Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1106: Chaotic Origin Refinement Body


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Forefather Tian Yu had asked Blade Emperor regarding the Realm Heart Order and knew that it was extraordinary and mysterious. Xue Ying even said he would come back by relying on the 'Realm Heart Order'.

"Could it be Xue Ying?" A million thought raced through the mind of Forefather Tian Yu.

"Celestial Water Hall Master, why did he use the illusory realm on you?" Forefather Tian Yu asked solemnly.

Celestial Water Hall Master replied: "He asked for detailed intelligence regarding the battle we had when Sacred Master attacked our Great Void Heaven Temple. He also asked especially on Yu Jing Qiu, Dong Bo Yu, and Dong Bo Qing Yao."

Forefather Tian Yu's expression shifted: "He knows about the matter regarding Yu Jing Qiu being kept imprisoned in the Ancient Sacred World?"

"He knows." Celestial Water Hall Master was helpless, "I have fallen into his illusory realm. Naturally, I'd obediently answer his every question."

"Not good." Forefather Tian Yu felt his heart racing.

"Why?" Celestial Water Hall Master asked, "Forefather, could this person really be Brother Dong Bo? Didn't his soul dissipate? It should be impossible for him to fake his death before Sacred Master, right?"

Forefather Tian Yu's expression became uglier. He asked: "Did he inform you how to contact him?"

Celestial Water Hall Master shook his head: "He did not."

"Withdraw first for now. Remember, you must not tell others about this matter." Forefather Tian Yu said.

"Yes. That person also requested me not to tell others." Celestial Water Hall Master hesitated, though he could not help but ask again, "Could it really be Brother Dong Bo? Is he alive?"

Forefather Tian Yu softly shook his head: "I can't be certain. Alright, you must absolutely not tell others about this matter."

Celestial Water Hall Master nodded before obediently leaving.

Forefather Tian Yu stood there solemnly.

The number of people who knew that 'Xue Ying had a Realm Heart Order and would come back in the future' could be counted with one's fingers! That person even displayed the illusory realm, causing Celestial Water Hall Master to fall prey to it! Furthermore, he asked for information regarding Sacred Master's assault on the Great Void Heaven Temple in the past. The probability of this mysterious person being Xue Ying was high.

'There is at least a 70% chance that he is Xue Ying!' Celestial Water Hall Master thought.

'If it is Xue Ying… then given his temper, he would likely go save his wife." Forefather Tian Yu felt his anxiety increasing, "He is too impetuous. Sacred Master is someone who reached the final realm, and is much stronger than any other Cosmos Gods. With the 'Ancient Sacred World' at hand, the Sacred Master would become all the more unfathomable. How could it be possible to save someone by rushing over blindly like that? He would likely be sending himself to his death! What should I do, what should I do? I can't contact him currently."

Given that it was 70% probable that the mysterious person was Xue Ying, Forefather Tian Yu would absolutely not watch as Xue Ying sent himself to his death!

Having fought with Sacred Master for so many years, he was clear how deep and unfathomable the foundation Sacred Master had.

Because they had never forced Sacred Master to desperate straits before!

It was that in reality. Even 'Old Monster Stone' merely forced Sacred Master to use up all energy accumulated in the 'Ancient Sacred Incarnation'. Sacred Master remained perfectly fine in other aspects.


After a moment.

Within the Great Void Heaven Temple, Forefather Tian Yu, Swordmaster, Blade Emperor, and Void Primogenitor were gathered here.

"Tian Yu, what is the matter that made you gather us here so urgently?" Blade Emperor asked. He and Void Primogenitor had sent their incarnations over.

"That's right, Forefather, what's the matter?" Swordmaster asked too.

Void Primogenitor also looked at Forefather Tian Yu.

Only then did Forefather Tian Yu began describing the matter: "Just previously…"

The three Cosmos Gods who heard that had their expressions changing. The three of them knew about the matter regarding the Realm Heart Order. They were people whom Forefather Tian Yu absolutely trusted. Actually, these six great holy grounds were vitally united.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying is back?" Blade Emperor frowned.

"He is back? Good, good!" Void Primogenitor could hardly conceal his joy. The matter of Gu Qi and Xue Ying's death had given Void Primogenitor a huge impact. Currently, knowing that Xue Ying relied on the Realm Heart Order to return, it excited Void Primogenitor, "Tian Yu, are you able to contact him? Have you searched for traces of where he could be?"

"I've tried. I can't find him at all." Forefather Tian Yu answered.

"Let me try."

"Me too."

Swordmaster and Blade Emperor could not help but try tracking where Xue Ying could be.

The two of them were absolutely confident of themselves. They began searching for traces of Xue Ying. Nevertheless, Xue Ying was a Cosmos God, and his soul had absorbed the 'Chaotic Origin Energy'. Even Sacred Master could not track Xue Ying down personally. Everyone present tried, and none of them succeeded.

"Such a formidable technique." Blade Emperor sighed, "Celestial Water Hall Master was indeed controlled by that mysterious person, yet somehow, the other party disappeared without leaving behind a trace. The few of us can't find him at all… just this technique on isolating his tracks is much more formidable than the majority of Cosmos Gods already. Tian Yu, from how I see it, you don't have to be overly worried. Dong Bo Xue Ying should be much stronger than the past since he could utilize such an amazing concealing technique."

