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"Haha schools over!"
"Let's go play some games!" +
Jay silently gets up from his desk, swinging his backpack over his shoulder in a nonchalant fashion

"Hey see ya Jay!" Daniel suddenly pops up in front of him, surprising him a bit. You stood next to Daniel in a equally silent pose, staring boringly at him

Daniel smiles and waves goodbye to Jay as Jay waves back with a confused look.

His phone suddenly rings as Daniel pockets his phone out "Hey it's my Mom!"

You took a glance at Jay's gaze towards Daniel as you gave him a half lidded stare. You stuck your pinky in your ear 'Does this guy like him or something?' 9

"Oh hey Mom! Yeah I'm fine. Oh my BIRTHDAY tomorrow? Yeah" 40

'Oh shit I forgot that today is his birthday , 'But I don't have enough to barely get by myself! How am I gonna afford a birthday present?"

"Daniel and Jun gu really looks like royalty..." A whisper caught your ear.

"But people say he and Jun Gu is poor, do you think it's true?"

At this point you turned your head, your sharp gaze piercing at them as they stiffened and tried escaping the classroom quickly

"Omg you think he heard us?"
"Let's go!"
"Tch. His undershirt has no brand name" You bit your bottom lip as you listened to yet another conversation across the room
"He has no watch"
"Poor begger"
"Cheap ass loser"
"I'll make sure Jun Gu knows who he really is just a poor guy who dosent have anything"

Your final nerve snapped as you turned and walked up to the three asses who kept insulting.

You slammed your hand on the surface of their desk, in an instant this movement bent one of the desk's legs. The entire desk started to crumble down as the three geeks shrieked in terror. 3

This caught the attention of all the students left in the class, the geeks trembled in horror, holding their heads down and refusing to look into your sharp piercing eyes.

"Put your dirty noses in somebody else's business. Got that?" You scowled at them

You saw sweat pouring down their foreheads as you could hear the rapid beatings in their chest. They looked breathless, scared shitless.

You clicked your tongue before turning away from the three idiots

You took a breath before leaning back on your desk, the room was almost empty as you saw the three geeks from before had cleared away from the class without you noticing. Barely anybody was left in the room as you were in deep thought about how to get the money to buy a present for Daniel 'I wonder... what must i do to earn money in this world.. ..

You straightened your back, stretching a bit as you saw a shadow hover behind you. In a quick motion you did a sharp turn, your arm stretching out as you were ready to punch whoever had snuck up behind you.

Your fist ALMOST colliding with the guy's face before it got caught, shock crossed your face as you finally got a good look at this perpetrator.


'How did he—? When?' You thought in total surprise.

he only stays quiet, letting go of your fist as you snapped out of it. You finally got your composure back, looking at his face you curled up your fist. 'He's definitely worth something' You smirked 4

"What do you want?" You groaned

Jay scratched his cheek before handing you something. You looked down at a note before taking it and looking over it

'Want to go buy Daniel a gift together?' It said as your eyebrows rose in surprise, you looked at him before looking down at the note

"ayyy, where we gonna go bruh" You smiled widely, holding his hand in a sort of handshake you made with your friends back

As the two of you strolled together silently you finally reached the part of the city you haven't seen before. The sky had turned dark as you watched as the light had still flooded the city. The shops were illuminating as you strolled around with Jay.

You turned to Jay, he was just walking silently next to you as you finally spoke

"Which shop we gonna go to first?" You asked.

He points at something in front of you as your eyes followed what he was gesturing to you saw it was some high end store you never heard of.

"Wait- Hold up. You got that cash?" I gave him a side glance

He nods, a bit confused manner and leads you in, opening the glass doors for you as you cautiously stepped in.

You were hit with sparkles as everything around you was so clean and expensive. Your eyes hopped from one price tag to another. Discovering that one hat here would be enough for six months of rent.

i think i really need money now
i cant go on if i life like this...

then an idea pop on in my head

Ah yes Jay here was one of the wealthiest bachelors in Korea right

what if.....

"Hey Jay"

he looked at you

"You know i have a buisness plan here that im sure it will have a profit"

he tilted his head in confusion

he wrote a note
"what kind of buisness?"

He give a nod and write "and?"

"so ughm.....i need fund to start it so ..would you be kind enough for me to borrow from you".

he give a thumbs up and give you a card with password on it

i dont think it will be this easy
" i will give it back to you when i got the money okay"
he smile and noded at me

I have a plan to become billionaire in this world:. 1.become a trader until i got enough money to build my own company
2.after i got a company i will publish a novel from my former world
2.1 or i can join 4mencrew and dominate it so i can control black market on this world but doing so will make me a villain

i think it later....
with this fund i can do anything i want...

"Oh hello Mr. Jay, are perhaps here to buy some of our new hottest items? As our VIP customer we'll be glad to show you the assortments" The guy rubbed his hands together before looking at you "Oh is this your friend? he must be a foreign model, it's an honor to meet Mr. Jay's friend" 14

That night Jay and you picked out almost an entire five racks of clothes, picking out only the most stylish clothing you both can get your hands on.

