LOOSED - Sex with a Ghost Chapter 32: The moving box


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Lying with her back against the ground; she opened her eyes to find she was in this pocket-sized space filled with strange darkness that she could not comprehend. Hardly could she tell whether her eyes were open or closed. The air was punctuated with the smell of blood, urine, and dust.
Her eyes scanned the darkness but she found absolutely nothing; not even the smallest source of light. She felt a sudden chill around her from the surface beneath. Her body lay put and disobedient. The cold around her grew into a chill and crept through her spine. The strange hollowness of the place reminded her of the sounds of a shell when kept closed the ear. She just couldn't bring herself to remember how she ended up here.
Her breathing fastened and filled the hollowness that existed before. She screamed but nothing came. She struggled harder but this time with her mouth shut but still no tangible result. She tried to turn around but couldn't because of the wall on both sides.
How did she get here? She slept in the bed in her room. How is she now in a box? She tried harder to scream but nothing came out other than saliva. She could now feel people carrying the box. She tried to ask them, what was happening? Where are they headed? She wanted to hit the surface of the box but she couldn't raise her hands up; she tried using her head to do same but couldn't because the four walls of the box were almost compressing her, making it impossible to move any part of her body.
The box stopped moving and it collapsed heavily on the ground. Heat climbed up her neck. She felt the sharp pain run through her as it hit the ground. From outside the box, she began hearing people yelling and screaming in joy and excitement until someone calmed them and began in a booming voice that sounded familiar.
"You see the woman locked in this box", she felt a soft knock on the box. "She fucked me real good!" he paused and there were loud laughter and cheers from the spectators. They were mocking her.
"Then she suddenly killed me for something I knew nothing of" then there were cheers that sounded like a thumb-down-screams.
"How do we repay her evil deeds?" he asked in a loud scream.
"Bury the box with her inside!" a male said.
"Jesus!" she whispered in her heart. Her blood turned to ice at the thought of being buried alive. The thought of sand all over her body, some finding their way into her eyes and blinding her; some in her nose – preventing her from breathing.
"I say we burn the box with her inside!" another male said. Her heart dropped. Fear drumming within her. She began quivering from the inside out. She could barely breathe.
"Throw the box in the river, and let her drown slowly" a female screamed.
"That is what we would do. The death will be slow and painful, filled with horrors of her evil act" the man in charge said.
The audience cheered on and it was followed by shouts of "Mur-der-er! Mur-der-er! Mur-der-er!''
"Please!" she pleaded in the blackness. Her heart hammered wildly. Sheer terror paralyzed her. A deep sadness swept through her. She regretted having anything to do with David. If only she could turn back the hands of time; she would make a different decision.
Someone leaned closer to the box and whispered: "Payback is a bitch!"
"Do it!" the leader shouted.
Immediately, she felt the box rolling; rolling at full speed and in seconds with her screaming at the top of her lungs. It fell into what sounded like a river. The box began galloping gently as water rushed in from all corners.
"God have mercy on me! Set me free! David, please forgive me! I didn't mean to kill you!" she prayed as the water kept rising and in a few seconds she was buried in cold clean water. Her lungs were on fire as water found its ways into her body through her nose and mouth.
Still screaming, her eyes flew open. She sat bolt upright. Sweat soaked her body. Heart pounding, head thundering, she gasped as she tried to catch her breath. "Oh God" she mouthed "When will all these unending nightmares stop? This is how David has been tormenting her every night since his death.
Wasting no time, she got down from the bed and on her knees to pray. Thanking the good lord for the gift of a new day. She asked for forgiveness of sins. After committing the day's activities into his hands, she asked him to come to direct her actions, decisions, and affairs of the day. She also asked the Lord to take away these nightmares away from her.
Then she got back into the bed, reached for her Bible, opened the passage of the day and read it thoughtfully, digesting the meaning of every word. As a soldier of Christ, this was her weapon of warfare, so it should be cleaned every day. This has been her routine for three years.
Alex, their family Pastor will always say "With the Holy Spirit everything is possible. One with Christ is majority. And daily seeking of the face of God will heal her and set her free from the oppression of demons". He believes she is possessed by demons that were likely transferred to her by her rapist.
Her doctor, on the other hand, believes the trauma of that very day affected her, and she might be experiencing some kind of PTSD – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Her friends and immediate family members think she is crazy. But she knows she is not; she is just different, special, and chosen. Yes, the event of that very day unlocked something in her, gave her a new ability, and made her some kind of a Medium. She can see and communicate with the dead. Having out-of-body-experiences, where she meets and interact with dead people, who most times confined in her. Sharing with her their deepest regrets, last wishes and sometimes pass messages to their loved ones still alive.
Nevaeh finished digesting the holy words; fell back into her bed and decided to remember the heartbreaking event that unlocked her special ability. She took her thoughts backward; pushing through to remember that night, three years ago was dark and gloomy; much like her life after the incident.
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