Game'. As long as we killed that target which we are assigned to, the Mirage Cosmic Lord will bestow upon us with great strength! By then, the territory our empire governs will greatly expand, increasing the dimensional cosmos we occupy by at least ten times."


"Let's stake it all!"

"Kill the Final Monsters!"

Practically all apex experts from the Eternal Light Empire were all blazing with excitement. They had experienced so many difficulties, competing with other empires before becoming one of the members qualified to tackle the Final Monsters.

"With more than a hundred battleships present, I believe every battleship represent the superpower of an area that has governed numerous cosmos and won't be that weak as compared to us."

"Prepare yourselves! The protective barrier from the Mirage Cosmic Lord will soon dissipate."

Every battleship originally contained a faint unseen barrier protecting it. Those who were qualified to enter the 'Mirage Cosmic Game' began releasing their strength with great familiarity. One could see many seated experts emitting light. There was differing strength between the light, and the centermost white-haired old man erupted with the most dazzling and terrifying light.

Within the hall of the battleship, an invisible array appeared. At this moment, the light emitted from each figure began fusing as one–all of them fusing into the body of the white-haired old man.

The aura of that white-haired old man rapidly soared.


The unseen protective barrier started shaking.

"It is here." The white-haired old man felt all energy converging onto him at this moment as he waited anxiously.

Eventually, the barrier outside the battleships dissipated.


And more than a hundred battleships in the starry sky acted at the same time.


Xue Ying and the other five Cosmos Gods stood in the starry sky gazing at the queer-looking battleships. Each battleship contained a protective barrier. This protective barrier emanated a supreme pressure that prevented Xue Ying and the others from garnering any thoughts of attacking. They understood that it was pointless attacking since nothing they did would shake the barrier up.

"The Realm Heart God Palace should have an array spirit governing it." Paragon Master Bewitching Sword transmitted to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying nodded.

Indeed, there should exist a will controlling the whole Realm Heart God Palace. Otherwise, why would he be pulled into the Chaotic Origin Pagoda trial coincidentally? This 'will' should belong to an array spirit or a puppet lifeform. It was impossible for that Chaotic Origin Expert 'Yuan' who had jumped out of the cage to spend so much time and effort in organizing their trials.

Finally, the protective barriers covering the battleships dissipated.

"Hmph, my Celestial Star Empire is unparalleled across multiple dimensional cosmos. I do want to see how powerful these monsters are." On a silver battleship, there was a tall and huge male carrying a scepter looking coldly afar. With a flash of the arrays on these battleships, Xue Ying and the other Cosmos Gods felt an intense pressure coming down on the space they were at. It suppressed them into a piece of art! This suppressive power had reached the grand perfection realm the Spectacular Painting had.

But currently, other than Xue Ying, the other five were Paragon Masters and this technique was really a joke to them.

"Peng peng peng!" Paragon Master Bewitching Sword had a god sword on his back. His body abruptly let out a frightening sword light which directly caused the suppressive space to shatter.

Xue Ying, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, and Paragon Master Pu Su stood together. The space surrounding them completely shattered. Even though the distant space had been suppressed into art, it did not affect their surroundings at all.

"Fellow cultivators, these six Final Monsters are extremely powerful. Let us all work together to deal against one." The different sects that participated in this Mirage Cosmic Game began conversing with one another.

"Who should we deal with first? All of us have our own targets.'

They each had their own mission target.

For instance, the mission allocated to the Celestial Star Empire was–

Mandatory Mission: Kill the Final Monster 'Monarch Flying Snow'. Failure to kill him represents a failure of the mission, and an end to the mission chain!

Optional Mission: Kill 'Paragon Master Bewitching Sword ', 'Great Monarch Bone Clamor', 'Black Sovereign', 'Hunter', or 'Paragon Master Pu Su'. Killing any of them would multiply the mission reward. Killing two of them would increase the multiplication factor of the reward.


The mandatory mission had to be completed.

For instance, even if the Celestial Star Empire killed another monster without killing Monarch Flying Snow, they would fail in their mission. The entire mission chain would end thus far. One had to know that their empire paid a great price to reach the final chain of mission in this Mirage Cosmos. Their reward would differ greatly upon the completion of the final mission.

Hence, various powers hoped for others to first eliminate their target.


The space surrounding the five Paragon Masters and Xue Ying had shattered. At this juncture, various techniques were descending upon their positions.

With a thought, Xue Ying covered all battleships attacking the three of them with his Mirage and Illusory Realm! As for those attacking Great Monarch Bone Clamor and the others? He did not care about them. It was good that he did not throw the Mirage and Illusory Realm on the three of them.


