Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1077: Mouthful of Soil


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Fan San Yuan who was wearing a dull gray robe glanced at the white-robed young man who stood at the edge: "Our Summer Wind Ancient Nation has a vast territory and countless experts. Adding up the entire Black Devil Four Nations, it'll merely add up to a corner of our Summer Wind Ancient Nation. Being one of the three great clans in the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, my Fan Clan has many Cosmos Gods guiding me. I am also bolstered by many treasures and even have the most appropriate secret impartation technique that could lead me to the peak! If I can't even defeat a little fellow from one of the Black Devil Four Nations, then it is really humiliating to this generation of my Fan Clan."

Fan San Yuan might be gentle on the surface, though he was incredibly proud in his heart!

His personality was similar to the 'disciples of Summer Clan', disliking battles and slayings. But towards cultivators from outside the nation, he similarly held an instinctual contempt! If they were weaker than the outsiders, that would be humiliating!

'Yi Qian is good at breaking techniques using strength. He is the best counter against Ying Shan Xue Ying. Let us use this to determine how strong that person it.' Fan San Yuan thought.

Very soon.

Monarch Andromeda brought the five of them back to their accommodation. They landed on the mountain peak.

"The war between the three clans will begin after a few months." Monarch Andromeda swept his gaze, "I hope each of you will do your best and put in all your effort. As for the two Honored Guests, if you were defeated, the promised conditions will be greatly reduced."

Xue Ying and King Sauron were both filled with fighting spirit.

They naturally had to do their best to win!

That time, it was merely promised 10,000 contribution points 'after the matter ended'. The rule of the Fan Clan had always been that rewards were given after the mission was succeeded by the Honored Guests. Otherwise, the Fan Clan would not be so polite and magnanimous. If the Honored Guests failed the task, they would usually have no contribution points at all. If the missions were unique, they would still be given points for their hard work! Like the missions taken by Xue Ying and King Sauron, they would be given 10% of the original condition!

Having finished his words, Monarch Andromeda turned into a stream of light and left the place.

Xue Ying instead turned around and went back to his courtyard.

Likewise for King Sauron.

As for the three core disciples from the Fan clan, they were currently exchanging gaze.

"King Sauron." The green-armored thin male, Fan Yi Qian, shouted. He then directly entered the courtyard of King Sauron. King Sauron looked at this person who just barged in with suspicions: "I wonder if there is any problem?"

"Heh heh, you came from the Icy Plain Tribe? Seems quite powerful. Dare to fight with me?" Fan Yi Qian sneered. He had a natural loathing for the other party. He was not deliberately challenging the other party. Instead, this was his personality!

King Sauron's expression sunk when he saw that. His eyes were filled with a slight murderous light.

He was able to move unhindered across many tribes within the Icy Plains and had fought with many Cosmos Gods before. In the chaotic Icy Plains Tribe, it had been a long time since someone dared to look down on him.

But this was Fan Clan! It was considered a horrifying apex great clan in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. Hence, King Sauron had to remain low-profile.

But since the other party decided to step on his head, why would he still let things be as it is?

"Good." King Sauron growled with a smirk, "Then let me accompany you for a fight."

"Haha, awesome!"

Fan Yi Qian roared. A simple bronze pole appeared next in his hand. Closely following that, he waved the pole. This pole was covered in fierce thunder. Instantaneously, that pole had already smashed forward at King Sauron.


"Hong long long~"

This was a fierce and brutal battle.

One of them was the most overbearing and unreasonable Primal Chaos experts in the current Fan Clan, and was known for his brute force! In terms of strength, he was beyond that of Fan Tian Chong!

As for the other, King Sauron had remained unparalleled across many tribes within the Icy Plains, building infamy on slaughtering others. Even the higher-ups from the Fan Clan had taken the initiative to invite him over.


"Mn?" Within his courtyard, Xue Ying's ears moved. He was able to sense the frightening disturbances produced currently within the nearby courtyard of King Sauron. But that courtyard had an array operating that prevented any shockwaves from leaking out.

'Fan San Yuan and Fan Mo Zhu are both outside. Since that's the case, the one fighting with King Sauron is Fan Yi Qian?' Xue Ying thought, 'Fan Yi Qian should be cultivating some sort of mysterious Thunder Lineage absolute art.'

Xue Ying knew the origins of the absolute arts Fan San Yuan, and Fan Mo Zhu specialized in.

Like the which Fan San Yuan cultivated, it was created by Ancestor Fan.

And the of Fan Mo Zhu, that was created by Emperor Summer.

What Fan Yi Qian cultivated wasn't recorded on the intelligence from the outer world. He only knew it was a heaven-defying Thunder Lineage absolute art, and was known for its brute force.

There were some mysterious scriptures in the Realm Heart Great Land. For instance, scriptures left behind by some fallen existences. If these scriptures did not record the name of their creators, then they would remain unknown forever! Some of the most essential scriptures the great organizations like the Fan Clan had were usually mysterious. Finding any details regarding them in the outer world was hard.

The name of the scripture wasn't publicized! Neither was the creator! Which part of it was terrifying was kept a secret too! Only after feeling it through many battles would one gradually guess out how powerful that scripture was.


"Zhi ya."

The door of King Sauron's courtyard was opened.

"Hahaha…" The thin Fan Yi Qian walked out. His face was filled with a smile. He was currently laughing boisterously, and his bright laughter could be heard.

And within the courtyard, King Sauron whose body remained seemingly undamaged turned sunken: "He is actually so strong to this extent. What a pity that my courtyard is too small, and the area which I can dodge is not enough too! If we fought in a bigger area, he would not be able to defeat me."

