Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1042: Kind Intention


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"The Blood Sacrifice of the Black Devil Great Lake actually failed this time. In the end, they were forced to return with their tails between their legs. How great and awesome is this!" Monarch Chun Yu was laughing out loud too.

Monarch Greedy Peng grinned: "Ying Shan Xue Ying has been in closed-door cultivation for a long time. He shouldn't have sufficient time to gather precious materials, and according to what Teacher said previously, his Southern Cloud Sacred Body should only be at the eighth level. Nevertheless, he was able to unleash the 'Void Shatter'. That move is clearly a ninth level move, yet he did not rely on the power from his Southern Cloud Sacred Body. Instead, he has thoroughly comprehended this technique. It seems that given his realm, it is possible for him to grasp the two secret impartation techniques after reaching the tenth level in the Southern Cloud Sacred Body."



Those present all nodded.

By relying on the Southern Cloud Sacred Body, it was ten times easier grasping techniques at the same level. This was one of the greatest reasons why this absolute art had such tremendous influencing power.

Given how powerful and experienced the Southern Cloud King was, his judgment would certainly be accurate; he was able to ascertain with a glance that Xue Ying had reached just the eighth level of the Southern Cloud Sacred Body.

"He did not rely on the sacred body to grasp the 'Void Shatter' and 'Realm Heart Blade'." Southern Cloud King's eyes were filled with a strand of satisfaction. He continued praising, "Furthermore, the void domain which he unleashed should be deduced from the secret treasure god spear, allowing him to reach the tenth level power. Given that the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles has detailed guidance, it would be much easier for him to grasp it. Thus, it is almost certain that he would be able to grasp the two secret impartation styles after reaching grand perfection in the sacred body."

"Congratulations Teacher." Monarch Golden Peng added, "I'll be having a formidable junior disciple brother in the future."

The other Monarchs and Conferred Kings were inwardly muttering about how quick the reaction of this Monarch Greedy Peng was.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying is an absolute genius in the void lineage. It is highly possible for him to become a Cosmos God after joining the sect of you, King."

"In terms of cultivators in the void lineage, few has attainments comparable to that of King across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. It is Ying Shan Xue Ying's honor to join the King's sect."

"Congratulations, King."

All of them added.

Even Old Mother Ying Shan congratulated the King as well. They were able to perceive the happiness Southern Cloud King had given how he was currently beaming.

Southern Cloud King chuckled: "Haha, a teacher could choose a disciple, but the disciple has to choose the teacher too. I might be interested, but it'll have to depend on Ying Shan Xue Ying too! After all, this battle should be made known by the neighboring countries. Even the Summer Wind Ancient Nation will know about it, and they would likely take the initiative of inviting him as a disciple."

Old Mother Ying Shan felt enlightened. She immediately responded: "King, I'll go and ask that child Xue Ying and see what he currently thinks."

"Remember not to force him." Southern Cloud King reminded.

Xue Ying was absolutely a genius to reach the tenth level power with just 1.5 billion years of cultivation. He would undoubtedly be incorporated to the core level of any prominent organizations even if it were from one of the six great ancient nations.


Actually, the Black Devil Four Nations were the most concerned over the Blood Sacrifice of Black Devil Great Lake.

The Fiery Zhao Nation, Maple Nest Nation, and the Snow Hook Nation had already been paying close notice to the proceedings through the Heaven Observation Mirror.

"Hmph, that Southern Cloud King is too lucky. Why can't such a genius come out from my Snow Hook Nation too? The possibility of nurturing this genius to become a Cosmos God will be huge. By then, I'd have another aide." The Snow Hook King sat cross-legged on his jade bed. At the center of the palace hall, there was a deep gouge within. Currently, many poisonous snakes and bugs were biting each other.

The Snow Hook King would occasionally throw some precious world materials into it, bringing about a greater madness between the poisonous organisms within the gouge.


"Such a tiny place like Southern Cloud Nation could actually produce a genius expert like him? He has reached the tenth level strength after cultivating for 1.5 billion years?" Other than the three great clans with transcendental statuses, there were many other clans in the Summer Wind Ancient Nation too. These clans were relying on the three great clans behind their backs. Nevertheless, some of these clans were not any weaker than the entire Southern Cloud Nation. Naturally, they felt superior to the Southern Cloud Nation.

There were not many experts whom they respected. Most were usually experts like Old Mother Ying Shan who had reached the tenth level. As for 'Southern Cloud King'? He was after all one the religion master of one of the top ten great religions across the Realm Heart Great Land. Many cultivators in the six great ancient nations worshipped Southern Cloud King even.

This time, the appearance of Xue Ying naturally invited a lot of attention. Such cultivation speed was qualified to be ranked in the top 20 even within the history of Summer Wind Ancient Nation.


Ardent Fire City.

Within the Marquisdom. Even though everyone had just experienced a massacre and many were injured across the entire Marquisdom, there were still a considerable number of disciples left, and those who died were just a minority of the whole population. Only the relatives and good friends of those who passed away felt sorrowful. Other than that, the atmosphere of the Marquisdom was quite bustling and bright. Many disciples were excited over how outstanding 'Xue Ying' was.

