Lightning God's Oblivious Consort Chapter 2: Supreme Ruler's Weakness


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The man looked at the person on the ground who was just mumbling. Looking at the way the hair was cut, he is assuming that it must be a man. But the way the person moves and speaks is that of a woman. Is this what they call cut sleeve?

He took two steps back while still observing the person. He raised his hand and summoned his sword. He inspected the thing before sending it back inside his body. The sword was created using a forbidden technique that uses a piece of the owner's soul. This kind of weapon can only be wielded by its owner. Then how come this person was able to lift it and was even able to throw it away? Judging by the way the person had been hitting him, he/she isn't strong. In fact, the slaps felt like wind kissing his skin.

He looked at the person's neck that has a light wound and he knew it was because of the sword. His sword would never hurt him because he was its owner but what about this person?

His sword named Underworld's Key was not named that for nothing. As the sword can only be wielded by him, anyone who touched it will have their life force sucked out of their body. But the person in front of him touched it twice and he even felt the joy the sword felt when it was touched and the pain when it was thrown away by the person. His sword never acted this way before. It was always feeling bloodlust and ecstatic whenever he used it to kill. But when he pointed it at the person's neck, the sword felt heavy as if it was stopping him. But why?

"Hey mister!"

He snapped out of his thinking when the person called him.

"Can you point me to the direction of the nearest road? I'm gonna try and see if I can go back home.", the person said before standing up and walked towards him.

"Wait. You're a woman?", he tried to confirm. In truth, he's shocked but at the same time relieved. Shocked that she's a woman because her hair is cut so close to her scalp. Relieved because at least she's not a cut sleeved man.

"Of course I'm a woman! Do I look like a man to you?", she asked as if she's asking a stupid person.

He remained silent and pondered whether he should just kill her now or observe her actions further. This woman is really intriguing him.

The woman looked at him expectantly and he couldn't help but ask, "What are you looking at?".

"Oh. I'm waiting for you to point out the direction I need to take. By the way, why were you pointing a sword at me earlier? Were you trying to kill me?!", she asked him before taking several steps back. She looked like a rabbit hopping back and forth.

"I was, actually. Shall I continue?", he taunted her. He wanted to see her to jump back again.

But contrary to what he expected, she actually stomped towards him and glared at him while saying, "You're gonna kill me? Just try and see if you can! I'm telling you! I will curse you and your whole family including your descendants!".

"Oh? What kind of curse would a ghost be able to cast?", he asked.

"I'll curse you all to grow a mole the size of a bean on the side of your nose and for it to be super hairy, that your face will be super itchy because of it! Hmph! How's that?", she said haughtily.

Imagining what she said, he couldn't help himself and immediately burst out laughing. He had never seen such a harmless person before and he couldn't help but lower his defenses in front of her. Is this what the seer showed as the cause of his downfall? Isn't this just a mere mortal lost in the woods?

As he was laughing, he suddenly stopped as he felt some presence drawing near. He gave her a quick glance before getting a mask out of his space ring. The mask was imbued with spiritual energy and serves as his support to keep watch of his blind spot. He summoned his sword again and was about to head towards the direction of the presence when she suddenly grabbed his sleeve and bit his hand. He was surprised and looked at her questioningly but as she can't see his face, she wouldn't know.

He's not sure what came over him but instead of flinging her off, he removed the mouth that was biting his right hand and had the other encircle her waist. He jumped off the ground and looked for a sturdy branch of a tree before saying, "Stay here. Whatever you see, don't speak or move. If you can't take it, close your eyes and cover your ears.", he then jumped off then headed towards the presence he felt.

If he's not mistaken, those people are also after her. Hmpf. Is it because of the prophecy? Do these people really think that such a thing can become his weakness? Hah! They're underestimating him.

"Key, looks like we're going to have some fun tonight.", he grinned.

But the usual monologue was broken when the sword answered, "Master, aren't you worried that they might find the Mistress where you left her?".

He halted at once and looked at the sword incredulously. Did the Underworld's Key just speak?

" Master, What are you dallying for? Let's finish them quickly so we can get the Mistress!", as if a sign of confirmation, the sword spoke again.

"Key, you can speak.", he said more as a statement rather than a question.

"What? Master, you can hear me? I think it's because I was smeared with Mistress' blood earlier. When her blood touched me, I felt a different kind of energy flowing into me. Wait! That's not what's important right now! Those people are near! Aren't you worried they might get Mistress?", the sword responded.

"Alright, let's finish this quickly and we'll have a chat with that woman. For giving you consciousness, I'm thinking of sparing her life. What do you say?", he said as he started seeing countless men coming his way.

"You need to do more than that, Master. Mistress is a fragile woman and must be protected at all times.", the sword reasoned.

"Protected? Hahaha! Don't make me laugh! That woman is a clawless tiger. She might not be able to scratch you but she definitely can bite.", he responded as he remembered how she bit him.

"Lord Supreme Ruler, it's a surprise to see you here in the Mortal Realm. If I may be allowed to ask, what has brought His Highness out here in the Forest of Forgotten Memories?", the man who seemed like the leader of the group carefully probed.

"Why are you questioning me? This might be the Mortal Realm but this is still my territory. Where in the four realms am I not allowed to go to?", he asked in a cold tone.

"Forgive this humble self for questioning the Lord Supreme Ruler but we are just worried that something might happen to His Highness here in the Mortal Realm which might cause a great disturbance in the four realms.", the leader answered reverently but looking at his eyes, they showed contempt.

"Hah! Don't make this Lord laugh. Aren't you hear to capture the thing that was foretold as this Lord's weakness?", he answered with a sneer.

The leader was about to speak when he suddenly felt a massive aura hit him. He tried to defend himself by covering himself with his own spiritual energy but was immediately overpowered. He saw his subordinates go down one by one and he couldn't help but feel fear in his heart. He saw the Supreme Ruler stab the ground with his sword and he knew instantly, that this will be his and his companions' final resting ground.

The clouds instantly amassed and lightning continuously struck down as if there's a heavy thunderstorm.

The clouds dispersed after a few minutes but the fear it had instilled in the hearts of those who heard the sound cannot be dispelled. News of the event quickly spread throughout the night. Speculations circulated but they all led to one conclusion. The Supreme Ruler is in the Mortal Realm. He came to stop the prophecy as he had said. The man with no weakness will forever be a man with no weakness.
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