Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1041: Withdraw!


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As the side from the Black Devil Great Lake attacked Xue Ying, even though it might seem they held the upper hand, they felt bitter in their hearts.

"Devil Master, he is always paying close notice to my attack. That spear technique is too strange. I've already suffered from over 50% damage." The cold teen transmitted anxiously.


That spear in Xue Ying's hand rotated. It was like a Flood Dragon that distorted its surrounding void. At the same time, this spear was also like a God Dragon that could not see its tail. The next moment this spear appeared, it would be right before a Primal Chaos devil.

That spear would then pierce forward.

Even though the devils were protected by the combat formation, that cold teen still suffered from the strange convergence of force from the maelstrom void stairways. This rotating 'void maelstrom' was actually the revolution of countless void pieces which tunneled into the chest of that cold teenager. It was also frantically cutting his body. Even if his body was naturally recovering from the damages, he had suffered from the consumption of lifeforce.

"What a strange spear technique." White Cloud Devil Master started feeling frustrated too, "Previously, that combat formation formed by Xue Fu and the others have been destroyed by this strange spear technique. It easily pierced and exterminated the three weaker Primal Chaos experts. Who would have thought that after four ninth level experts worked together, increasing the power of the combat formation, this spear technique could still forcefully permeate to its target, injuring even 'Yin Fu'."


Xue Ying's figure was unpredictable. His spear continued circling as he struck out time after time.

With his void distortion technique, it was easy for Xue Ying to leave the place. Why the need to stake his life against the joint attack and continue retaliating? It was done to force these devils to fight against him. Otherwise, those devils would simply massacre the entire city sacrifice all civilians.

'Old Devil Yin Fu is the one with the weakest body amongst the four ninth level experts! According to this move that I comprehended from the Scarlet Cloud God Spear, the 'Piercing Void', even though there is the presence of the combat formation obstructing my move, it merely reduced 30% of the force. The remaining 70% is sufficient to cause injuries on Old Devil Yin Fu.' Xue Ying thought, 'He can't hold on for too long.'

What a pity.

Xue Ying had merely reached the peak of the ninth level in the five moves he comprehended using the Scarlet Cloud God Spear other than the 'Scarlet Cloud Domain' which had reached the tenth level.

If this 'Piercing Void' technique had reached the tenth level power, Xue Ying would be able to severely injure Old Devil Yin Fu with a single strike. Three strikes and the other party would be dead! These old devils would definitely flee after that.


Though Xue Ying did not mind being tangled up with the enemies. He was currently relying on this rare opportunity to refine himself as such life-death situations were hard to find.

Only when he battled in such condition could Xue Ying understand and comprehend more of the profound mysteries of his spear technique.

"I have suffered more than 70% injuries." Old Devil Yin Fu anxiously transmitted.

"We can't kill him."

"His domain is too hard to overwhelm. His spear technique is too formidable too."

The other old devils were starting to get anxious.

They tried all methods with White Cloud Devil Master. They wanted to eliminate this Xue Ying before Old Devil Yin Fu could no longer hold on.

"Alas, are we going to fail?" White Cloud Devil Master looked at that white-robed young man whose figure was continually moving. He vaguely understood that they could not win even with the aid of a combat formation, much less when he fought by himself.

Actually, most experts at the tenth level would not be able to handle the other party.

At this moment, what they were competing were their absolute art techniques.

The extremely formidable ones would have more amazing techniques.

'Originally, I thought we could still bully this Ying Shan Xue Ying seeing that he has cultivated for only a short period. Who would have thought that we failed.' White Cloud Devil Master sighed inwardly. A single tenth level technique, the 'Scarlet Cloud Domain', allowed Xue Ying to remain undefeated. Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master was known for 'being unafraid in group battles, and his void domain'. Naturally, there must be a reason for this.

Naturally, there were ways to break the 'Scarlet Cloud Domain', albeit White Cloud Devil Master was not qualified to learn them.

"I can't hold on any longer. I'll not continue to fight anymore" Old Devil Yin Fu anxiously shouted.


The other three devils did not go against him.

White Cloud Devil Master had even gone up to wave his hand. The enormous cloud technique enveloped the four of them. The four did not resist and were directly brought into his Eden Treasure.

"Religious Master, what should we do?"

White Cloud Devil Master directly contacted the third-ranked in Black Devil Great Lake, 'Blood Devil Religious Master'.

