Long Live Summons (translation) Chapter 214: Chapter 215- Using wisdom to clear Gemini Temple


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Luo Hua City Mistress really came, although she had been hiding from Yue Yang since they rescued Fourth Mother.

However, when Yue Yang needed her help, she didn't hesitate to come immediately, teaching him death-like coma without a second thought.

Although all the girls felt that Yue Yang was a big pervert, they couldn't deny that he was a talented and skillful combat skills expert. Before Yue Bing could even understand a tenth of the death-like coma concept, Yue Yang that brat had already mastered the skill. However, Yue Yang still needed Yue Bing's help to clear the Gemini Temple Trial, so it wouldn't do if Yue Bing hadn't mastered it. With regards to this, Yue Yang hesitated for the whole day before finally deciding to tell the other girls about his [Body Fusion] skill…

Of course, he didn't say that he could read the encrypted information on his parents' diary because he had his [Divine Vision].

That brat pretended to be the pitiful guy instead, saying that his mother had taught him when he was young.

"[Body Fusion]?" Princess Qian Qian's initial reaction was to suspect that Yue Yang was planning to take advantage of everyone.

"Brother's [Body Fusion] is extremely effective. He only held my hands and channelled his Spirit Qi to me, and I was immediately able to summon my Treant without spending any effort at all." Yue Bing had always been the most supportive of Yue Yang, and she also didn't see anything wrong with it. Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress was looking at Yue Yang with a "you sis-con" look, while Yue Yu was blushing a little. However, she pretended ignorance and switched the topic, asking Yue Yang and Yue Bing about the details on how they cleared the Taurus Temple instead. Yue Bing was very honest, she filled them in with every single detail. Everyone trusted her, so after a short discussion, everyone decided to allow Yue Yang to try this [Body Fusion] on themselves.

"You guys are overthinking it…" Yue Yang tried to show that he wasn't hiding anything, but, the girls became even more suspicious of Yue Yang when they heard his words.

After the three girls felt Yue Yang's Innate Qi channeled into their body from the [Body Fusion], they gathered again to discuss.

They couldn't deny its effectiveness.

It was definitely beneficial to them; it could even be extremely advantageous to them.

It was just that they felt strange with Yue Yang's Innate Qi flowing in their body. It was as if that brat could see through their whole body, it was a little embarrassing.

Luo Hua City Mistress and Princess Qian Qian fared better, because they had Yue Yang in their hearts. Although they denied it on their mouths, they understood what they truly feel in their hearts. Yue Yu the cousin on the other hand, felt a little awkward. She was in a dilemma as it wouldn't be right for her to reject nor accept Yue Yang's Innate Qi… Rejecting it would cause Yue Bing to suspect that something was wrong, and she might lose this special opportunity to improve. The secret technique was a technique passed from Ancient Ancestors ten thousand years ago, a skill that everyone would yearn even in their own dreams. It would really be a pity for her to give up on it.

However, if she didn't reject it, with her status as his cousin, it would be quite awkward.

In the end, only Luo Hua City Mistress was the most liberal, "Everyone, don't think too much. Training is training. If our heart is pure and honourable, what's so wrong about this? This is a skill that had been lost for ten thousands of years, we must not miss the opportunity to learn it… Most importantly, Yue Yu, you are the only healer amongst us. Although healing skills might not be used frequently at lower levels of Tong Tian Tower, when we get to Fourth Floor and above, we will get caught in countless of fights and battles. There are countless monsters over there, and if there are no healer amongst us, it will be very tiring and dangerous… With this [Body Fusion], Yue Yang can amplify your capabilities and also connect all our bodies together. We can safeguard each other's safety if everyone can heal altogether!"

With her speech, Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu felt relieved.

It was not a bad thing anyway, it was only a matter of a sister and a brother teaming up together to fight. Why would she be so bothered about it?

After the discussion, everyone received the [Body Fusion] with a clear conscience. However, they did not mention this matter anymore to prevent others feeling awkward.

Before Yue Yang delve into the secrets of [Body Fusion], Luo Hua City Mistress wrote a letter. Yue Yang believed that that letter was written for that mysterious beauty who liked to read books, but Luo Hua City Mistress would not let him see the letter no matter what. She rejected him at once, leaving Yue Yang with a very curious heart.

[Body Fusion] was an extremely profound technique. Moreover, in the end, there were some moves that only couples or husbands and wives could do. Yue Yang didn't dare to say those things right now.

He only told them the most basic, the most obvious, the most initial stage of body fusion, demonstrating it first with Yue Bing.