King Sauron was able to move unhindered in the Icy Plains Tribe primarily because he specialized in fleeing!

This time, the two of them fought within the courtyard. As they fought, the arrays from the courtyard would activate and prevent them from damaging it. It also limited the area where they fought to that small little courtyard!

"Hong." King Sauron glanced out at the door before shutting it close.

And outside.

Fan San Yuan and Fan Mo Zhu walked over asking: "How is it?"

"I won." Fan Yi Qian was relatively delighted, though closely following that, he commented in a helpless tone, "But he is very formidable. His sound wave technique was able to make me feel dizzy. It is hard to fight him in close combat too! In a fit of anger, I actually used my forbidden technique, erupting with all my strength and sweeping out across the entire courtyard. He could not run and was naturally smashed by me till he admitted defeat. Otherwise, I wouldn't have won."

"He forced you to use your forbidden technique?" Fan San Yuan and Fan Mo Zhu exchanged glances. They were both shocked.

The outer world did not know it.

But the two of them knew what Fan Yi Qian cultivated—that was a mysterious yet horrifying absolute art scripture left behind by the mysterious 'Yuan'. Fan Yi Qian was fortunate that he actually produced a resonance in that scripture, which was why he could cultivate it. Even Great Paragons felt envious. Scriptures left behind by Yuan had to depend on fate and luck. Great Paragons could not cultivate them if they did not produce any resonance with it.

This scripture which Fan Yi Qian cultivated was just a regular absolute art for most parts. It was known for having extreme strength. Nevertheless, once the forbidden technique was utilized, it would become heaven-defying! Fan Yi Qian said before that this absolute art scripture had a total of three forbidden techniques in total. Currently, he merely utilized one of them. If he were to use the other two, it would directly smash the soul and kill the other party.

"I'll go find Ying Shan Xue Ying now." At this moment, Fan Yi Qian was feeling excited and full of fighting spirit. He went over to Xue Ying's courtyard door and knocked on it heavily.

While Fan San Yuan and Fan Mo Zhu were both watching from the side.


The disturbances from King Sauron's courtyard had just quietened down when Xue Ying soon discovered his courtyard door being knocked heavily upon.

Xue Ying looked over before giving his servant magic dragon a glance.

The magic dragon went over to open the door.


That green-armored thin male 'Fan Yi Qian' directly entered. He strode in huge steps, sneering at Xue Ying: "I've already defeated King Sauron! It is your turn now."

Xue Ying was slightly startled: "King Sauron has been defeated by you?"

"Did you not hear that? It is your turn now!" Fan Yi Qian sneered.

"Why the need?" Xue Ying stated. His teacher had already transmitted over to remind him that the of the three great clans from Summer Wind Ancient Nation, the Fan Clan was the most overbearing and competitive one. Furthermore, as neighboring countries were held in disdain by these clans, if Xue Ying were to slap the other party too much, it would only incur uninvited trouble. After all, he was just an outsider Honored Guest in the Fan Clan.

"Hmph, don't you even have the courage to battle?" Fan Yi Qian sneered. He held on to a bronze pole smashing down heavily on the ground and roared: "If you don't want to fight, I'll just stay here forever and see when such a coward can endure for."

"How dare…" The magic dragon could not tolerate and shout out.

"Shut up!" Fan Yi Qian roared. A frightening thunder exploded from his body, enveloping over that magic dragon, causing him to feel the threat of death. Fan Yi Qian revealed his white teeth with a smirk: "If you aren't the servant of an Upper Honored Guest invited by my Fan Clan, I would have long eaten you the moment you dare to be so unbridled!"

Xue Ying slightly frowned. He stood.

Fan Yi Qian revealed a joyful look at Xue Ying: "Why? You finally dare to fight with me?"

"Please." Xue Ying stood there.

"I'll let you strike first!" Fan Yi Qian held onto the bronze pole. He was fully confident and prepared for the moment when the Five Phases Sealing Technique. He would simply smash it apart the moment it came!


Xue Ying nodded. A golden bell appeared by his waist. That bell shook and let out a ringing sound.

"Ding ding ding ding dang~"

A soft ringing sound sounded in the mind of Fan Yi Qian. It had a dangerous enticing effect to it.

Fan Yi Qian stood there as a foolish smile started appearing on his face.

No other way.

Of the two great techniques of 'Devil Heart Bell', Xue Ying could only display the ninth level strength in the 'Beguiling Sound' technique. This was merely used as an auxiliary skill. Instead, the internal illusory realm was a tenth level move. With these two great techniques supporting one another, Fan Yi Qian who was known for his strength had been extremely weak in the soul aspect. He was also the one lacking in the soul aspect most out of the three core disciples chosen by the Fan Clan and had been struck in an instant.

"Sigh…" Xue Ying shook his head, waving his hand.


An unseen ripple directly slapped on the body of Fan Yi Qian, causing him to fly back and smash face down onto the ground. His mouth was even filled with a mouthful of soil, and that bronze pole in his hand hit the back of his head.

Only then did Fan Yi Qian begin to wake up in a daze. This was also because Xue Ying kept his illusory realm technique. Otherwise, the other party would still be deep within.

"I, why would I?" Fan Yi Qian was still slightly confused. Seeing that he was lying on the ground with his bronze pole by the side, he realized his mouth was full of soil.

"I lost? Pu pu pu!" Fan Yi Qian spat out the soil in his mouth. He felt shocked in his heart though and looked at that white-robed young man who seemed to be still standing at his original position with slight alarm. He remembered hearing a sweet ringing sound, and the next thing he knew, he was lying flat on the ground.