Lightning God's Oblivious Consort Chapter 4: The Creator has Appeared


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Creator. A being created by gods as a gift to the three realms, as they cannot leave the God Realm for it will make them lose their godhood. Creators can make inanimate objects alive. They can also bring back to life, those who have already departed to the fourth realm, the Underworld. They can also make beings with no human consciousness, gain one. And most of all, make a cultivator reach the highest peak of cultivation. All that's needed is a drop of blood.

But a Creator is a special case. They can never be cultivators. It is the gods' way to stop them from becoming strong that they might think they can become a God as well. Dwellers from the three realms think highly of the gods because of this creation but they never thought that the Creator serves another purpose. It is the gods' eyes to the three realms. Those who show rare talents that can benefit them are taken by the gods and those who show potential of being a threat are killed.

Creators show up every one thousand years and they cause a great disturbance between the three realms. No one knows how and when they show up, but when they do, a sign will show.


In the Mortal Realm, there's a spring that is guarded by powerful cultivators from a sect called Life Giving Sect. Their sole purpose is to maintain peace while beings from all the realms take water from the Spring of Life. This spring is said to be a cure to all diseases and poison, helps cultivators remove impurities in their body to help them with their cultivation and mostly, it tells when a Creator has appeared. The clear water will turn into the color of blood and will be a poison to whoever uses it and this will go on until the Creator dies.

"Why are we not allowed to go to the Spring of Life?! Do you know how far we've travelled just to get here?!"

A man is causing a ruckus at the gate at the foot of the mountain where the Spring of Life us located.

"We know. That's why we are bringing out barrels of water from the Spring of Life to distribute here. Each person will be given a cup each.", a disciple of Living Giving Sect explained patiently.

"What?! Since when did the Life Giving Sect control the amount of water we can get?! Do you know the master I serve?! I will tell you! I serve Lord Mo of the Soaring Phoenix Kingdom! The water that I'm getting now is to aid his cultivation.", the servant threatened arrogantly.

The disciple was about to answer when a white robed man suddenly appeared in front of him. The disciple immediately knelt, keeping his head low. The arrogant man also paled a bit but still kept his facade. The people standing in line also seemed taken aback when they saw the white robed man.

The man looked so pure and godly. His eyes that are the colour of gold and nose that are sharp as if they had been carved by a great master, are easily seen but by looking intently, his cherry-colored lips are also enticing. His features look feminine one by one but when put together, they show nothing but manliness.

"My name is Guang Hui Jie and I am acquainted with your master. I've already sent letters to the leaders of all three realms, informing that the Spring of Life will temporarily be inaccessible. Those who are now here will be given a cup each so your journey won't be in vain. But tomorrow onwards, we won't be able to provide you with any.", Guang Hui Jie explained to the man first before facing the people in line.

If this was explained by anyone else, people would surely not take it quietly. But who is Guang Hui Jie? Aside from being the master of the Life Giving Sect, he is also a cultivator who had reached the highest peak of cultivation. No one knows his origin or why he is guarding the Spring of Life. The only information that is known to the mass is that he just appeared, the same day the spring was discovered, to guard it and has never left the mountain ever since.

After ensuring that no one will make any trouble, Guang Hui Jie quickly went back to his room. He took out a box then gently caressed it before quietly saying, "Yue'er, I hope this time we meet. I promise this time, I will save you."


Enchanted Realm.

The realm where beasts with human consciousness are a common sight, plants that have miraculous effects are abundant and beings of different races are intermingling like it's the norm. The only realm who did not fight back when the Supreme Ruler decided to unify the four realms.

At this moment, inside the palace of the Enchanted Realm's Overlord, a man sitted on the throne is listening to his elders.

"Your Majesty, we've received an urgent report that the Heart of Eternal Flame has turned blue. We are still verifying where, but it seems, the Creator has appeared again.", an elder said while kneeling.

"Your Majesty, if this continues, the young beasts and plants will not be able to cultivate and will have no difference with those beasts found in the Mortal Realm. We must quickly find the Creator and kill them.", another one suggested.