As Yue Bing's heart was pure, with no other thoughts at all, she could very easily empty her mind. In a few seconds, Yue Yang was able to take control of her body. Amongst the four girls, she had the most successful and most effective [Body Fusion].

Luo Hua City Mistress was also quite good. After failing ten over times, she finally managed to fuse her [Aurora Light] with Yue Yang. Her power increased by a whole ten times, making Princess Qian Qian so envious that she almost squealed. As for Yue Yu, after failing over thirty times, she could finally fuse her powers with Yue Yang and summoned a healing water that was twice more effective than her usual. Her [Spirit Spring] Inherent Skill had also risen a level when it successfully fused with Yue Yang's Qi.

Her Level 2 [Cloudy Spring] had risen to Level 3 [Spirit Qi Fountain].

With the Spirit Qi Fountain, she could heal other's Spirit Qi at least three times more quickly. The time she needed to summon her beast had also been greatly shortened.

However, this was not very useful for Yue Yang. This was because Yue Yang's skills were all abnormal existences. He could summon his Phantom Shadow and made it last for ten days. As for Xiao Wen Li and the others, they would always be present, there was no time limit for their summoning. The [Spirit Qi Fountain]'s biggest usefulness for Yue Yang was that it helped him to understand the power of water from his [Yin Pole].
(Shiro: Yue Yang's fire ability came from his [Yang Pole])

Amongst the four women, the worst one was Princess Qian Qian.

Due to her sensitive [Six Records] Inherent skill, she was very sensitive and not used to losing control of her own body. She couldn't adapt to having Yue Yang's Innate Qi within her body.

After failing for more than 50 times, they finally succeeded once… Yue Yang was so tired that he almost fell flat to the ground.

The result from Princess Qian Qian's successful fusion was even more frightening than Luo Hua City Mistress' [Aurora Light]. She became an undefeatable killing machine in Yue Yang's hands. Her beast's strengthening power could be used on Yue Yang. On the other hand, Princess Qian Qian could display Yue Yang's [Yang Pole] fire ability, [Spherical Beheader], [Space Teleportation] and other unique skills.

It was just that after that first success, Princess Qian Qian would not let Yue Yang touch her body anymore no matter what, even if it was only her arms.

"Bing-er is still the best. What am I slaving away for? Isn't it so that you guys could improve?" Yue Yang had been secretly taking advantage of these girls these few days. With his Innate Qi flowing through their blood channels, it was no wonder that they would feel a little awkward.

"Yeah, yeah!" Yue Bing was very happy when her brother praised her.

Although Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress always retaliated with everything Yue Yang said at normal times, when it comes to training, they had obediently yielded to his rude and unreasonable ways.

Even Yue Yang's cousin Yue Yu had endured the awkwardness and cooperated with the training.

They had long realized that they had achieved a month's worth of improvement just by training for a day with Yue Yang.

No wonder this brat was already an Innate at 20 years old. His secret training method was really deep and profound, it was not something that an ordinary warrior could think off easily.

Hundred Schools Elite Tournament was about to start, but Yue Yang decided to clear the Gemini Temple before joining the tournament. If he didn't clear the Gemini Temple, Yue Yang would feel a burden in his heart…

Star Domain, in front of the teleportation gate to the Twelve Zodiac Temples.

"Be careful, if you really can't do it, we will think of other ways again. Don't you still have that girl who likes to read books? She had quite a good brain on her head, so we can try to ask for her opinion!" Princess Qian Qian had unexpectedly advised Yue Yang not to act too rashly. Gemini Temple was indeed the hardest trial to clear, nobody had managed to clear it in the past ten thousands of years. It was normal not to pass that trial.

"We will definitely succeed, I have confidence in it." Yue Yang at least had an 80% confidence in succeeding.

He felt that if he didn't guess wrongly, the crucial point for clearing this trial lies on the word "Gemini".
(Shiro: Gemini in Chinese is 双子 – which could also mean two people)

A single person would not be able to clear the trial alone. There must be two people, furthermore, they must be two people whose heart was interlinked with each other. The person whose heart was most interlinked with Yue Yang was Yue Bing. Although Yue Bing couldn't guess what Yue Yang was thinking, she trusted in her brother completely. Furthermore, she could allow Yue Yang to enter into her Spirit Realm, thus allowing Yue Yang could control her body and turn their two bodies into one body.

This point would be the main point to solve the Gemini Temple…

Luo Hua City Mistress didn't say anything. She hugged Yue Yang, feeling grateful to him.

