Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1108: Dong Bo Xue Ying’s Techniques


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The aura rolling in the Sea of Agony penetrated into the soul of Jing Qiu. It forced her to suffer from the cruelty of 'Sea of Agony biting on her soul' endlessly.


Suddenly, Jing Qiu, who was suffering from pain in her soul, started to gain perception of her fleshy body! Ever since Sacred Master threw her into the Sea of Agony, she had never perceived her fleshy body for a long time already.

"What is happening?" Jing Qiu started opening her eyes.

Beside her, there was a huge tree. Red petals were falling from that tree. Currently, there was a white-robed young man that looked at her. The flower petals fell on that white-robed young man, and also on her body.

Jing Qiu stared blankly. Unknowingly, tears started flowing from her eyes.

Xue Ying felt his heart trembling, and his eyes started turning moist too.

"Xue Ying, you are back?" Jing Qiu could not help but say with a shaky voice.

"Jing Qiu, I've made you wait for a long time. I've made you suffered. It is my fault." Xue Ying looked at his wife; he was feeling pain and guilty at the same time.

"It is fine." Jing Qiu immediately reacted over, "I've been locked in the Ancient Sacred World. Why are you here to save me? Where is the Sacred Master?"

"The Sacred Master is currently fighting with me. Rest assured. From now on, there will be nobody who dares to hurt you. I swear on my life!" Xue Ying softly embraced his wife.

In the past, Xue Ying felt helpless when facing the Sacred Master.

His teacher Gu Qi died. He had once been forced to dissipate his soul, reincarnating into the Realm Heart Great Land. Xue Ying's wife had been captured too… But everything was in the past!


In the external world.

Xue Ying, who currently maintained the pinnacle of void-ification, kept the six figures now floating in front of him on the Sea of Agony into his Eden Treasure almost in the blink of an eye. Of which it included his wife Jing Qiu.

At the moment he kept them in–


A grand power immediately engulfed the entire Inferno Prison. The entire Inferno Prison became quiet the next instance. The Sea of Agony that was originally drifting solidified too. Those protectors and prisoners were all congealed and unmoving. This terrifying power contained flavors of the Supreme Law. When this unseen ripple swept across the place, Xue Ying who was originally invisible appeared at the next instance.

Xue Ying looked upwards.

His gaze crossed through the spatial obstacles. With a glance, he was able to see that black-robed figure who sat on top of a black stone bed in the palace hall above the Inferno Prison. At this moment, Sacred Master opened his eyes. He stared downwards! His domain had already enveloped over the space, forcing Xue Ying to appear.

The 'pinnacle of void-ification' might cause many Cosmos Gods to be helpless about, but most Cosmos Gods that reached the final realm had ways of breaking it.

"Who are you?" Sacred Master looked downwards at the white-robed young man that was masked, speaking in a manner that caused the voice to transmit directly to Xue Ying.

Sacred Master came down from the black stone bed. He directly penetrated through the myriad existences and came down.

Deep within the Inferno Prison.

Even though Xue Ying suffered from the suppression of the other party's domain, he immediately controlled the void, preventing the Sacred Master from teleporting over! Each technique had its specialty. In terms of the void, Xue Ying's control over it was more amazing than the Sacred Master.


Even though the other party could not teleport, a figure still condensed out in front of Xue Ying immediately. That was an incarnation condensed from the energy from the Ancient Sacred World. It was a white-robed Sacred Master. This white-robed Sacred Master extended his hand, causing thunder to appear in his hands.


Nevertheless, Xue Ying executed his techniques outrageously.

He extended his hand, enveloping over the incarnation of Sacred Master just like layers of cloud. His palm contained many inscriptions that were moving. At the same time, beneath the white-robed Sacred Master, another large black palm appeared too.

Xue Ying sent down his palm from above, and a large palm appeared from nothingness from below.

Both palms folded!

"Mn?" The white-robed Sacred Master who remained nonchalantly initially had a change in expression. The thunder in his hands turned into a pike and was hurled out. Nevertheless, the space enveloped by the two palms pressed down, causing everything to be squashed! The incarnation of the white-robed Sacred Master and the condensed thunder pike had turned into a piece of art. This piece of art trembled slightly under pressure from the two palms before turning into powder!

Chaotic Origin Combat Technique.

That was a combat technique created by 'Emperor Summer' from the Realm Heart Great Land. It allowed the cultivator to perfectly unleash the power from the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body. This technique was profound and practically encompassed the complete profound mysteries from the Dao of Void. Its power was naturally beyond that of the Five Phases Sealing Technique.

"Hua la."

Xue Ying waved his hand.

Five dimmed light pillars immediately expanded out in all directions.


Sacred Master seemed to be casually moving downwards, yet he had unleashed his fastest speed. 30% of the entire Inferno Prison had been covered by Sacred Master.

The five dimmed light pillars around Xue Ying might be fast, but it only ultimately enveloped close to half the entire Inferno Prison! "Hua!" Five Phases Sealing Technique! The Inferno Prison had a total of 3,900 levels, but at this moment, approximately 1,900 lower levels had been sealed by Xue Ying's Five Phases Sealing Technique.