He even buy me a whole racks of clothes as welll
sigh...he sure is the kindest man i ever see

After a couple of minutes he came up behind you, tapped on your shoulder before pointing to the cash register.

"Yeah I think we got enough clothing" You said, staring at the pile. The register guy looked overwhelmed by the pile as he was forced to call in backup.

You stood next to Jay silently as they packed everything in duffel bags.

"Would you two need any help to carry them?" The manager asks "We have a couple men who can deliver them to—"

"No thanks" You state in a bored tone before picking up about about six duffel bags per hand "I think we got it"

Jay picks up the rest as the two of you walked out casually with about 120 pounds on your arms. Everybody who was walking pass the two of you looked at the two of you with wide eyes, mouth hanging open as whispers werethrown around.

"So are we going to bring these to your house?" You asked, he nods before pointing at a large ass building just down the street, probably in the center of the city. Your mouth hung open as you closed it when you caught yourself "You know what, I'm not even gonna act surprised anymore" +

He than plucks the duffel bags out your hands as he carries a shit load of items on his own.

"Do you really not need help?"

He shakes his head

"See ya" You gave him a crooked grin before waving and walking away

"..." He watches you stroll away from a distance

{Next Day; After school}
Daniel walks home, walking towards him home he saw two silhouettes in front of him.

"Ah... Jun Gu? Jay?" He questions as he sees the two of you come up to him 4

"Where have you been JunGu?" He immediately asks before you threw done a duffel bag in front of him, his eyes caught sight of a small note on the bag

Happy Bday

"You're giving me this? It's all clothes?! Did you two buy this for me?" Daniel spoke in sock as he looks in the bag and back to you

"It was all Jay" You spoke "I just helped him a bit"

"It was? Hey Jay I really can't accept this, it's way too much" Daniel tries to decline politely

Jay gives him a stare 7

"Huh? You're saying you're just throwing it all away? It doesn't fit anymore? It's cheap stuff?" Daniel asks

'How the fuck...?' You thought to yourself as you watch Jay use some sort of psychic power to tell Daniel all this stuff without talking 16

"Right, I'll definitely wear these" Daniel smiles graciously

"Oh right! When's your birthday Jay?" Daniel looks up again, seeing you standing by yourself

"He left" You spoke jabbing your thumb behind you, he looks behind you as he saw more duffel bags laying on the ground

"!?" He expressed shock "He-he bought too much stuff! Is this a normal birthday gift?"

'Normal for him probably' You thought quickly before giving a hand to Daniel "Happy Birthday Daniel." You gave him your best smile

"Y-y-yeah thank you" Daniel speaks nervously "So, uhm, where did you go today? Skipping school and all that"

"I told you, I went to Jay's early in the morning to help him" You state "I helped him put all of his cheap clothes in the bags"

You and Daniel began plucking up the bags one by one

. .....

"Let's screw with the newbie today"
"Let me ask about his cheap clothing"
"Haha. Okay" Sweats the new dork before thinking 'You mean bastards'. +
"Jun Gu!"

They're here!

Park Jun Gu and Daniel Park

But something... Is quite different!

"Hey" Daniel greets as you walked next to him quietly

It's the [email protected]! That's a seasonal item! The V... [email protected] camp rock stud sneakers?! 8

G#venchy Rottweiler backpack?! And [email protected] watch!! l

The girls jaw dropped when they saw you

I-is that an A-angel....


I love you Jun Gu....

girl shouted while the three brand kids shocked.....

H-he wearing a jacket that was that was just released only a day ago! It must've costed him alot!

look at his outfit from hat to shoe...all together are worth milion

"Aren't they hotter than usual?

"yeah,but i think Jun Gu is more handsome!"

"yeah,he looks so cool and sleek, he like an angel"

"So they're not poor after all"
"Darling, did you buy those clothes? They look great" Zoey said with hearth eye😍😍😍
"yeah....oh Zoe"
"hm....." she looked at you
"I remember what i do that night and i think i will take responsibility for what i said"

she looked down while blushing and peek at you
before she finished speaking i whispered at her
"yeah, we will be boyfrind and girlfriend for now"
"w-wha" she blushed when she heard what you said
"cough...." you see daniel looked at you

"i think you need to remember this is still in school"

"oh yeah hehe my bad daniel ...you look cool too wearing these clothes" said zoe while still blushing

"Thanks I got some cheap duds" Daniel said as you kind of chocked on your spit a bit.

'Only if he knew' You thought silently to yourself

Daniel and JunGu must be rich!

Daniel quickly spots Jay at the back of the room, silently sitting there as always as he rests his head on his hand +

Daniel forgot everything that happened yesterday as he smiles and tries to wave at him "Oh hey Jay! Yesterday—"

Jay ignores Daniel as Daniel just takes notice of this and sits down on his chair with a smile.

Jay smiles to himself
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