Lord Xue Ying Chapter 1038: The Battle between White Cloud Devil Master and Prince Xue Ying 1


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Within the Ardent Fire Marquisdom, the initially panicking Ying Shan Clan disciples that were running away in all directions suddenly stopped. They saw the white-robed young man who teleported over to the side of Marquis Ardent Fire.

"The devils left just like that?"

"It is Prince Xue Ying! Prince Xue Ying has just shua shua shua, and all four Primal Chaos devils are dead!"

"What? Four Primal Chaos devils? Doesn't that mean he is qualified to become a Conferred Marquis?"

"Right. In the blink of an eye, the four of them is extinguished, and the other devils are all escaping in fear."

The soldiers around Marquis Ardent Fire and those Ying Shan Clan disciples who spectated the battle were currently transmitting this news wildly.

As a result, many people within the Marquisdom started seeing Xue Ying in a different light; it was filled with worship.

Too amazing.

Even Marquis Ardent Fire with his 5,000 elite Ardent Fire soldiers was entirely suppressed, yet 'Prince Xue Ying' eliminated four Primal Chaos Devils after 'shua shua shua'? And the other devils were escaping in fear?

At this instance!

In the hearts of many Ying Shan Clan members within the Marquisdom, Xue Ying's status had drastically risen; it had surpassed that of Marquis Ardent Fire's.

Too amazing. Too heaven-defying!

"This is an absolute era transcendent of our Ying Shan Clan." Many Ying Shan Clan disciples were thus feeling proud and glorified. They stared at that figure in midair with admiration.


"Xue Ying, your strength is…" Marquis Ardent Fire looked at this white-robed young man in front of him. He did not dare believe it.

"Grandpa Marquis, this battle has yet to end. There is still another White Cloud Devil Master amongst them." Xue Ying mentioned, "In order to prevent them from distracting me by dealing against you, I'll temporarily keep all of you into my Eden treasure."

"Alright." Marquis Ardent Fire nodded.

He understood that in this battle between Xue Ying and White Cloud Devil Master, he would only be pulling down his side.


Xue Ying waved his hand.

Marquis Ardent Fire and his 5,000 elite Ardent Fire soldiers were all kept into his Eden treasure. They did not resist at all.

Following that, Xue Ying disappeared from the vicinity.


"Form the 'Great Black Devil Combat Formation'." Over at the side of Southern Cloud Sacred Palace, 12 Primal Chaos experts were teaming up against the incarnation of Monarch Chun Yu and had just extinguished the other party. And now, 'Chen Niu' led the three Primal Chaos experts over. They all felt how horrifying that white-robed young man was, and decided to form the 'Great Black Devil Combat Formation' at the earliest possible time.

The Black Devil Combat Formation was extremely complicated. It could only be established when the members were at the Primal Chaos realm.

Minimally, it required four Primal Chaos experts working together.

And the 'Great Black Devil Combat Formation', it was formed using four 'Black Devil Combat Formations', consisting of a total of 16 Primal Chaos experts. At the current moment, they had the right number for this formation.

"We have four Primal Chaos experts at the ninth level and 12 other Primal Chaos experts. After forming the Great Black Devil Combat Formation, we should be able to suppress even a Devil Master." These Primal Chaos Devils were all fully confident.


White Cloud Devil Master appeared with a teleportation.

"Devil Master." The 16 Primal Chaos Devils bowed respectfully.

"Xue Fu and the others were killed instantaneously. Did you all not see that? The combat formation is a joke in front of Prince Xue Ying. His spear technique could completely target the weakest link in the combat formation." White Cloud Devil Master sneered.

Everyone was greatly startled after hearing that.

What? Attack the weakest link?

It was not easy for a technique to target the weakest link without heeding the combat formation. And these techniques that could do so were not easily spread outside to the public. Furthermore, learning it was hard.

"The four of you leave behind. The other Primal Chaos experts should withdraw for now." White Cloud Devil Master waved his hand. He kept the other 12 Primal Chaos experts into his Eden treasure. Those devils did not resist. They were willing to hide temporarily. Hiding over at White Cloud Devil Master's place was something they felt rest assured of.

After all, if the formation were useless, these seventh and eighth level Primal Chaos experts would be massacred simply by Prince Xue Ying.

"The four of you team up to form a combat formation and watch by the side." White Cloud Devil Master said.

"Yes." Chen Niu and the other three ninth level experts immediately did so. At that instance, they began unleashing the techniques they specialized most, forming thunder and fire, some strange ripples, and even floating black clouds. Each of them was not weaker than Xue Fu, and by teaming up together, the outcome was an amplification of their strength. Naturally, they could stand by the side calmly.

"Leave this Prince Xue Ying to me." White Cloud Devil Master stood before the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace.


The Southern Cloud Sacred Palace was heavily locked down.

Over at the private cultivation room.

Chun Yu Wei Yi and the others were hiding here.

"Ying Shan Xue Ying?" Chun Yu Wei Yi controlled part of the array in Ardent Fire City. He was always observing the city, and also 'saw' how Xue Ying easily defeated the four Primal Chaos experts.

"We have hope. We have hopes of surviving." Chun Yu Wei Yi's eyes brightened.