"I've heard that Prince Xue Ying will be becoming a Conferred King soon."

"Conferred King? Didn't they say Conferred Marquis before this?"

"Those who could get through the God Yuan Palace ninth level can become Conferred Kings. Prince Xue Ying will definitely become one! Do you even know who the previous opponent Prince Xue Ying fought earlier on? That is a Devil Master from the Black Devil Great Lake!"

"Devil Master?"

"The Devil Master from the Black Devil Great Lake?"

Discussions were held everywhere. There would be the occasional cry of alarm.

Any slightly knowledgeable cultivators from the Black Devil Four Nations would have heard of the term 'Devil Master' and how frightening it is! Any Devil Master could easily slaughter a city and create disaster across many places. Many of the Conferred Marquises could easily be killed with a flip of hand by a Devil Master! And yet Prince Xue Ying actually fought against one?

That was unfathomable!

"I always placed Prince Xue Ying as my target. But now, I feel that this target is way too ambitious." Many aristocratic clan disciples in the Ardent Fire City were unconvinced with Xue Ying when he was given birth. They felt that it was not a big deal for someone to be given birth with great innate talent. They believed they could similarly cultivate faster than him. But now, they no longer had the thought.

Once the gap became so significant, they no longer held any jealousy. They no longer made any individual comparisons, and could only watch from afar.

Fight against a Devil Master?

Devil Masters were existences who could face Cosmos Gods! And Prince Xue Ying had achieved this stage? Unfathomable! Inconceivable!


The entire place was filled with discussions and exclamations.

Yet Xue Ying accompanied his parents and sister inside their residence. They first had some meals, chatted with each other before Xue Ying came to the pavilion by the lake alone to calm himself down.

After sitting in the pavilion, and placing the spear on his knees, Xue Ying began his meditation. He was reflecting over the battle he just had.

Even though it was bustling with activities in the outer world and hearsay many had come with gifts–quite a few clans from the Southern Cloud Nation came with congratulatory gifts, congratulating Xue Ying in becoming a Conferred King! Even though the official conferment had yet to be carried, everyone knew this was assured.

Nevertheless, Xue Ying did not meet any of those guests personally.

Given his current status and strength, he was qualified to do so.

The reason why he did not wish to meet them was due to his bad mood. This time, not just the Marquisdom or the entire Ardent Fire City, many civilians had died! Even though the number who died was only one-thousandth of the whole population in the Ardent Fire City, thinking of large this number was, the death rate was quite high. After all, every time those Unity realm devils acted, they would flatten a single area…

Xue Ying desired to wipe those team of devils out. But if he were to do so, it would infuriate White Cloud Devil Master, and the other party would become crazier then.

"Mn?" Xue Ying suddenly felt something. He turned over.

There was a figure who soon appeared in midair. She was Old Mother Ying Shan.

"Xue Ying." Old Mother Ying Shan laughed vibrantly. Previously, she called 'Xue Ying as a little fellow', but now that he had become stronger, Old Mother Ying Shan no longer called him a 'little fellow'.

"Old Ancestor." Xue Ying immediately stood. He still respected Old Mother Ying Shan a lot.

"You have given me quite a huge shock this time." Old Mother Ying Shan smiled, "I, the King, the three Monarchs and other Conferred Kings have been watching the entire proceedings in the Ardent Fire City through the Heaven Observation Mirror. We wanted to save the city, but are helpless in doing so. We can only watch anxiously. But seeing you act… that has truly startled me."

"It is all thanks to Old Ancestor for purchasing that spearhead for me." Xue Ying simply replied, "Otherwise, I'll definitely not be the opponent of White Cloud Devil Master."

Without the spearhead.

The difficulty of comprehending the mystical imprints in the spear would drastically increase. Even though 90% of the mystical inscriptions were in the spear body, without the crucial parts, Xue Ying would definitely have a much harder time comprehending it! After all, understanding the domain at his current attainment was done not too long before he left closed-door cultivation.

"It is worth it. Totally worth the price." Old Mother Ying Shan said, "Is that spear of yours the weapon of Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master?"

"Yes, it is." Xue Ying nodded, "The spear body lacked that spearhead. That time when I visited the Treasured Goods Market in the capital for the first time, I sensed something, and discovered that spearhead."

"No wonder." Old Mother Ying Shan was enlightened. She immediately changed the topic, "Oh right, the King has given the orders. He will be officially conferring you the title three days later."

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded. This was within his expectations too.

"Also, the King is interested in taking you as a disciple." Old Mother Ying Shan mentioned the most important matter, "This is a matter of you becoming his personal disciple. The King has only taken in a total of five disciples currently. If you were to accept him as a teacher, you would become the sixth. Becoming his personal disciple is different. You would be bestowed with a great number of things."

Xue Ying felt his heart moved when he heard that.

The Southern Cloud King wanted to take him in as a disciple?

According to rumors, as long as Xue Ying accepted Southern Cloud King as his teacher, the King would give the most critical top-graded survival secret technique that was worth beyond the complete , the directly to him.