Limitless Sword God Chapter 863


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Sun Qiyan was furious as her chest heaved and her arms trembled.
"Sun Biao, don't go too far!" You must know what kind of place this is! Don't think that I will be afraid of you just because you brought so many people with you! "

Sun Qiyan angrily said, "You said you're not going to be courteous to me! Good! I will stand here. I want to see which one of you dares to be impolite to me! Come on! "
As soon as these words were said, everyone around Sun Di hesitated.
This was the palace of the Kingdom of Zi Yue! As the royal family, Sun Xianyan still had her dignity, so who would dare to mess around? If he offended the princess, it would be an insult to the imperial family, and he would be guilty of a great crime.
"Hehe, Sun Xiangyan, you don't have to scare me like that. When have I, Sun Li, ever been afraid of you?"
Sun Tanuki sneered again and again, then put on a righteous front and said, "Everyone, the felons of my Zi Yue Kingdom have already escaped, but she has yet to leave the Imperial City. She must still be in this palace, and even after searching through the entire palace, she still hasn't found any trace of that thief, I'm sure that the thief must have been hiding in this palace. Maybe your princess doesn't know that the thief has snuck in, but you all know that you are not going to take her for an offense, but for her safety. Even if the matter were to spread to the ears of the empress dowager, the empress dowager would understand it. Now, all of you, attack! "

As soon as these words were said, all the Spirit Cultivator s' worries were dispelled.
"Yes sir!"

Everyone shouted and rushed towards the palace.
"How dare you!"

Sun Xiangyan could not contain her anger and was thoroughly angered: "You dared to barge into my sleeping quarters, are you all tired of living? "Kill them all!"
"Yes sir!"
Roars came from the darkness, following that, hundreds of figures rushed out from the palace, directly rushing towards the Spirit Cultivator s.
These were the guards groomed by Sun Xiangyan.

The moment the guard appeared, it was like a human wall, directly blocking off these people. The two sides began to fight, and a fierce battle broke out at the entrance of the princess' palace.
Sun Xiangyan had already understood that Sun Qixiu knew everything. She also knew that he would not let the matter rest so easily.

The Zi Yue Kingdom was not something that a small kingdom like the Jiang Han Realm could compare to. Any one of the experts here, if placed in the Jiang Han Realm, would be an incredible existence.

Gradually, the guards could no longer hold on, and more and more people fell. Even the guards began to retreat, unable to defend themselves.
The blockade was about to be broken.
"This is too presumptuous!"
Sun Xiangyan clenched her teeth and finally could not hold it in anymore. She activated her profound qi and rushed towards the spiritual masters that Sun Qiaoji had brought with him.

Her actions were extremely vicious. As she approached a spirit cultivator expert, she threw a punch straight at his head. That expert saw that the person attacking was Princess Xi Yan, how could he possibly dare to injure her? However, his reaction was slow and he was hit on the head by Sun Xianyan. Blood spurted out of his head and he flew out. His soul trembled and he lost consciousness.

When the others saw this, they immediately distanced themselves.

Sun Xianyan made her move. Facing the grand princess of the Kingdom of Zi Yue, these people could not be injured nor touched. They were in a difficult situation and had no choice but to hide.

"You don't have to worry about that. You can just trap her right here. Everyone else can go in and take her!" Sun Li shouted.
The crowd shouted, and two people immediately separated, surrounding Sun Qiyan.
One of them took out a bell from somewhere and threw it into the air. The bell flew into the air and floated above Sun Xianyan's head. A ray of grey light immediately descended.
Sun Xiangyan's expression changed and she immediately moved her body. However, just as she moved, she was blocked by something. With one look, the grey light that covered her was solidified. It was even harder than diamond!

"Damn it!"
Sun Zhi Yan took out her magic treasure, activated it and fiercely smashed it onto the wall of light.


A few loud sounds rang out.

However, the wall of light was unbreakable!

"Hahaha, good! "Very good!"

Seeing Sun Xiangyan in such a state, Sun Qixiang could not help but laugh, "You guys, quickly go in and find them. You must definitely find those two women for me! "Faster!"

Upon hearing this, the spiritual cultivators of Sun Qiyan all rushed to Sun Xiyan's sleeping quarters.

"Stop! How dare you! To barge into my chambers, I will definitely tear you apart! "
Sun Xiangyan screamed at the top of her lungs.
However, her voice didn't have any effect. These spirit elementalists killed off the guards and entered the palace.
Sun Xiangyan's face had turned frighteningly pale.

