Limitless Sword God Chapter 708


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Su Yun's eyes widened as he stared at Lu Xiao.

He suddenly grabbed the Desolator and pulled it out, pulling out a thin sword from the Desolator, he pulled the sword out of its sheath and pulled it straight to the shopkeeper level.

The shopkeeper's movements were agile, his upper body bending, he dodged the attack from Xiao Jian, then released his profound qi, forcing Qin Hongfan and Lu Xiao to retreat a few meters. The tavern was also shattered by the shopkeeper's profound qi, the tattered tavern became a mess.

Su Yun ran out of the tavern with a jug of wine and found an empty area. While drinking, he watched the two fight and noticed that there were quite a few people who came to watch, just like him. Furthermore, none of them paid for the wine and continued to drink, looking extremely dissatisfied.

Lu Xiao and the storekeeper rushed out of the tavern and began to fight on the street.

Passersby would occasionally stop to watch the fight, but the ones who had something to do would leave.

There were no guards to stop him, and no one was surprised. It was as if everything was normal.

Seeing that, Su Yun realised that the Sword World was truly intrepid.

The shopkeeper's hand pulled at the belt on his waist, and the belt was torn off. It spun chaotically in his hand, and it was especially eye-catching; it was actually a flexible sword!

Lu Xiao's sword was like a wasp, ruthless and sharp.

He was not like the other Spirit Cultivator who used their swords, they would cut, chop, hack, and pierce at everything, he only used one move, pierce!

He did not move easily, but kept on spinning and dodging around the shopkeeper to look for an opportunity, and once he made his move, his sword would shake the world, the profound qi on Xiao Jian would be released at the same time, striking the ground directly, like a meteor falling, it was extremely terrifying.

The entire street had been smashed into pieces by Lu Xiao and was in a complete mess.

However, although Lu Xiao's attack was very fast, it couldn't touch even the slightest bit of the shopkeeper.

At this moment, his body was like a whip, swaying left and right like a loach. No matter how terrifying Lu Xiao's attack was, he could always avoid it, and every time the blade was about to pierce through his body, he would intentionally or unintentionally move to the side. Looking at the shopkeeper's expression, he was calm and composed, without any signs of panic.

At this point, everyone knew that the shopkeeper's cultivation base was higher than Lu Xiao's.


Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out.

Two sword slashes suddenly appeared on Lu Xiao's shoulders.

Then, the two sword energies cut straight through his shoulder! The brilliant sword intent rippled like a flood, forcing everyone on the street back.

Lu Xiao's expression turned serious, he immediately retreated half a step and activated the profound strength in his body, causing the treasure robe on him to react, a halo of light erupted from his clothes, and when the Sword Qi struck the clothes, it immediately dissipated, completely being blocked.

"Imperial Equipment!"

"Looking at its intensity, I'm afraid it's not low!"

The scene was in an uproar.

"As expected of the Drunken Sword, this movement technique's trajectory is simply impossible to guard against, but that Lu Xiao is not an ordinary person, I think that the magic treasure on his body are all amazing treasures."

"That's right, although Lu Xiao's cultivation is not as good as the shopkeeper's, a magic treasure like him might be able to make up for the disparity in cultivation."

The crowd burst into a flurry of discussion.

Drunken Sword Xiao Jian?

Su Yun's eyes were blazing as he watched the fight between Lu Xiao and the shopkeeper.

The battle between the two could not be considered to be too great. They did not use any terrifying technique that could destroy mountains or incinerate the sea, but instead targeted their opponents. The shopkeeper was very conservative in his actions. He was always on the safe side, while Lu Xiao was constantly attacking.

But the shopkeeper and Lu Xiao were not the only ones to defend and attack.

Lu Xiao continuously flew around the shopkeeper. His speed was so fast that even his afterimage could not be seen. All he could see was a gust of wind blowing around him.

Every time he detected a flaw, he would stab out with his sword. Xiao Jian carried with him a destructive aura that could destroy the heavens and the earth.

The shopkeeper avoided it lightly, and every time he succeeded in avoiding Lu Xiao's attacks, the shopkeeper would return the attack with a sword.

If not for the fact that the Imperial Equipment that Lu Xiao had was not of a low rank, he would have died a long time ago.

Both of them were not injured, but Lu Xiao's consumption of profound qi was far greater than the shopkeeper's, so it was obvious who was stronger.

"If this goes on, Lu Xiao will lose."

"Hehe, and it's even an existence ranked 17 on the Heroic Sword Rankings, could it be that it only has this little ability? This is too disappointing! "

"You can't put it like that. This shopkeeper was also a heaven-shaking figure back then. Have you not heard of Drunken Sword Ah Kui?" That's someone from the Ranking of the Heroic Sword, but afterwards, the Drunken Sword was defeated and hid in the shadows, so no one knew about it. Many people thought that he was dead, and did not expect that they would open a tavern here.

"Oh? He's a Kui. "


Suddenly, an explosion sounded in the middle of the fighting duo.

The shopkeeper, Kui, was sent flying backwards. His body was once again devoured by the series of explosions in the air. When he fell on the ground, the profound qi on his body was actually shattered to pieces.

"What's going on?"

Everyone cried out in alarm.

Their eyes were focused on the two of them. However, when Ah Kui was suddenly attacked, they did not even notice how Lu Xiao had attacked!

