Little Miss Devil: The President“s Mischievous Wife Chapter 346: There Will Be a Live Battle


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Tian Lingyu paced around the recreation room with his arms across his chest, deep in his thoughts. Huang Shenghao, Kang Wei, and Shen Xue watched him from their seats. 

"What gotten into him?" Shen Xue asked. They were waiting for his brother and Lu Xinyi to come down and join them for dinner.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Something probably happened. Did you see Sister Xinxin got a minor cut on her lower lip?" Kang Wei frowned at the idea that someone might have bullied their Young Madam again. 

"He's probably still upset that Sister Lu wouldn't spend more time with him," Huang Shenghao amusedly chuckled. It was rare for him to see his friend like this. Most of the time, Tian Lingyu was composed and wouldn't care about anything happening around him. 

"Che, he should give in and accept my brother." Shen Xue looked around, trying to decide which gave they should play. He'd rather not play chess with them. "Hey, let's play table tennis. Who's up?" 

"Me!" Kang Wei raised his hand, "Do you want a bet, or should we set a prize in here?" 

"What are you doing?" 

The demon king and his bride appeared at the doorway. The three lifted their heads up and watched as Shen Yi led his wife to the couch. 

"Hey, Sis! Do you want to join?" Shen Xue lifted his paddle and grinned on his sister-in-law. 

"Nope, I'll pass. I rather rest and watch you guys play. What's at stake?" Lu Xinyi sat, made herself comfortable, and leaned on her husband's frame. She was half-tempted to sleep early tonight, but he knew that her brother must be waiting for them. 

"Don't make a bet when you know you're going to lose," Shen Yi commented. 

His little brother snorted and placed a hand on his hips. 

"I'll let you know, brother, you alone can beat me with a clean streak. These dudes can't match me." 

"Hey! You only win because we go easy on you!" Kang Wei complained. "The only reason your team won was that we decided to give you a handicapped!" 

"Reasons! Reasons! I won that 25,000 yuan fairly!" 

"What are they talking about?" Lu Xinyi whispered to her husband. Shen Yi wrapped an arm around her waist and let her head lay on his shoulder. 

"Hmm… they were probably talking about that night when they were playing Hunt." He squirmed in his seat to let Lu Xinyi get comfortable on their positions. 

"You two also play Hunt?" Huang Shenghao's eyes sparkled as if he found a precious treasure. "Lingyu and I also play it! On what server you are playing? I longed to find a kindred spirit like Lingyu. Didn't expect that Second Master Shen and a professional like you two can still find time to play." 

"What about you? Silver Leaf's already hard to pass, but you can still play?" Kang Wei cackled. 

"I still play but not as active as Lingyu. Lingyu mostly sleeps during our class, and our proctor never scolded him for once because he can excel at our exams and activities easily." 

"While I have to go the extra mile taking down notes and doing an all-nighter before an exam…" Lu Xinyi mumbled to herself. 

"We're at the server S90, but with the upcoming merger of the servers, I think next season will be exciting." The lawyer pulled his Second Master on his side while the latter rolled his eyes. "Our Xuexue here is the Supreme Commander on our server." 

Throughout their conversation, Tian Lingyu kept silent which bothered his friend. 

"Lingyu is also our Supreme Commander. We could end up on the same server soon. Get ready to get your ass beaten up by our commander." 

"Ha! In your dreams!" The Shen's second master bit back. His eyes then shifted to the man who'd been silent since the beginning. "Hey, Bro. What happened to you?" 

"Lingyu, what's wrong? You haven't said anything since you came back with President Shen and Sister Lu." Huang Shenghao inquired. He was used on Tian Lingyu being silent, but this was different from normal. 

Instead of answering their questions, Tian Lingyu regarded Shen Yi. He tried to ignore the fact that he was being forced to watch his sister being lovey-dovey with Shen Yi. 

"President Shen, have you made up your mind about Chang Yifeng? I want to settle his debt as soon as possible."

"Chang Yifeng?!" The panic on Huang Shenghao's voice surprised Kang Wei and Shen brothers. "Wasn't he the captain of that team who nerfed the game in the last minute so they could win?" 

"The fuck you are talking about that retard!" Just as Huang Shenghao mentioned Chang Yifeng's name, Shen Xue's mood deteriorated. 

"What? He also did that on your server?" Kang Wei could see now that they had the same enemy. "We're still waiting for the right time to get even with him." 

"Who's that?" Lu Xinyi furrowed her brows in confusion. 

"That retard that dared to slap you earlier, love." Shen Yi ran his fingers on her loose hair. 

"He did what?" Shen Xue went full-blown in his rage. He threw his paddle on the table and smacked his palm on top of it. "That bastard!" 

Lu Xinyi was actually surprised that Shen Yi knew the man that slapped her back at the toy shop. She thought that the phone calls he did earlier were to ask Qiao He the updates about the work he left just to get her back. Now it seemed that Shen Yi had decided to go in an all-out war because of her. 

"Calm down, Xue. I'm sure your brother has come up with a plan. Cheating within the game is one thing, but hurting our Young Madam is a serious one." The lawyer laughed awkwardly as he rubbed his nape. 'Oh, god. Please don't let him deal with another bloodthirsty case again,' he thought.

"Boss Yi, do you want me to charge him a physical assault or restraining order?" 

"No need," the demon king calmly said. He was content to have his wife back on his side. 

"Kang Wei, you know my brother doesn't play Hunt. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a hobby or pastime to do on his free time aside from sorting his death list on who pissed him off the most for the day." 

"I'm pretty sure you are still on the number one spot," Kang Wei agreed easily. Lu Xinyi couldn't help but laugh on that. Her eyes were filled with tears as she imagined her husband's crossing Shen Xue's name from the list to move it on the top spot.

"Chang Yifeng is here to make a celebrity appearance for the upcoming relaunch of the game," Shen Yi informed them. When everyone within the room heard his deep cold voice, they knew that there was no turning back this time. Shen Yi had made the move. His eyes were cold and deep that made everyone aware that someone was about to be sent in the ninth circle of hell. 

"That makes sense. They've been hyping that there were new items and maps to be added on the game, but the persistent lag and bugs are still there. I'm starting to lose patience with Hunt." A loud click resounded in the room as Shen Xue opened a can of soda. "So what's the plan?" 

"They are going to have live streaming this week, but Chang Yifeng's team will play on the last day. I intend to buy the whole company before it starts." 

Shen Yi's attention was back on his brother-in-law. Tian Lingyu nodded as if he already drew a logical conclusion on these details. 

"You need someone to start a drama?"

"Yes, there will be a live battle," Shen Yi admitted. 

Tian Lingyu was no longer mad at Shen Yi. Instead, all his frustration suddenly turned to Chang Yifeng and his team. When he saw his little sister got hurt earlier, he swore his eyes bled red. He wanted to see blood spilled at that moment. 

"Hmm…" His lips were in a thin line, and his eyes were as cold as Shen Yi's. For the very first time, they were agreeing on something. The other three men within the room felt that the two had come in a truce to defeat a common enemy. 

"Sister Lu, it seems like you aren't the only one who'll get busy this coming week." Huang Shenghao laughed. 
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