It was utterly isolated, sealed!


It disappeared from the vicinity.

Part of the vast Inferno Prison disappeared just like that. The entire void had vanished entirely as if there only existed 2,000 levels in this Inferno Prison.

"Mn?" Sacred Master had already killed his way over, only to discover the disappearance of many layers of the Inferno Prison. It appeared that everything beneath had become magmatic stone and soil, though Sacred Master's eyes brightened, "Spatial isolation? The technique of Monarch Nine Cloud? Who would have thought that it would appear again."


In the Eastern Unicorn Sacred World, Blade Emperor City.

An incarnation of Void Primogenitor remained here for long periods. It watched for any disturbances happening on the Ancient Sacred World. Even though it had been 180 million years, Void Primogenitor remained patient.

'Would it be that young fellow Xue Ying?' Void Primogenitor silently waited.

He was primarily peering through space at Sacred Master who was cultivating there, and Jing Qiu that floated on top of the Sea of Agony deep in the Inferno Prison.

'If it were Xue Ying, he would definitely save Yu Jing Qiu first! And if the Ancient Sacred World wanted to obstruct Xue Ying, most likely only Sacred Master had the capabilities.' Void Primogenitor ascertained that he had to pay close attention to these two people. The moment Xue Ying saved someone, he would definitely discover the other party's existence.

The only problem was…

Would that mysterious person be Xue Ying?

"Mn?" Void Primogenitor suddenly trembled. His eyes widened. From his observation, he could see six figures, including Jing Qiu disappearing from the first level of Sea of Agony. And at that moment, he could not see any experts in the vicinity.

"Hurry over! He has acted!" Void Primogenitor immediately transmitted.

"Shua! Shua! Shua!"

Five figures appeared almost simultaneously. They were Blade Emperor, Swordmaster, Forefather Tian Yu, Ancestor Sorcerer, and World Ancestor! Other than Blade Emperor, the other sent their incarnations. After all, everyone had to secure their own territories. At this moment, the true bodies of Swordmaster, Ancestor Sorcerer, and World Ancestor were hurrying over at their fastest speed.

"How is it?"

"Is it Xue Ying?"

"Has he really gone to save someone?"

Everyone was paying close notice anxiously.

Void Primogenitor waved his hand, causing a projection to appear beside. That was what he currently saw! On the scene, Sacred Master had already stood up from his black stone bed. Furthermore, he sent his terrifying domain out, forcing Xue Ying to appear.

The white-robed young man had a silver face mask.

"It's him?"

Forefather Tian Yu, Swordmaster, Blade Emperor, Ancestor Sorcerer, and World Ancestor. The five of them were currently staring at how that white-robed young man looked as if they were about to see clues to who he was.

Wearing a face mask?

Who was it?

"He went to save Yu Jing Qiu. Hence, the possibility of him being Xue Ying is huge." Void Primogenitor added.

"No rush. We do not know if it is a trick of the flesh—" Ancestor Sorcerer carefully observed. He hadn't finished his words when he suddenly stopped.

Because in their observation.

Sacred Master immediately condensed an incarnation, yet it was extinguished by a palm by that silver-masked white-robed young man. Furthermore, what he currently exhibited was a Dao of Void technique!

"Dao of Void. That was the combination of both 'Sky' and 'Earth' phases, the world as an art, suppressing all existences and terminating them." Void Primogenitor was startled. He was currently the strongest existence in the Dao of Void across the entire Primal Chaos Void. But with a glance, he could determine those profound mysteries inherent in that frightening palm of Xue Ying. For instance, the fusion of both 'Sky Phase' and 'Earth Phase' from the Dao of Void, or like turning the world into art before extinguishing all existences. Everything had been perfectly executed.

Such a technique was something Void Primogenitor could not do.

"He is stronger than me in the Dao of Void!" Void Primogenitor said.

Ancestor Sorcerer, World Ancestor, Blade Emperor, Swordmaster, and Forefather Tian Yu had already established that!

Even though they did not understand the Dao of Void deeply, they understood that the incarnation of the white Sacred Master wielded Cosmos God strength still! Even though the incarnation did not own any secret treasures or have his body tempered, and its realm was weak, it still wielded a Cosmos God power. To suppress and wipe out the incarnation of Sacred Master showed that this silver-masked man had a level-two Cosmos God strength!

Level-two Cosmos God?

How could it be a trick of the flesh? Where would Sacred Master find such a frightening expert in the Dao of Void aspect?

'Xue Ying's foundation in the Dao of Void is profound too. Previously, he is part of my lineage.' Void Primogenitor thought, 'But how long has it been! It is fine if he became a Cosmos God, but to reach the level-two Cosmos God Realm?'

"They disappeared!"

"They disappeared without a trace!"

The entire Inferno Prison—practically half the massive Inferno Prison disappeared from sight.

In the projection of the scene that Void Primogenitor was watching, only 2,000 levels of the Inferno Prison was left behind.

"For the entire place to disappear into nothingness as if it wasn't there at all, is it spatial isolation? That is something only Monarch Nine Cloud could achieve!" Void Primogenitor said with shock. He had spent countless time and effort in researching isolation of space, yet to no avail.