"The Final Monster 'Monarch Flying Snow' has cast an illusory realm."

In an instance, the commander of more than half the battleships felt the frightening soul illusion descending. Their 'Mirage Cosmic Game' system had warned them about this. Even after fusing with the energy from their subordinates, and despite being protected by their battleships, they still had to allocate more than half their heart force in resisting against the Mirage and Illusory Realm. Hence, for a moment, they could not execute some techniques.

Various frightening moves descending on Xue Ying.

And Paragon Master Pu Su stood by the side releasing a misty light. The light revolved around Xue Ying, causing all incoming force to disappear. They could not touch Xue Ying at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Suddenly, a bizarre seal descended. It wasn't affected by the misty light of Paragon Master Pu Su and landed on Xue Ying.


With a god sword in his hand, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword casually slashed downwards. A sword light struck on that bizarre seal, causing it to collapse and dissipate instantly. After all, his sword contained the power of a final realm Cosmos God. Even though the barrages from these battleships were special and strange, the strongest only reached the peak of level-two Cosmos God strength. Nonetheless, given the huge variety of attacks, it became hard to handle against them. After all, if an attack targeted the weakness of a particular Paragon Master, the Paragon Master would suffer.

"Exterminate." The sword light released by Paragon Master Bewitching Sword moved unhindered across a half a trillion kilometers. One sword struck on a battleship, causing fissures to start forming on it.

As for Hunter, he stood far away before taking out a bow abruptly. After pulling the string taut, he released an arrow.


The moment the arrow was released, an enormous illusory arrow appeared that covered the entire starry sky. Following that, this illusion pierced through one of the battleships with a "peng"! And a huge crack appeared on the battleship after that. It seemed that another arrow would cause it to crumble apart.

"It seems we do not have a chance if we deal against them separately. Hurry up and deal against that Hunter monster, he is too horrific! Let's team up and deal against him first."

"Alright, let's eliminate Hunter first then."


Following that, more than a hundred kinds of techniques began blasting out towards Hunter. Nevertheless, Hunter stood there. His figure seemed illusory, causing the numerous attacks to pass through his body, with only a minority few forming slight ripples.

Hunter sneered.

His survival technique far surpassed the other three Paragon Masters. Only Paragon Master Pu Su who specialized in time could compete with him in this aspect. As for these peak level-two Cosmos God techniques? The opponents did not have a battle array augmenting their strength either. Hence, even a group attack like this felt like a joke to Hunter.

"Peng, peng, peng."

During this period, three battleships were destroyed.

"It's futile. Our attacks are futile against him."

"Let's change a target and deal against that Monarch Flying Snow. His soul illusion is influencing our strength."

"But Monster Paragon Master Pu Su and Paragon Master Bewitching Sword seem to be aiding him from the side, especially so for Paragon Master Pu Su when most of our offense remains useless against him."


Those on these battleships were considered experts too. Hence, their conversation happened rapidly through their souls.

But no matter what they executed, this was still the eighth stage of the 18 Stages!

Even as they focused their attacks against one of the six Cosmos Gods, other than Xue Ying, the others were all Paragon Masters. A single technique of theirs could shake the world, destroying over half their forces. Even though Great Monarch Bone Clamor who had slightly weaker survival capabilities was injured, he had furiously shattered battleship after battleship with his power.

As for dealing against Paragon Master Pu Su, Paragon Master Bewitching Sword, and Xue Ying?

These three were working together.

Under the domain of Paragon Master Pu Su, more than 95% of these attacks would lose their effectiveness! They completely disappeared into nothingness, leaving behind just some minor offense that did not require Paragon Master Pu Su's help as Paragon Master Bewitching Sword could easily parry against them with a sword.

And Xue Ying stood there casting his Mirage and Illusory Realm to influence the enemies.

Following the destruction of the battleships, they no longer had any ability to resist and dissipated entirely in the end.

"We failed."

"We failed to complete the final mission in the chain. Which goes to say that our rewards this time from Mirage Cosmic Lord would be pitiful."

"Damn, this is too difficult!"

"This is ultimately the legendary final mission. It is normal for it to be difficult. But after experiencing it personally, I find it way too unfathomable. Where did these Final Monsters originate from? Which cosmos are they from?"

They understood that the Mirage Cosmic Game was played by true experts. Those frightening monsters represented the fact that these powerful experts existed at an unknown location in the dimension.


The surrounding starry sky distorted.

Xue Ying and the other five returned back to the original garden once again.