Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1043: Fan Clan’s Invitation


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"Avatar Technique." Xue Ying looked forward to it.

He was unable to abandon the Realm Heart Great Land. Realm Heart Great Land. After all, experts numbered like the clouds here. There were many absolute art scriptures too! All sorts of supporting tools existed here for cultivation. But after becoming a Cosmos God, he wanted to go back to his hometown Primal Chaos Void because he was afraid that some huge issues might crop up there after a long period. Hence, to accommodate both sides, there was only the 'avatar technique' which he could use, leaving behind an avatar here while another would be going back to the Primal Chaos Void.

"I guess that the Fan Clan from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation would possibly come and invite you to join their clan." Old Mother Ying Shan said.

"Fan Clan?" Xue Ying was startled.


Old Mother Ying Shan nodded, "Of the three great clans in Summer Wind Ancient Nation, two of them disdained from interacting with those outside the nation. Only the 'Fan Clan' is willing to accept cultivators and build a connection with those beyond their nation, absorbing talented disciples into their clan. Given how high your innate talent is–reaching the tenth level power in just 1.5 billion years of cultivation, that is a cultivation speed ranked even in the front within the history of Summer Wind Ancient Nation. Hence, the Fan Clan would assuredly come and invite you. Furthermore, the conditions they provided should be excellent too."

"You should decide yourself who you plan to join." Old Mother Ying Shan said.

"I am an inner disciple of Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. I thought it is forbidden for me to join other superpowers?" Xue Ying said.

"To ordinary inner disciples, that's indeed the case. The moment they join other organizations that'll be equivalent to betraying the religion! They would then be chased down and killed by the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. But it is different for you should you join the Fan Clan." Old Mother Ying Shan sighed, "Across the neighboring nations of Summer Wind Ancient Nation, whether it is our Black Devil Four Nations or the northern nine countries of Summer Wind Ancient Nation, or other scattered tiers two and three nations, even if they nurtured a talent out, they could not block Fan Clan from recruiting them if the cultivator wanted to. These neighboring countries dared not say those cultivators betrayed them, and neither did they dare to chase down and kill these cultivators. Instead, they would congratulate the Fan Clan."

"If you were to join the Fan Clan, the King would also congratulate the Fan Clan." Old Mother Ying Shan sighed, "The Fan Clan is honestly too powerful. Just a single clan could dominate the Moonflower Ancient Nation or the Towering Sky Ancient Nation. Furthermore, their foundation is very deep."

Xue Ying softly nodded.

He could sense how powerful the Fan Clan was.

Even an overlord like Southern Cloud King had to obediently lower his head so as not to offend the Fan Clan. After all, he might be able to survive the pursuit by the Fan Clan, but the other civilians across the nation would likely die in the face of that clan. Unless he did things similar to how Snow Hook King did–he did not care if his people die.

"Old Ancestor, your meaning is?" Xue Ying looked at Old Mother Ying Shan.

"Let me give you a suggestion."

Old Mother Ying Shan said, "The King's side will be more generous. Once you accept him as a teacher, you would immediately be bestowed with all precious materials once you reached the tenth level grand perfection in your Southern Cloud Sacred Body. That is worth two billion cosmos crystals. Furthermore, during the process of cultivation, the king would pay closer notice to you. He would do his best to help you in terms of external materials."

"And Fan Clan? They are after all one of the peak superpowers across the entire Realm Heart Great Land and has stricter rules. If you want to obtain something? You have to pay the corresponding price! But as you grow stronger, the Fan Clan would naturally pay more notice to you as well."

"If your ambition is to become an ordinary Cosmos God, then the help our King provide would be greater. The King is after all the religion master of one of the top ten great religions. He has many treasures, and is willing to spend them on you."

"If you want to become an apex expert across the entire Realm Heart Great Land! To reach a level equivalent to that of the King or even create your own ancient nation and reach an unparalleled level, then the Fan Clan would be more helpful to your goal. After all, their foundation is deeper, and the three great clans within the Summer Wind Ancient Nation would help each other too."

"You make your own decision." Old Mother Ying Shan said.

Old Mother Ying Shan felt hesitant inwardly.

For the sake of the Ying Shan Clan, It would be better for Xue Ying to take the King as his teacher.

But if he wanted to stand at the apex across the entire Realm Heart Great Land, then joining the Fan Clan would be better.

But the King was rich. He could provide great help to Xue Ying in terms of external materials. That was a tremendous supporting force as well.

"Even if I joined the Fan Clan, they would not provide so much help to me either." Xue Ying shook his head, "According to my knowledge, few in the entire Fan Clan could match against the King."


Old Mother Ying Shan nodded, "Do you know how hard it is to reach the level of our King? The Fan Clan would at most guide you occasionally and provide you with absolute art scriptures! Ultimately, you still have to depend on yourself. As for the King? He might not have the best absolute art scriptures that are suitable for you. But he can provide you with more help in the external factor."