Only Su Yun, a look of disgust and disdain flashed past his eyes.

He did not look at Lu Xiao and A'Kui, but instead focused on the girl standing not too far away from them …

Qin Hongfan.

Under Ah Kui's Drunken Sword, Lu Xiao had no way to deal with him. As time passed, Lu Xiao's consumption of his profound qi became greater and greater, and Ah Kui gradually grasped Lu Xiao's sword moves and styles.

If this goes on, Lu Xiao won't be able to do anything to Ah Kui. At the same time, Ah Kui would also gradually widen the distance between the two of them, slowly gaining the upper hand, thus slaying Lu Xiao and winning the battle.

Lu Xiao and A'Kui's sword techniques and killing techniques were not the slightest bit inferior. Even if he was calm and composed now, he would definitely not be able to defeat A'Kui!

Thus, Qin Hong San made his move.

Her attacks were extremely secretive, to the point that almost everyone present, including Su Yun, did not know that she made a move.

However, there was one thing that made Su Yun know that she had made her move.

Two sword slashes appeared on Ah Kui's body.

This slash wasn't made by stabbing, but by cutting.

Although the profound qi was similar to Lu Xiao, it was not a move that Lu Xiao would use. Lu Xiao would never be able to cut out two sword marks, and furthermore, he did not have the chance!

Su Yun stared at Qin Hong San, only to see that the pink paper fan had opened up, and the handle of the fan had slightly opened up, revealing a touch of cold light, which was filled with killing intent.

She stood by the side, holding up a paper fan as she looked at Kui, her eyes as deep as a dark well.

The shopkeeper, Ah Kui, hurriedly stood up. He turned his head and looked at Qin Hongfan, his eyebrows knitted together. It was likely that he had also sensed Qin Hongfan's attack, however, the surrounding onlookers all assumed that this was Lu Xiaoxiao's doing.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Manager Kui said in a low voice.

However, Lu Xiao and Qin Hongyan had no intentions to explain. Lu Xiao raised his sword and charged forward once again. He was very aggressive and didn't even give Kui Kui a chance to catch his breath.

With this Imperial Equipment, it would be extremely difficult for the shopkeeper, Ah Kui, to kill Lu Xiao with just his Drunken Sword.

On the other hand, Lu Xiao took the opportunity to smash it into his waist. A large chunk of flesh was lost from the profound qi, and he staggered backwards, blood splattering all over the ground. He was in a sorry state.

Seeing this, a strange smile appeared on Lu Xiao's face.

"Sword World's battles are usually one on one. No one is allowed to interfere, but once someone interferes, everyone will be killed." Manager Kui said in a deep voice.

"However, the world doesn't know that we are two against one!"

Lu Xiao lowered his voice and laughed. Only the two of them could hear him.

Hearing that, the shopkeeper humphed again and again: "Has the rankings of the Heroic Sword fallen? Even people like you can make it onto the Heroic Sword Rankings! "

"Cut the crap. If I kill you, my fighting strength, will be ranked higher in the Sword World. The benefits are endless, wouldn't the fights in the Sword World be all done at once?"

Once he said that, Lu Xiao once again used Xiao Jian to stab over.

The dark green Xiao Jian was like a moving poisonous snake, cold and swift.

Su Yun watched from afar and shook his head, he had always thought that although the people of Sword World loved to fight and kill, but they would at least adhere to their principles and follow the way of the sword, and from the looks of it, that was not the case.

Qin Hongfan was ranked 18th on the Heroic Sword List. Naturally, Ah Kui was not afraid of this Drunken Sword against Lu Xiao, but against these two people, he had no chance of winning.

With Qin Hongfan's assistance, Lu Xiao gained the upper hand.

A'Kui knew that if this carried on, he would definitely die. He turned around and stared at the two waiters standing in front of the inn, and said in a low voice, "Laifu, come and celebrate. Let's kill Lu Xiao."

Hearing this, the two waiters did not move. Instead, they looked hesitant.

"Shopkeeper, this is a fair and square duel, if this little one makes a move, according to the rules of Sword World, this little one would be killed on the spot by others! This little one doesn't dare!"

"They have already broken the rules, what do you have to fear?"

"But where did they destroy it?"

Laifu was puzzled.

Seeing this, the manager frowned.

He knew that calling for help was impossible.

The only thing he could do now was to preserve his life.

Immediately, the shopkeeper turned around, wanting to escape, to avoid a fight with Lu Xiao. But his escape had completely violated the rules of the Sword World.

Once the two of them engaged in a duel, they had to fight to the death. Anyone who ran would be seen as having lost and could be killed at will.

In an instant, Qin Hong San made his move.

The pink umbrella opened up in the air, releasing a strong gale from within the umbrella. The handle of the umbrella released a chilling aura, and a umbrella sword thinner than Xiao Jian was drawn out, rushing towards Kui like a cold phoenix spreading its wings.

He wanted to urge the magic treasure to defend, but as the cold Qi attacked him, a layer of frost quickly formed on his body, and in an instant, he turned into an ice sculpture that fell to the ground. When it touched the ground, the cold aura on the ice sculpture even covered the entire street with frost.

Qin Hongfan rushed over and hacked down with his sword. The body of the storekeeper, Ah Kui's ice sculpture immediately disintegrated into pieces, scattering to the ground.

The scene was in an uproar.
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