"Your Majesty, I think it's best that we mobilize the Dragon Army while no powerful force has found the Creator yet. When that happens, it will be hard for us to capture the person and a war might break out again.", a man who appears to be a general said.

The man on the throne seemed to be thinking deeply as his blood red hair cascades from his back to his shoulder and his purple eyes turn different shades. The Overlord, Rong Fenglong, a love child of the previous Overlord, the Dragon king, and a phoenix, is currently pondering on what to do.

"I understand all of your concerns, but we can not be impulsive. I've received a report last night that the Supreme Ruler is currently in the Mortal Realm and had faced off with several cultivators who were looking for the Supreme Ruler's weakness. We can't move right now as it might draw his attention to us and might make him think that we are also after the same thing.", he reasoned.

"Your Highness, we have always been submissive and never did anything to attract the Supreme Ruler's ire towards us. This matter is concerning the lives of all who lives in the Enchanted Realm. We can not consider one's feelings and then neglect the welfare of many.", another piped in.

"But raising his suspicions against us can lead to the destruction of the Enchanted Realm. Remember, God Realm is the strongest of all realms but half of their population had been wiped out when they faced off with the Supreme Ruler. If we didn't concede back then, do you think that any of us would be here, having this meeting?", he responded.

The elders quieted down and paled as they remembered the events of the past. The Overlord was correct as always, so instead of thinking how to kill the Creator, they made plans for the future that would come.


Aside from the God Realm, there's another realm where it's dwellers can not escape out of it. But unlike the gods, these dwellers will not lose their godhood for they are not gods, but instead, they are all already dead. It's not that nobody tried escaping back to the other three realms, it's just that everyone who tried, got swallowed by the Gatekeeper, Song Fan Kuo. Also, those who are in the Underworld lose their abilities once they enter the realm.

Song Fan Kuo, also known as the white-haired devil, whose eyes are always closed as if always sleeping and face as gentle as the softest silk, is the gatekeeper of the Underworld. None of those who had seen his eyes, that resembles the vast ocean, had the chance to escape, as they have the ability to swallow a soul. No matter if it's thousands or millions, once he has laid his eyes upon a soul, they would immediately be sucked in, with no chance of return.

But currently, the man whose demeanor is usually as calm as the water is having a headache and cursing his heart out.

"Hahaha! You bastards from the God Realm are really something! Releasing your defective degenerate and giving me a headache every time!", he yelled at all the fallen gods in the Underworld.

"Hmpf. You say that, but aren't you the same?", a female god said.

Song Fan Kuo suddenly stopped moving and faced the female god. He smirked and slowly walked towards her. The others who were looking, unconsciously stepped back and averted their eyes away from the white-haired devil. Once he reached the female god, he slowly stretched out his hand and strangled her neck. He slowly put pressure as if savoring the changes in the female God's expression.

"You think that she and I are the same? You must be joking. When did I ever make such a big ruckus? Oh, right! When I escaped from the hellhole you call God's Realm.", he said while slowly opening one of his eyes. The female god obviously trembled with fear. He continued, "Do you really think that you can control me and use me as a weapon against that psychopath? Too bad for you. These eyes? Since you created them, I'll let you enjoy them.", he finished then stared at all the fallen gods.

The gods let out horrifying screams as they got sucked in by Song Fan Kuo's eyes. After all the fallen gods got swallowed, he looked out from the highest peak in the Underworld and used spiritual energy to send out a message to the entire realm.

"Souls of the Underworld, this is the Gatekeeper, Song Fan Kuo, as you can see, souls are vanishing one by one and rumours must be circulating. To tell you the truth, the Creator has appeared once again and it's causing souls to disappear and this will go on unless that person is dead. This is alarming, yes, as those who vanished will never be reincarnated. But I have a good news for you all. This time, we'll be conducting a tournament. Those who win will be given a new life. Immediately. So I hope for you all to participate and stop trying to escape.", he finished before turning to one of his trusted attendants, "You facilitate the tournament. I will go to the Mortal Realm and look for this little sister of mine. It's high time we meet, don't you think?", he said before giving an evil grin.
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