Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1076: Fan San Yuan


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"Becoming an Upper Honored Guest at the Primal Chaos Realm?" The black-robed male looked at Xue Ying with slight interest, "Let me witness your strength!"


Xue Ying flipped his hand. At that time, the Five Phase Bead bracelet appeared on his wrist. The surface of the five beads emitted light, and Xue Ying's palm abruptly expanded. Five dimmed light balls revolved around his fingers, forming a large palm! This palm slapped down on the black-robed male who stood on the surface of the lake.


The torrential palm dissipated the black-robed male in a single strike.

"This is the Five Phases Sealing Technique?" The five core disciples from the Fan Clan and King Sauron looked closely because this is the first time they are witnessing the Five Phases Sealing Technique! This secret impartation technique might be famous, but in reality, few could use it. And of those who could use it, only Xue Ying could use it at the Primal Chaos Realm.

"One single move seals the space? It seems the target can't dodge the attack at all?"

"Right! Dodging it is impossible! The entire space has been sealed. The target has to take the attack head-on."

"As for how powerful it is, we can't determine it for now."

Those present were top experts at the Primal Chaos Realm in the Realm Heart Great Land. Their perception and judgment were precise too! From the start, they were able to discover that the Five Phases Sealing Technique could not be evaded! Even the majority of Cosmos Gods could not do so. This was an attack where one had to receive. Unless the cultivator was someone like Southern Cloud King, who could easily evade it. But dodging it was pointless when one reached that level.

"Slightly interesting." The black-robed male on the lake condensed yet again. He praised in a sigh, "You can seal the space completely. The only weakness it has is the lack of power."

"It is natural for my technique to lack in power when compared to you, Great Paragon." Xue Ying said while at the same time, sending another palm out.

That large palm of several hundred meters slapped down on the incarnation once again.

One after another.

Xue Ying merely needed on palm every round! When the sixth black-robed incarnation was slapped in a single palm too, King Sauron, Fan Lie Huo, Fan Tian Yun, and the others frowned.

'I relied on close combat and was only able to kill the sixth incarnation after many moves.' King Sauron thought, 'Yet he destroyed the incarnation in a single palm. This Five Phases Sealing Technique is indeed well-known for its overbearing power.'

'Truly domineering.' Fan Tian Yun felt his heart trembling. He tried his best to defeat the sixth incarnation, yet this Xue Ying defeated it with merely a palm. The gap was clear for him to see.

Even the black-caped male, Fan Lie Huo, scrutinized Xue Ying carefully: 'I exerted two blades to defeat the sixth incarnation! And 13 blades to defeat the seventh. He is ranked higher than me in terms of power.'


The black-robed male formed the seventh incarnation. Everyone present looked carefully.

Xue Ying remained standing there. He slapped that large palm down once again. "Hong long long~" Even though the black-robed male tried his hardest to resist, he still turned into fine powder shortly after.

"Still a single move?"


"This is too domineering."

Fan Lie Huo and Fan Tian Yun who were pushed aside by the clan, and the other three outstanding core disciples that were chosen, felt their eyes dilating. Defeating the seventh incarnation was not something spectacular to the three chosen core disciples, but using just one move? That was quite astonishing.

The black-robed male condensed the eighth incarnation.


Xue Ying's large palm slapped down once again. The black-robed male resisted it this time. At this moment, his hands formed a technique that brought about the movement of a black cloud. In the past, the black-robed male would be directly extinguished. This time, that incarnation was able to survive, albeit his body fluctuated momentarily.


"Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! "

Xue Ying sent out five extremely quick slaps, crushing that black-robed male away.

Only then did he softly bow and retreat to the side of King Sauron.

"The two of you have witnessed it, isn't it?" Monarch Andromeda looked at Fan Lie Huo and Fan Tian Yun, "These two chosen ones have succeeded in eight rounds."

They were silent.

That's right.

They lost! This was Great Paragon Devouring Cloud! It was impossible for Great Paragon Devouring Cloud to be biased towards the outsiders.

"Go back and properly cultivate. Don't think that just because you are disciples of the Fan Clan and you are unparalleled now. There are even Primal Chaos experts from those tiny countries outside who did not have good teachers or good cultivation techniques, yet remain stronger than you all!" Monarch Andromeda roared.

"Yes." Fan Lie Huo and Fan Tian Yun both felt unwell.


Monarch Andromeda waved his hand. "Weng", both Fan Lie Huo and Fan Tian Yun were teleported away and disappeared from the vicinity.