"Hall Master, many people outside are transmitting about how Prince Xue Ying killed four Primal Chaos Devils, frightening the devils to a stop." The others within the cultivation room said.

Chun Yu Wei Yi nodded. He was slightly nervous: "We have to wait a little longer before finding out what the final outcome is."

With his identity, he was naturally clear of who that pure and holy white-robed male outside the hall was. That was one of the many terrifying Devil Masters from the Black Devil Great Lake!


Misty Cloud Pavilion.

"What? The devils have stopped?"

"Brother Lie Hu, we heard that it is your son Prince Xue Ying who left closed-door cultivation and killed four Primal Chaos Devils in an instance. That actually frightened the other devils."

By the side of a window in a pavilion within Misty Cloud Pavilion, Pavilion Master Chun Yu Feng and Ying Shan Lie Hu were stealing glances out of the window.

They could only see many teams of devils outside the place.

The devils had currently stopped and were no longer killing.

"It is my son?" Ying Shan Lie Hu blinked a few times.

"How would I dare to lie. It is my big brother who told me this personally. You should be a little careful. Big brother has ordered me to ensure your safety." The plump Chun Yu Feng was also nervously watching out the window.


A white-robed young man appeared.

Ying Shan Lie Hu watched as that white-robed young man appears in a daze.

Chun Yu Feng was even staring outside: "Prince Xue Ying."

"Father, don't resist." Xue Ying said.

"Ai." Ying Shan Lie Hu rapidly nodded.

Xue Ying kept his father into his Eden treasure with a wave of his hand. Following that, he turned to the distant, looking at how a pure and holy white-robed male was standing calmly. Xue Ying understood that the other party was waiting for him.


Xue Ying teleported over.


Before the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace.

Including Chen Niu, the four ninth level devils were standing by the side. They currently emanated a grand aura and were looking coldly at this white-robed young man that appeared.

'When did this Prince Xue Ying become so powerful? Marquis Ardent Fire is too lucky. Originally, after teaming up with Xue Fu, we could have killed Marquis Ardent Fire after a little longer.' Chen Niu thought, 'But there's no rush. After we handle this Prince Xue Ying, by then, it'll be easier to kill Marquis Ardent Fire.'

And on another side.

Xue Ying was also looking at this opponent in front.

He did not dare to underestimate the four Primal Chaos devils by the side because every member was incredibly strong. After forming a combat formation, they were even stronger. Naturally, the biggest threat was still this White Cloud Devil Master in front of him. White Cloud Devil Master's name sufficed to bring terror to many clans in the Black Devil Four Nations. His name was paved by an indeterminate number of corpses and bones. That was someone who could suppress new Cosmos Gods.

If this was in his previous life, Xue Ying was not the opponent of White Cloud Devil Master at his peak. Nevertheless, he had fortuitously gotten the complete Scarlet Cloud God Spear and cultivated for 1.5 billion years more. Hence, Xue Ying was no longer afraid of him.

"Prince Xue Ying." White Cloud Devil Master said. His voice was calm.

"White Cloud Devil Master." Xue Ying answered too. The tail of the Scarlet Cloud God Spear in his hand smashed down on the ground. It let out a sound of 'boom' which reverberated in the surrounding.

White Cloud Devil Master chuckled: "Prince Xue Ying, who would have thought that a genius like you would emerge from the Southern Cloud Nation. If this were a normal occasion, I would have invited you over for a few drinks. Reaching your level of strength, it is rare for us to have a life and death battle! But what a pity that this is the day of Blood Sacrifice, and that represents the face of my Black Devil Great Lake! I have to kill you. What a pity that a genius like you would be dying right after your appearance."

"Oh, White Cloud Devil Master really has a huge tone, at least it is bigger than your strength." Xue Ying responded.

Various organizations across the Realm Heart Great Land spectating this battle sighed inwardly.

This Prince Xue Ying seemed to be quite daring.

"Haha…" White Cloud Devil Master did not seem angry at all. His pure and holy aura became more concentrated, "If you were given sufficient time, it might be hard for me to kill you after you perfect your techniques. But for now? Those newly broken through Cosmos Gods aren't even my opponent, much less you?"

"Forget it if you plan on swaying my heart." Xue Ying said.

"That's good too."

White Cloud Devil Master softly nodded, "I believe at this moment, there should be quite a few organizations across the entire Realm Heart Great Land paying notice to this battle. Dying in such a situation would not be a shameful thing. Receive my move."

The moment he finished speaking.

"Hong~" Clouds suddenly appeared in the surrounding area spanning five million kilometers. Every piece of cloud rolled about. These pieces of cloud seemed soft and weak, yet they contained an incredibly terrifying might. Whenever the clouds passed through the pavilions on the ground, they would turn into flat ground. Even though other cultivators had already run far away and did not dare to stay close to this battlefield, the region of five million kilometers was too vast, and some weaker cultivators did not have sufficient time to escape. They died from the shockwave of the clouds.

In this region spanning five million kilometers, even the outer structure of the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace had turned into dust, leaving behind just the core palaces that flashed with the light of array. These palaces were barely holding on.

And that was when the cloud reached Xue Ying.