Library of Heaven is Path Chapter 2142: City Lord


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Zhang Xuan turned to Qi Ling-er and asked, "Is it the same for other cities? Do other cities have City Lord Monuments that city lords infuse their will into?"

Since she was a city lord, she should be familiar with the processes.

"Each city has a City Lord Monument, and it's indeed used as a record of the city rules. However, I have never heard of a city lord infusing his will into it. That would be equivalent to enchanting the City Lord Monument, turning it into an artifact. It would cause the Anima of Yearning of the entire city to be focused on the monument," Qi Ling-er replied.

She was also a little bewildered after hearing the story.

She would have never thought that anyone would do such a thing.

The City Lord Monument represented the laws of the city. Infusing one's will into it would cause the Anima of Yearning to flow into the will, nourishing it. For the city lord, this was not necessarily a good thing.

For one, there was no guarantee that the sliver of will would remain under his control even after it had been nourished. It was a highly dangerous move to make.

Zhang Xuan turned to Ming Laixiang and asked, "What was Celestial God Yeyu's personality like?"

Celestial God Yeyu was the previous city lord of Dusklight City who had passed away during the Flood of the Spiritual Energy.

"He was a righteous and impartial man. The citizens often sing his praises," Ming Laixiang replied. "It's because none of us can match his character that we aren't able to assimilate the monument. This is also why Dusklight City has remained without a city lord for so many years."

Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

That explained things.

Just the convenience of being able to use the Teleportation Formations made it worth it for one to become a city lord. There were bound to be many experts vying for the spot. So, it was bizarre how Dusklight City had remained without one for almost a decade.

From the looks of it, it was not that easy to become a city lord.

This was probably why Ming Laixiang did not seem particularly concerned that she had lost to him. This was because she knew that one would have to first overcome the City Lord Monument in order to become the city lord, or else he would just be nothing more than another contender in the running, just like her.

Since I can't destroy the will inside, I should just try to assimilate it just like an ordinary weapon!

While it might take years for others to tame an artifact spirit, Zhang Xuan was able to circumvent the lengthy process with his abilities.

So, he walked up to the black monument once more and tapped it a few times. Then, he whispered silently to it.


The City Lord Monument shook a little, but it refused to submit to him.

Zhang Xuan's usual method was to employ both the carrot and the stick. He would offer the artifact two choices— submit to him and rise to greater heights or continue refusing and be destroyed.

However, such a trick would not work on the City Lord Monument. This was because it knew that the young man before it would not dare destroy it.

Seeing this, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly and whispered to the monument, "I know what you are thinking. You knew that you would meet with danger, so you infused your will into the monument ahead of time, hoping that you could revive from the Anima of Yearning supplied by the entire city.

"I can't say that it's a bad plan, but you made a miscalculation—the amount of time it will take for you to succeed. Dusklight City has been without a city lord for nearly a decade now, so there has been no one to enforce the rules you have implemented. As a result, the amount of Anima of Yearning you are receiving has decreased tremendously. You won't succeed at this rate. I'm sure you know that deep down.

"I don't have much desire to become the city lord. All I want is to obtain the City Lord Token so that I can make use of the Teleportation Formations. If I become the city lord, I'll have the city continue enforcing the rules you have set and even allow your will to remain inside the monument. Only the rise of a new city lord will bring order back to this city, and only then will you continue receiving a steady supply of Anima of Yearning."

Zhang Xuan's voice was infused with the Impartation of Heaven's Will, allowing him to sway the emotions of the will within the monument. The indignant and hostile intent that was with