"Upper Honored Guest Flying Snow, do you dare to fight against me?" One of the three chosen core disciples, aa thin and weakly-looking young man wearing a green armor roared. His eyes were like thunder. At this moment, he erupted with his aura. One could see many horrifying thunder snakes revolving around his body, and in terms of might, he seemed close to that of Monarch Andromeda.

Even Xue Ying did not emit such horrifying aura when he used his Five Phases Sealing Technique previously.

"There is no need." Xue Ying chuckled, "The participants of the mission have been chosen, so there is no point competing anymore."

"You do not even have this courage to compete against me?" The green-armored weakly-looking young man shouted furiously.


Monarch Andromeda frowned, "This is the place of the Great Paragon. Don't be impudent."

"Yes." The green-armored young man obediently answered.

"Great Paragon." Monarch Andromeda bowed at that moment, "We'll first leave then." Xue Ying and the other four Primal Chaos experts all bowed respectfully too.

"I hope that your generation of Primal Chaos cultivator will not disgrace my Fan Clan again." The black-robed incarnation dissipated after finishing his words. Those huge eyes which could be seen vaguely faintly within the lake disappeared underneath after that.


Monarch Andromeda brought along Xue Ying and the others and left the place.

"Are we going to let the two of them suppress us disciples of the Fan Clan like that?" The green-armored weakly-looking young man transmitted to his two other comrades. There was a strand of viciousness on his face, "The two of them are trash too. I thought they could at least slap the face of the two outsiders! If the three of us do not act, those outsiders might think that the Primal Chaos experts in our Fan Clan are weak!"

The young lady by the side transmitted back: "Yi Qian, that King Sauron isn't much, and defeating him isn't a hard thing. Furthermore, according to my understanding, the temper of that King Sauron is violent too. We can easily ask him out for a battle after provocating him. It's just that Ying Shan Xue Ying… is slightly troublesome! Previously when he fought with the incarnation of the Great Paragon, he stood at his original position from start to end without moving. He simply sent out a single move of his Five Phases Sealing Technique which could not be dodged. If we could break that move, we would win. Otherwise, we would lose! I am not confident about it. Even though your big brother cultivates the , he should only have a 50% chance of defeating Ying Shan Xue Ying! Only you are known for strength! And specialize most in breaking techniques with brute force! You are the most appropriate to deal against that Ying Shan Xue Ying. The only problem is that he keeps avoiding our challenge."

"I know. He requires six consecutive strikes with his Five Phases Sealing Technique before he could destroy the eighth incarnation of the Great Paragon. Even though my pole technique could not attain the state of 'unavoidable', I merely needed one strike to destroy the eighth incarnation of the Great Paragon. As for the ninth incarnation, it is too evasive that my pole can't contact him at all." The green-armored sickly young man transmitted, "As long as I fought with him directly, I am absolutely confident of breaking his Five Phases Sealing Technique! What do you think about this, big brother?"

That was a male wearing a simple-looking gray robe.

In Fan Clan, an absolute majority of experts were filled with an intense brutal and murderous aura!

But this male garbed in a dull gray robe had a warm aura. All Primal Chaos experts within the Fan Clan respected him a lot. Even Ancestor Fan paid him great importance, bestowing him with the . One had to know that in the list of exchange for Honored Guests, this technique required an Honored Guest Elder identity and a total of 300,000 contribution points! This male was none other than the disciple which the Fan Clan spent the most effort in nurturing, 'Fan San Yuan'.

Fan San Yuan, Fan Mo Zhu, and Fan Yi Qian.

The three of them were unquestionably the strongest three Primal Chaos existences in the Fan Clan currently.

'Fan Yi Qian', was also the green-armored sickly male. He was proud and arrogant, yet he admired Fan San Yuan the most.

"Yi Qian." The simple gray-robed male transmitted, "You should first defeat King Sauron before moving over to Ying Shan Xue Ying's courtyard and challenge him. If he isn't willing, you should just stay in his courtyard without leaving!"

"Good idea!" The green-armored sickly male's eyes brightened at that moment.

The simple gray-robed male smiled.

It was impossible for him to commit such a rude and unreasonable act given his personality. But

Fan Yi Qian loved such things the most

"Hmph hmph." Fan Yi Qian looked at the white-robed young man by the side, 'He is even an Upper Honored Guest? Hmph hmph, in a while, I'll just force you down onto the ground!'