Limitless Sword God Chapter 810


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"This... What was going on? Big brother Jiayi, what is going on? How could this be … will it become like this? "

Princess Bing stared around her in a daze, staring at her residence as though she had lost her soul.

When the First Princess saw this, she hurriedly hugged Princess Bing and consoled her in a soft voice. She then turned her head to look at Crown Prince Jiu Wu, "Little Brother She, this …"

"No need to be surprised, this is royal father's decision."

The Crown Prince said indifferently: "The brocade box containing the Dragon Sea Beads is actually a destructive magic treasure. The Dragon Sea Beads are the most precious treasures of my Han Nation, how can you easily hand it over to others? What's more, this person is extremely arrogant, he actually dares to attack our Han Family, how can we let him off so easily? If this matter were to spread out, then our country would definitely be mocked by the people of Jiang Country. Thus, royal father has decided to kill this person without mercy! "

He looked around and discovered that there was a round object that was glowing in the rubble not far away. He took a look and saw that it was the Dragon Sea Pearl. He immediately walked over to pick it up and placed it inside the space bag.

"It looks like everything is going well."

"But …" In this way, wouldn't it hurt the surrounding people? "Such frightening destructive power, I'm afraid even the entire ice city …" The Grand Princess wanted to speak, but she hesitated.

This kind of power was beyond the imagination of an ordinary person.

"What is it? Feeling sorry? Why would a lowly commoner care? The Dragon Sea Pearl is related to the face of our country, it can even help royal father recover his cultivation, so we cannot lose it. After sacrificing so many lowly commoners, if we can exchange them for the Dragon Sea Pearl, why not? " The crown prince's voice was cold, his tone abnormally cold.

The Eldest Princess was silent for a moment, not saying a word.

Princess Bing, on the other hand, wasn't happy. She cried out, "Big brother Jiu Jian, you've destroyed my mansion! This is the mansion uncle gave it to me, it's ruined … "It was destroyed just like that …"

"Bing Bing, don't feel bad. After this is over, I will ask royal father to help you ask for another big house, okay? Do not cry! " The First Princess comforted him.


"Really." The Grand Princess said seriously.

When the princess heard this, she felt much better.

Prince Consort Li was a bit speechless. He thought that Princess Bing was grieving over the deaths of the innocent Bingcheng citizens. He never expected that she was just feeling sorry for her mansion.

"Your Highness, Bing Cheng must have suffered quite a bit from this attack, and right now there are probably many spies from the Jiang Country outside of Bing City, this humble subject thinks that we should quickly prepare our defenses, if the people of Jiang Dynasty attack at this time, we might even lose Bing City, although we can't lose Long Ming Zhu, but we can't lose Bing City too!"

The Great General Li Guangyuan cupped his fists and said.

"You're right, this is also the reason why royal father sent us here."

"The reason?" Unless Your Majesty has another decree? "

"Of course." General Li, royal father has already ordered General Chen Mai to lead ten elite soldiers of the Sixth Heavenly Profound Realm and above to come here. From the moment we left the Imperial City, they have been rushing here nonstop, traveling at the same time throughout the night!

"A hundred thousand men?" Li Guangyuan's gaze froze.

This was enough for a big battle!

"I presume General Li has already guessed it? Actually, the explosion was not only to deal with that arrogant thief, but also to numb the people of Jiang Country! " When the news is out, the people that came to check out the city will definitely be able to find out that the wall is broken, and the people will be distracted. They will definitely invade the country in large numbers, and the one hundred thousand army will be the blade that we used to stab the people of the Jiang Country. I estimate that General Chen will lead the army here in two days, and I estimate that we will see how the battle ends, and we will see what the generals have to offer us.

Li Guangyuan was extremely excited when he heard this.

What was the most important thing in a war? If this was an opportunity, then they would definitely attack the ice city without a care. If they sent an army to surround and kill them from behind, then they would definitely be able to catch the Jiang country off guard. This was a great opportunity.

Immediately, Li Guangyuan cupped his fist and said, "This general will not fail his mission!"

Prince Consort Li, please help me arrange for my sisters to return to the Imperial City. It's not safe to let them return to this place where war is imminent.

"Your Highness, don't worry!"


The Crown Prince nodded and turned to leave to make the arrangements.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly floated out from the icy mist.

"I said that if you want to fight, that's fine, but can you give me the Dragon Abyss Bead?"

This lazy voice caused the surrounding people to freeze in shock.

The crowd uniformly looked towards the source of the voice. They saw that the icy mist had slowly dispersed, and a black figure was walking out at a leisurely pace.

The rest of the dragon soldiers felt their hearts tighten, as if they were about to stop beating!

Looking, it was Su Yun!

"Wh …" "What?"