"Xue Ying has definitely improved greatly! Furthermore, ever since he cultivated from the past until his current realm, he is definitely not impetuous. He will not send himself to death." Swordmaster added.

"His temper…" Forefather Tian Yu shook his head.

"It is hard to say." Void Primogenitor was worried too, "The Sacred Master has many unfathomable techniques. Even at that time when he caused the Primitive Ancient Sacred World to shatter, Sacred Master had never suffered from a loss before. It is highly probable that Xue Ying might face danger should he pay Ancient Sacred World a visit to save his loved ones."

"Then what should we do?"

"We have no choice!"

"Rest assured. Since he could easily isolate his tracks, he should likely be a Cosmos God now. He must have some confidence, and only then would he dare to barge into the Ancient Sacred World." Swordmaster said, "How about this, Void Primogenitor, you could pay close notice to the Ancient Sacred World. The moment you discover any disturbances, like if Dong Bo Xue Ying really went to save his loved ones, or that if he met any danger, the lot of us will team up together and kill our way to the Ancient Sacred World."

"Alright." Void Primogenitor nodded.

"Mn, I'll contact World Ancestor and Ancestor Sorcerer too." Blade Emperor nodded.

They dared to barge into the Ancient Sacred World should they team up. After all, Ancestor Sorcerer, World Ancestor, Blade Emperor, and Swordmaster were all close to the Sacred Master in power.

"Remember to be careful. He might not be Dong Bo Xue Ying too." Swordmaster reminded.


Very soon.

The six great holy grounds and Myriad Ancient Sacred World made their preparations. Ancestor Sorcerer, World Ancestor, Blade Emperor, and Swordmaster were all prepared to kill their way to the Ancient Sacred World at any time. Void Primogenitor could even use the 'Destructive Realm Teleportation technique' to keep a lookout of disturbances on all crucial grounds in the Ancient Sacred World.

'He is still alive?' World Ancestor was startled inwardly.

That time, his teacher, Old Monster Stone, had become so angry due to Xue Ying's death, that he went to battle against the Sacred Master. Both parties fought, leading to grievous injuries on both parties! The Ancient Sacred Incarnation of Sacred Master had even been consumed completely. Old Monster Stone chose to sleep due to his substantial injuries.

'I can't be certain that he is Dong Bo Xue Ying. Once I ascertained it, I can inform Teacher after that.' World Ancestor thought. Even though they might not have the confidence of destroying the Ancient Sacred World after teaming up, they were utterly confident of 'retreating alive'! Furthermore, World Ancestor was extremely confident… that there was 'Old Monster Stone' behind his back. During the crucial moment, he could always ask his teacher for help.


Time passed.

Xue Ying's teacher 'Void Primogenitor' did not mind spending much effort on paying close notice to the Ancient Sacred World. They were all waiting and desired to know if the mysterious person was Xue Ying or not!

"Hu hu hu."

In the Primal Chaos Void, on a great rock about several kilometers in diameter, the white-robed Xue Ying stood here. Even though many void waves were sent here, they were teleported away the moment they reached Xue Ying.

'Chaotic Origin Refinement Body.'

Xue Ying wanted to save his wife. He was even more anxious in his heart.

But even if he were anxious, Xue Ying would not blindly send himself to his death.

Just by relying on the pinnacle of void-ification and he wanted to save someone from Sacred Master? That was a vain delusion! Void Primogenitor had already achieved the pinnacle of void-ification. Even 'Monarch Nine Cloud' had the pinnacle of void-ification. Furthermore, Monarch Nine Cloud had reached higher attainments in the Dao of Void than Xue Ying, yet he still fell in the end! And this time, Xue Ying would be charging into the territory of the Sacred Master, the 'Ancient Sacred World'.

'There is less than 10% chance of success if I were to barge in now. I would practically be sending myself to death. After refining the 'Chaotic Origin Refinement Body', there should be 80% chance of success.' Xue Ying thought.

80% chance was sufficient.

One had to know that he still had another avatar that was located in the Bright Star Planet. That avatar was disguised as a disciple of the Black Sky Sect! He remained extremely low-profile. When this body died in battle, his avatar could ultimately refine another one out.

To him, the most critical part of any failure wasn't dying in battle, but for his wife to die!

'The is split into two. One is on the Chaotic Origin Combat Technique, and the other is on the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body. Of which, the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body is the root foundation!' Xue Ying was quite confident. The reason why he mentioned he had an 80% chance of success was that Xue Ying did not know if Sacred Master had hidden some methods which nobody saw before. Judging by what he already knew, Xue Ying should have 100% chance of success by relying on the Chaotic Origin Refinement Body.

But because of those unknown methods, that was why it dropped to 80%.

'Jing Qiu, please wait a little longer for me.'

Xue Ying sat down cross-legged.

He punched his fist, only to cause the void to suddenly stop. It abruptly turned into eight spatial sections as if a mirror breaking into eight pieces. The intersection between all eight spatial parts was where Xue Ying's fist is. It forcibly blasted apart a tiny 'black hole' that was about the size of a grain of rice. 'Chaotic Origin Energy' immediately gushed out.

'Absorb.' Xue Ying immediately operated the 'Chaotic Origin Refinement Body' cultivation technique. At this moment, his body was maintaining the pinnacle of void-ification thoroughly. Xue Ying became one with the essence of the void. Closely following that, those Chaotic Origin Energy that was being absorbed like moths flying into the flame, rushed into the body of Xue Ying.