Lin Journey Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Darkness Emperor GoDDLike


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In the dark cave of the Upper Realms. Emperor GoDDLike is having a sexual party with a few human girls that was held captive when the invasion of the lower realms begun. This Emperor is known of being ruthless and Shameless he is well know for being the biggest asshole in the whole continent.

Emperor GoDDLike Shouted " You piece of shit human girl! who said you can bite this Emperor little brother! be gentle or I will ravage you till day and night !! Youuu Bitch.

Human girl beg for mercy " S-s-sir Emperor GoDDLike i wont do it a-again! please have mercy" girl moan and cried the shout can be heard 150 km north around the deadly hollows training ground of heavenly warriors!.

It continued for years and years but soon Emperor GoDDLike starting to get bored. He torture all kinds of being in his royal kindom.

But deep inside his castle in the basement is a bloody scene that one can see they'll go vomit. a corps a beautiful girls around 10 years old got ravage till day and night without food and water.

The corner of the wall there is a girl around 9 years old she is half naked and her face has many scars and wounds. This girl is Eb3nears she is the 24th princess of the Northern Tribe of "ThArMorY" this tribe is only consist of 30,000 people. They are poor but they got good constitution and power.

They look like a gym instructor with 8 pecks of abs in there tummy. They are the legendary tribe that conqueror the middle realms 14 millions of years ago.

Princess Eb3nears been trying her hard to survive even GoDDLike enjoy her body till he is satisfied. It was mostly done 8 times a week. but Princess Eb3nears has a power will that someday she will take revenge and kill Emperor GoDDLike.

Her eyes are overwhelming with fury and she murmur in her mind "I Eb3nears princess of the Northern Tribe of ThArMorY someday I will sworn to my dead sister that I do anything to KILL YOUUUU!!!!

To be continued
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