"Then it'll be better for me to join the King then." Xue Ying chuckled.

"There is no rush in making the decision. You can tell me again after meeting the Fan Clan." Old Mother Ying Shan encouraged, "After all, this concerns your future. Being a cultivator this is a crossroad, and you have to choose your path."


Early the next day. The place was filled with fog.

Fan Tian Chong came personally to visit Xue Ying. The two of them sat opposite each other in the pavilion by the lake.

"Brother Tian Chong, please."

"Haha, this wine smells really fragrant. I feel my entire body relaxing from it. So it seems Brother Xue Ying is also a person who knows how to appreciate wine." Fan Tian Chong sat down cross-legged. He immediately poured wine for himself and gave it a taste, "Good wine. Even though I've never tried it before, it seems that there aren't any precious materials used in brewing it. But it feels really comforting."

Xue Ying indeed liked drinking and eating. He would travel to different places for the food and naturally had collected quite a lot of wines from his travel: "This wine isn't expensive either. A single cosmos crystal could get me ten flasks."

"As long as it tastes good."

Fan Tian Chong chuckled, "I'll just be frank with you then. I came under orders from the clan. That Old Ancestor from my clan has nodded and is willing to accept you as a disciple."

"Ancestor Fan?" Xue Ying felt his heart tightening.

"Ancestor Fan…

That was an existence who could be called unparalleled in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. He had created an ancient nation all by himself. He created all sorts of cultivation techniques that would not be easily imparted out of the nation, also known as 'secret impartations'. None should think of reading it even if he is willing to fork more than 10 billion cosmos crystals. Three of his disciples have reached a stage comparable to the Southern Cloud King. Even Great Paragon Lu Tian was his disciple.

"My clan's Old Ancestor has only accepted a total of 15 disciples in total. Even I wasn't placed in his eyes." Fan Tian Chong felt slightly rueful. He was quite talented, but clearly, Ancestor Fan had set his sight even higher.

"Once you become a student of my clan's Old Ancestor, you will be directly imparted with the most appropriate secret impartation technique. It'll directly lead you to the peak." Fan Tian Chong said.

"Nothing else?" Xue Ying continued asking.

"Nothing else?"

Fan Tian Chong was startled. He could not help but blurt out, "Did you not hear it clearly? This is about becoming a disciple of my clan's Old Ancestor! What else do you want? He has even bestowed upon you with a peak secret impartation. As long as you cultivate according to it, you will grow stronger over time. My Fan Clan would also nurture you even more by then. It isn't entirely impossible for you to become an existence on the level of your Southern Cloud King one day in the future too."

"Is there an avatar technique as well?" Xue Ying asked again.

Fan Tian Chong's expression turned cold: "Don't go overboard. The rules of my Fan Clan is all about the strong feasting on the weak. Everything has to be fought for by the cultivator himself! It is already a good deal that you are getting a secret impartation technique that leads all the way to the apex. You should know that some Cosmos Gods have sold their bodies to the Fan Clan only to learn something that isn't a secret impartation. As for the avatar technique which you mentioned, as long as you contributed to the Fan Clan, you could naturally exchange for these corresponding techniques according to how much you have contributed. My Fan Clan has the avatar technique which could be exchanged for too."

"I have to depend on contribution to exchange?" Xue Ying softly nodded.

That's trouble.

Any superpower would definitely price the avatar technique really highly. The required contribution points would be massive too. It was not easy for him as a Primal Chaos tenth level existence to accumulate sufficient points to exchange for that technique.

"Unless you don't even have any confidence of yourself?" Fan Tian Chong roared, "There are many experts in my Fan Clan. As long as you could climb up to the top and reveal your prowess, there would naturally be many benefits for you. You haven't yet to accept a teacher yet you want to get some benefits already?"

The Fan Clan might be doing this for a great cause, but they would not be willing to lose out on anything too.

Regardless, the religion started by the Southern Cloud King had become one of the top ten great religions. Many cultivators across the entire Realm Heart Great Land had joined the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion even, paying a huge price just to learn the absolute arts, and resulting in a horrifying wealth accumulated by the Southern Cloud King! That was why the king had the qualifications to be so extravagant!

'I am naturally confident.' Xue Ying nodded while thinking to himself.

Even though he was confident, according to the price of the avatar technique and the fact that there were many experts in the Fan Clan, Xue Ying would likely have to spend a considerable amount of time before he could even acquire this technique after becoming a Cosmos God! He could not afford to waste time. The moment he became a Cosmos God, he would naturally be sending the avatar with the fastest speed back to his hometown.

"It is good you have the confidence." Fan Tian Chong grinned, "So when are you prepared to come with me to the Summer Wind Ancient Nation?"