The three religious masters heading the three great sects within the Black Devil Great Lake were all famous across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. The six great ancient nations had a hard time dealing with the three of them. White Cloud Devil Master naturally belonged to the sect under 'Blood Devil Religious Master'.

"This Ying Shan Xue Ying is very amazing in his control of the void. He could completely fight with my true body! I could simply send my incarnations elsewhere to massacre… but he can similarly save those civilians after sending his incarnations elsewhere too. Furthermore, that Marquis Ardent Fire would definitely be released to save the many civilians too. Furthermore, it is likely that more than half the team of Unity realm experts which I brought would be killed."

"If we were to withdraw, that Ying Shan Xue Ying should know how to let us off."

White Cloud Devil Master asked the Religious Master.

At this moment, he could not control the Blood Sacrificial Magic Bottle. Even if he killed, it was merely for the sake of 'venting his frustration'. But precisely because Xue Ying's control of the void was more formidable, he would only be able to kill less than half the civilians in this city.

"Withdraw." Blood Devil Religious Master gave his answer.


White Cloud Devil Master immediately acknowledged the order.


With an order, he sent it to his subordinates.


All the Unity realm devils located across the Ardent Fire City began teleporting away. These Unity realm devils could only teleport a short distance and were slower in withdrawing.

White Cloud Devil Master stopped.

Xue Ying stopped too. He held his spear while standing amidst a piece of ruins.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying, I would never have thought that this Blood Sacrifice which I am hosting will be felled in your hands." White Cloud Devil Master chuckled, "It is not an injustice for the Blood Sacrifice to fail with an expert at the tenth level intervening."

In history, the Black Devil Great Lake would frequently send cities to a Blood Sacrifice.

There would be the occasional problem arising once the count of Blood Sacrifices progressed. For instance, a tenth level expert might just coincidentally be staying within the city, or a Cosmos God from the six great ancient nations might just coincidentally bypass the location. For the sake of his own reputation and for the purpose of not lowering his head, these Cosmos Gods naturally acted.

Hence, there would be occasional failures too.

"You are from the Black Devil Four Nations, and I am from the Black Devil Great Lake. In the future, we would fight again." White Cloud Devil Master chuckled.


His figure suddenly dissipated.

Closely following that, many clouds began condensing over at the distant walls of the Ardent Fire City. It condensed back into White Cloud Devil Master. Many other Unity realm devils were also rushing over there at this moment.

Xue Ying watched from afar. The most crucial palace hall from what was left of the original Southern Cloud Sacred Palace also started opening. Chun Yu Wei Yi and the others began walking out. They were staring to the distance with some slight fear.

'Fortunately, he did not turn mad.' Xue Ying thought.

If the other turned mad and proceeded with venting his anger by massacring, the Ardent Fire City would likely lose half its civilians. Even though Xue Ying would kill off half the opposing Unity realm devils, Xue Ying still did not like this outcome.


Black Devil Great Lake, within a grand palace hall.

The three religious masters were seated high above.

"Haha, Third Brother, it seems this Blood Sacrifice which you are responsible for has failed." The black-robed middleaged male lightly chuckled. With his identity, he did not care about some minor failures. After all, it was not a loss of reputation as a tenth level expert had intervened.

"Third Brother, it seems your temper is quite good. You actually did not let your subordinates carry out a massacre?" The cheerful old man to the left laughed too.

"Big Brother, Second Brother."

The sickly-looking green-robed male indifferently smiled, "Since we failed, there is no need to carry out a massacre."

"Third Brother is benevolent." The black-robed middleaged male said. He understood the benevolence which his third brother had. It was not done for the sake of those cultivators. Instead, it was done for the batches of Unity realm devil teams.

The three religious masters were quite overprotective of their followers. Only then would they be willing to follow after them.

But there were differences in their degree of overprotectiveness. The 'Blood Devil Religious Master' was the one who was the most overprotective out of the three.

"It seems this Ying Shan Xue Ying has a formidable domain technique?"

"His spear technique is formidable too, that it could break the combat formation?"

Within this palace hall, the other Cosmos Gods and Devil Masters were discussing amongst themselves.


Within the royal palace at the Southern Cloud Nation.

Southern Cloud King watched as the battle proceeded. Seeing how White Cloud Devil Master brought his devils in a retreat, this king began smiling too: "Hahaha, the civilians of this Ardent Fire City have Ying Shan Xue Ying to thank this time. He not only saved this city, but also fought for the glory of my Southern Cloud Nation."