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"come on, dont fight each other like that....come here" i pulled those two and give them kiss on their cheek

they blush and kiss me back on my cheek
i smile at them😊 and they giggle happily

"Just keep it the fucking down. Kids these days have no goddamn manners." +

Suddenly a man with ugly face come to us.

"who the hell do you think you are looking at"
he said while while grabbed doo head.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? " Daniel looked really pissed off. As that guy let go of Doo, Daniel started to lecture those idiots. All of us were really suprised about that. I couldn't keep up with what Daniel said but at one point I saw Daniel holding someone's phone and smashing it to peaces with just one hand. 1

"Always taking dirty pics." Daniel said. When he looked at them they looked petrified. I kind of passed out a bit but when I opened my eyes again Daniel had a broken bottle in his hand facing those bastarsds.
i already sobber a bit so i said to daniel.

"lets leave"

"Hey! You kids think you can just leave?!" A man yells. "Do you know who I am? I ruled over Gian high!" I stare at him for a while, grab Daniel's arm and turn away to leave. +

"Hey!! Listen to me!" The man yells again.

This time, i turn around and gives him a scary look.
"hiiiiii....." three of them become afraid

"lets go....dont waste your time with those idiots" i said while grab daniel arm to leave.

"y-you.....i wont forget your face , i will remember it " they said and left

"sigh.....You guys should leave too. Take care." I suddenly heard a loud noise coming from beside me. +

"DANNY!!" The other female yells.

Confused, I look to the side and see Daniel knocked out on the floor.

Oh great.

My eye twitches in annoyance. Guess I have to carry him home then.

i pull him up, and carry him

"Heh? Who is that kid? I swear I've seen him before.." Doo says as he glances at the little guy who just arrived.

"Dummy.. It's him! The fatty from the convenience store!"

The friendly expressions on their faces had been replaced by the look of hungry hyenas.

Little Daniel was frightened. He was the exact same person yet gets a different treatment.

"Little Daniel!" I say happily to lighten up the mood. Surprised, he looks at me.

"Piggy!!" Zack yells excitedly.

"It's great you're here. I'm sure you're worried because of the other Daniel, right?" I say sweetly and smile.

He nods nervously and slightly hides behind me.

"Wait wait wait. How do you know Danny?" Zoe asks suspiciously. Little Daniel answers:

"He's my.. friend."

"Daniel?!" "Your friend?! No way!" "Liar!" +

Zoe's eyes light up suddenly.

"Ah.. Then you must be his roommate!"

Uh oh. Danger. Daniel looks nervous.

"Oh.. that.. The guy who lives with him.. ordered me to come get him." He says, still nervous. The guys seem shocked and rather scared of the image of a tough mafia guy in their heads.

Zack steps forward and grabs little Daniel by the shoulders.

"Poor piggy.. getting beat up all the time.." Wasn't he doing all the beating? Zack continues talking.

"Oh right.. Piggy.. I'll show you something good. As a gift of reconciliation!"

And with that, we went to the arcade. Little Daniel and I dragged big Daniel's body to the place.

Zack stood in front of a punch game and looked over to us.

"Piggy, watch closely." He smirks. Then he gets into a stance.

"Guard your cheek with your arm like this. Your stance is wider than your shoulders. Bring in your arms parallel, centered over your butt." He explains and I watch curiously. Now this is interesting. I just started training martial arts 2 weeks ago in my world. I don't know a lot.

"That is the basic posture." He explains further, pushes forward and stretches his arm out.

His fist slams into the red ball. "That.." He looks back at us. "Is a straight."

I have to admit, he looks really cool right now.

"Piggy, now you!" He says and proceeds to burp, almost throwing up.

I take that back.

"I shook up my insides.." I did not want to know this. 1

"We're going home." Doo says and stares at Zack slightly disgusted.

"What about you Zoe?" I ask curiously.

"I gotta go home.. I have curfew....sorry darling😚."

"yes,from now on youre my darling..... bye bye"

she give me a kiss on cheek and start run

"huh...." i see her back while in daze


After everyone went their own way, me and little Daniel were still standing in front of the game. He was staring at it, probably wanting to try it out.

Carrying big Daniel on my back, I take a step back to give little Daniel some space. He decides to try his luck. He gets in position and throws a punch.

He missed. Or that's what he thought. I smirk and watch him get all red in the face, slowly turning to me.

"A-Ah well. It's not my thing.. Let's go home." He says and grabs his other body then starts walking away.

I kneel down to tie my shoe, when I suddenly hear a voice behind me.

"Jun gu?" I get up and look behind me to see two Burn Knuckles members. Vasco and Jace.

Vasco is looking at someone behind me, at Daniel, and Jace was the one calling out my name.

I smile politely and wave.

"Hey you two."

"Jun gu." The taller guy says, still not looking my way.


"You smell of alcohol. Did you drink?" I blink twice. I suddenly remember the chapters, where Daniel was drunk and Vasco fought him because of it. I shudder.

"yes,just a little....hehe, oh and daniel drunk too." I explain

He looks at me.

"Alcohol is not cool. That transfer student.. He's really not good for you."

I shake my head quickly and try to explain that Daniel thought the booze was water. Didn't seem convincing enough though.

I sigh and wave him off. Forget it.

"I gotta go. See you at school." And with that, I turn around and hurry after little Daniel. I could still feel their stares on me and Daniel.


It's morning again. Today I feel different.. I feel sore. My throat hurts.

Don't tell me.. Aw c'mon. I'm sick!

I groan and roll over to the other side of the bed. Well, it doesn't matter. The next two chapters are about Zack and Mira anyway.

I grab my phone and unlock it. Guess I will not be going to school today.

I spend hours on my phone procrastinating instead of studying. The exams are near. I really have to study. Ugh, this sucks.

Looking back at the clock, I realise I just spent the whole day in front of my phone. Oops. 1

I get up from my bed and stretch. I put my right hand on my neck then sigh.

Isn't today the day? Daniel meets his mother again and gets into a fight with Vasco. I really don't want to miss that. +

I rush to the bathroom and get ready. After that I grab my purse and my phone, then rush out of my apartment. Star Coffee, here I come.

I enter the shop and the first face I see is Jace.

"Welcome." He says smiling. He stops smiling as soon as he sees me though. "Jun Gu? What are you doing here? Don't say you're here for Va-"

"For Daniel, yeah." I say and nod. He blinks twice and sighs. I smile

A few moments pass by.

"I'll have water."

"You don't have money, do you."

I look down defeatedly and shake my head.

After getting water, I walk over to a table and sit down, sipping on my cup. My eyes wander around the place and I spot Daniel with his mom.


I can overhear Jace talking to his friends, who are at the other table.

"Hey hey. That newbie's here. I think he's here with his friend's mom."

My body tenses up as I hear them talk about precious Danny and his very precious mom.

"Anyway please behave. Okay, Vasco? Don't fight or I'll get canned." Jace says concerned.

"Hey. Who the hell ordered milk?" "That's Vasco's."
i see daniel mom give him money
a tick mark appear on vasco face and he start to follow daniel and his mom leaving
when daniel mom already gone....
"hey you....."
"you are out of the line.....i will mess you up"
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