That day, this was where she first met him. Time passed so quickly, when they came here again, they already had completely different identities than last time. From completely unknown strangers, they had slowly become lovers.

Yue Yang also felt a burst of tender emotions surfacing in his heart. He patted Luo Hua City Mistress' back softly, "Wait for me to come back. I will definitely succeed!"

Yue Yu on the other side also hugged her sister Yue Bing as she warned her repeatedly to be careful and to follow her brother closely.

Returning to the Gemini Temple, everything looked just like before.

"Bing-er, close your eye." Yue Yang held Yue Bing's hands as he used [Body Fusion] to control her body into death-like coma state. Then, he summoned the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice that did not have any combat power and hostility and hence, would not be attacked by its shadow. This Quintet Golden Puppet Mice was a part of Yue Yang's plan to success.

Yue Bing slowly fell into Yue Yang's embrace as her breathing stopped.

A minute later, Yue Yang, hugging Yue Bing, similarly crouched in front of the Gemini Temple just like Yue Bing…

The shadow on the fighting arena had similarly fallen to the ground. As Yue Yang's heartbeat stopped and his thoughts disappeared, Yue Yang's shadow also disappeared. The laws within the trial had thought that the Trial challenger was dead, hence it also applied the same effects on the shadow, making it disappear. Yue Bing's shadow had also disappeared along with Yue Yang's shadow.

In the end, only a Golden Mask that was half crying and half smiling was left, lying quietly in the middle of the fighting arena.

The Quintet Golden Puppet Mice worked together to drag the Golden Mask over, as per Yue Yang's orders before he entered into death-like coma.

There were Quintet Golden Puppet Mice shadows, but as they had no orders, they only stayed silently, unmoving.

After around half an hour, they finally managed to return to Yue Yang's side.

They took another ten minutes before they managed to put the mask on Yue Yang's face with great difficulties. In that instant, the doors leading to the Rear Hall of the Gemini Temple immediately opened. Yue Yang's second shadow immediately charged out, flying straight towards Yue Yang. The second shadow looked like a smiling girl, a polar opposite from the first shadow, a sinister looking guy with a Golden mask. She was the other half of Gemini, the kind Gemini… From Yue Yu's Grandmaster's diary and his own observations of the Gemini Temple, Yue Yang discovered that the first shadow was the cruel Gemini. It had an existence that was sort of similar to Yue Yang when he was on a berserk state, going around slaughtering people without any hesitation at all.

On the other hand, the second shadow was the kind Gemini. She would stop the challenger from entering the Rear Hall, but she would definitely not harm them. She would also try to snatch the Golden Mask to recall the first shadow back.

The first key part to clearing this trial successfully was to capture the Golden Mask.

Yue Yang had used the death-like coma method and Quintet Golden Puppet Mice to get the Golden Mask at first. The moment he wore the Golden mask, that cruel Gemini shadow would not re-appear again. As long as the Golden Mask returned to that big round fighting arena and Yue Yang woke up, that cruel Gemini shadow would immediately respawned again, maintaining the same amount of strength as Yue Yang.

The second kind Gemini shadow only had the responsibility of guarding the Rear Hall at normal times.

However, when the Golden Mask had fallen on to the hands of the challenger, when the first cruel Gemini shadow had completely disappeared, she would then abandon the Hall and come out.

The second part to clearing this trial successfully was to stop that second kind Gemini shadow… Originally, a Gold-ranked Level 6 monster such as the kind Gemini shadow would be very difficult to defeat, but it would not harm the challenger, and that was its weakness.

Xiao Wen Li floated out of Yue Yang's body. She first cast a ball of pure light onto Yue Yang's body, helping him to recover quickly. At the same time, she immediately welcomed the second kind Gemini shadow's attack. Xiao Wen Li's [Binding Chains] shot out as she brandished her Dual Icicle Blades, freezing her opponent. Stone-element Medusa, Storm Mermaid and Thunder Naga were also all summoned to help fighting in the battle to stop the second kind Gemini shadow.

On the other hand, Yue Yang who had just woken up immediately carried Yue Bing and flew straight towards the Gemini Temple Rear Hall…

The third part to clearing this trial successfully lied with Yue Bing. As long as this last part was successful, the Gemini Temple which had made so many warriors despair for so many years would finally be taken down.

"We will definitely succeed!"

The Gemini Temple that no one managed to clear in ten thousands of years would be cleared very soon. Yue Yang's heartbeat rose up by a hundred, unable to stop his own excitement.
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