Sun Di walked to the side of the wall of light and looked at the helpless Sun Xianyan. A strange smile appeared on his face.
"My beautiful princess, do you know what you look like now?" He lowered his voice and laughed, "The current you, is panicking and afraid of getting nervous … I am really happy to see your current expression, because your expression has already betrayed you, betrayed your junior sister, if your junior sister was not in her bedroom, you would definitely not reveal such an expression, so it looks like I did not waste my time, your junior sister was indeed inside, of course … And her beautiful disciple! "
At this point, Sun Li's eyes began to shine brightly.
When he thought about Su Yun's refined and godlike temperament, and his devastatingly beautiful appearance, a strong desire for possession arose within him.

Such a person should belong to him! Whether it was the soul or the body, both belonged to him!

"Sun Li!" What exactly do you want to do!? "

Sun Xianyan gritted her teeth and said, "If you want to be the monarch, I'll let you have it! I can leave this immortal country, but don't you dare hurt my Junior Sister! "
"Hehe, if it was in the past, I would indeed want the position of monarch, but now …" I have a new goal, a new ideal! How can a mere king satisfy me? Compared to a god's body, this was simply too small, too little! If I obtain a Divine Spirit body, wouldn't this Kingdom of Zi Yue belong to me, Sun Di? "
Sun Biao's eyes were filled with a terrifying and savage light of greed!
Sun Xiangyan's expression suddenly changed. At this moment, she clearly understood Sun Xiang's intention.
"I won't let you succeed!"
Sun Xiangyan gritted her teeth and said.
"Since I have come to your chamber, I am ready to throw caution to the wind! Sun Xiangyan, do you really think I'm afraid of you? In the past, I had to endure it more than once because I don't want to make things bigger, but today, I don't care anymore! "
Sun Mo laughed, with his hands behind his back, he looked extremely pleased: "I want you to personally see me bring your junior sister away! I can't make you do anything! Last... You can only see the cold corpse! "Hahaha!"

"Shameless!" Sun Xiangyan was infuriated.
However, at this moment, the curses were futile.
He had already entered his chambers, with Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing'er's situation, they would definitely not be able to escape from the experts, let alone fight against them.
After entering the chamber, the experts immediately dispersed.
"You guys go to the backyard and take a look. Everyone else spread out, these two women aren't very strong, and they are easy to deal with. Once you find them, capture them immediately and hand them over to His Highness, do you understand?"
"Yes sir!"

As the people shouted, they began to investigate.

In fact, Shangguan Mei Yang had already noticed the commotion outside long ago, she knew that Sun Li Li had come prepared, Sun Cheng Yan found it hard to resist, in a moment of desperation, she immediately brought Su Qing'er to hide behind a fake mountain at the back of the garden, using the magic treasure to shield the Qi of the two.
Su Qing'er swallowed the pill and recovered some of her energy. She opened her sleepy eyes and said softly: "Master … We... Where are we going now? "
"Return to the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace."

Shangguan Mei Yang held onto Su Qing'er's small hand and said softly: "Qing'er, you don't have to worry, Master will bring you back."

"Master... You go first, don't... Don't lose your life for Qing'er … "
Su Qing'er said weakly.

"Silly girl, what are you talking about?"

Shangguan Mei Yang shook her head: "Master has already brought you here, so he will definitely bring you back. Don't say too much, stay calm and don't let those abilities drown your consciousness."
Although Shangguan Mei Yang looked to be younger than Su Qing'er, but when it came to talking, she was like a big sister.

"Let's take a look from here."

At this moment, a low shout came from outside.
The two girls immediately shut up and their nerves became tense.
But he felt a wave of profound qi envelop the entire backyard, followed by the sound of deep footsteps.
Shangguan Mei Yang's breathing hastened, she could feel that the footsteps were slowly approaching her.

The backyard was not that big, but there were only a few people that could hide there. How could this person not come here and search?

It seemed like he wouldn't be able to hide it.
Shangguan Mei Yang's eyes turned, she clenched her teeth and took out the magic treasure, secretly activating it, preparing to launch a sneak attack.
"Master, do not act blindly without thinking … You are not his match. "

Just then, Su Yun suddenly called out.

"But we already have no other choice. At the moment, we can only strike first to find an opportunity." Shangguan Mei Yang said softly: "Anyways, Qing'er, don't worry, Master will definitely bring you out of here safely. Wait a moment, Master will chase him away!"

But, how could Su Qing'er not know the current situation? Even if she was in a bad state, she knew what was going on around her.
She did not say anything else, she knew that saying anything to Shangguan Mei Yang now would be useless, so she stood up.
"Qing'er..." Shangguan Mei Yang was startled.
With a flip of her hand, a slender and long sword appeared in her hand.
"Master, wait for that person to come close. We will kill our way out together, catch him off guard, and then quickly leave this place! Go find Empress Dowager Liu! If we find Empress Dowager Liu, he will definitely not dare to reveal my secret. Although Empress Dowager Liu will punish us severely, for the sake of Senior Master and the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace, she will definitely not harm our lives! "
Su Qing'er whispered.
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