Jiao Li was dumbstruck, staring blankly at the person who walked out. He almost couldn't believe his eyes …

Su Yun scanned his surroundings and discovered that the entire palace had been reduced to ruins. He immediately sighed repeatedly: "The entire mansion is gone, what great power … You guys are really ruthless... I didn't even have time to activate the barrier. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. All of your efforts were in vain. I was hoping to use a barrier to subdue you all …"

"You … How is this possible? "You actually did not suffer any damage in the face of such destruction …" Li Guang Yuan was also startled, he stared at Su Yun, and was unable to recover from his shock.

These people were the closest to the location of the explosion. They had the protection of the war flag, which was a tenth grade Imperial Qi. With Li Guangyuan, a seventh grade Spirit Emperor existence supporting the explosion, they were safe. After suffering such a surprise attack, there was no way for him to defend in time, but … He was completely fine.

Is that possible?

Was this reality?

Jiu Gui clenched his fists, his gaze still unable to move away from Su Yun's body.

As for the Grand Princess, Princess Bing and Prince Consort Li, they were already dumbfounded.

"This person's cultivation must not be at the first stage of Spirit Emperor, otherwise he would not have such methods! Furthermore … He is definitely protected by a divine object, you guys be careful! "

The First Princess immediately shouted at the top of her lungs.

"A man is not as good as the heavens!"

The Crown Prince retreated.

Li Guangyuan brandished a silver long spear and stood in front of the crown prince and the others, vigilantly staring at them.

The atmosphere immediately became solemn.

"In that case, you are still not willing to give the Dragon Abyssal Pearl to me?"

Su Yun looked at everyone, and decided to stop talking, and directly pull out his sword from the sword sheath, staring straight at the crown prince.

In a situation like this, if one hesitated any longer, the result would only be changes.

Immediately, he raised his sword and rushed forward.

The snow-white Lotus Star Sword streaked across the sky like a white bolt of lightning.

So fast!

At this moment, he knew that Su Yun's strength was definitely not at the first stage of the Spirit Emperor!


The white lightning moved in a strange arc, intending to circle around Li Guangyuan and directly strike at the Crown Prince.

His methods were ruthless and his purpose was clear.

This fellow might seem lazy, but when it came to things, he was exceptionally decisive!

"Hurry up!"

Li Guang Yuan roared, and his spear struck the lightning.

Although his cultivation was countless times stronger than Su Yun, but his speed was no match for Su Yun, to think that his spear would miss.

The rest of the dragon warriors felt a cold breeze blowing from their backs, and a terrifying killing intent was gushing out from every pore of their bodies.

Crash! *

The golden light flashed again.

A battle flag had appeared next to Jiu Yan at some point in time!

It was Li Guangyuan's Imperial Equipment battle flag!

The banner released a gold light barrier, blocking Su Yun's incoming sword attack and blocking it.

The rest escaped with their lives!

Although he was also a Spirit Emperor cultivator, at the moment, he simply could not have the heart to fight with Su Yun. That destructive strike just now was enough to instantly kill the other ten Flood Dragons, but it could not hurt Su Yun at all.

"Imperial Equipment?" Su Yun snorted, he took back the Lotus Star Sword and struck it with his body.

He pounced forward like an all-conquering fist, directly destroying the Imperial Equipment. The profound qi released by the war flag disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

This scene shook Li Guangyuan!

A tenth rank Imperial Equipment … If it was so easily broken, who would believe it?

Su Yun broke through his defense, pushing his speed to his limit, and in a flash, he arrived in front of the crown prince. A sword shot out like a ray of cold light, and pierced directly into his body, the sword tip pressing against his Qi Meridian, exactly the same as when he had threatened Prince Consort Li.

The crown prince was instantly subdued.

Li Guangyuan hadn't even rushed over when he saw this scene. He instantly didn't dare to act rashly!

It took him a while to regain his senses, and when he saw the person in front of him, as well as the sharp sword in front of his chest, it was hard for him to think …

"Your Highness the Crown Prince!"

"Big brother Jiayi!"

The other three immediately became anxious.

"Don't act recklessly!"

Su Yun bellowed.

Everyone stayed where they were and didn't dare to move forward.

Seeing that, Su Yun's face revealed a smile, he turned and looked at the pale Crown Prince, Su'er extended her hand out, and laughed: "Then … Can you give me the Long Sea Pearl now? "

The crown prince gasped for breath, but he was not in a hurry to speak, as though he was still stubborn enough not to follow Su Yun's orders.

"I'll give you three seconds. Either hand over the Dragon Abyssal Pearl, or …" I'll kill you and go get it myself. "

Su Yun had already lost his patience.

When the Crown Prince heard this, he didn't hesitate anymore and said, "I will!"

"This time, I advise you not to play any tricks!"

"My life is already in your hands, how can I dare to act recklessly? I only hope that you don't hurt me, but you can pick up the Dragon Abyss Pearl! "

The Crown Prince said with a trembling voice, his hand had already begun to move towards the space bag …
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