Library of Heaven is Path Chapter 2141: City Lord Monumen


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As soon as the sword appeared in Zhang Xuan's grasp, his aura immediately changed. All emotions vanished from his eyes, leaving behind just the sheer intensity of his concentration.

Ming Laixiang took out a whip, and with a powerful flick of her wrist, the whip shot in Zhang Xuan's direction.


What Qi Ling-er was worried about turned out to be true. Even though Ming Laixiang was a low-tier Celestial God, her fighting prowess was exceptional. She possessed the strength to stand her ground even against middle-tier Celestial Gods.

Furthermore, her skill with the whip was also remarkable. She was able to control it to an extremely fine degree.

Having no intentions of facing the whip directly, Zhang Xuan took a step back and tilted his body backward to dodge her attack before stabbing his sword forward.

The length and flexibility of the whip was both its greatest advantage and disadvantage. It allowed for a wide range of maneuvers, but at the same time, it also made it extremely difficult to control. As a result, there were very few cultivators who chose to specialize in it.

This was also Zhang Xuan's first time facing such a weapon. He quickly looked through all the books he had collected relating to whips in order to understand the principles behind his opponent's moves.


Ming Laixiang leaped backward to create some distance before cracking her whip several more times in Zhang Xuan's direction, but each and every time, Zhang Xuan was able to dodge it by a hair's breadth.

Seeing that her attacks were not connecting at all, her complexion turned grim. Without any hesitation, she switched her tactics and launched a barrage of whips instead.

In the face of a ferocious flurry of whips, Zhang Xuan calmly deflected them one after another with his sword. Even though he was handling Ming Laixiang's offense fairly well, it did not seem like he was interested in counterattacking at all.

"Is he... practicing his swordsmanship?" Qi Ling-er could not help but frown.

It was apparent that Ming Laixiang had the advantage in terms of strength and speed, but by somehow predicting Ming Laixiang's attacks in advance, Zhang Xuan was always able to deal with her. The bizarre attack trajectory of the whips did little to throw him off at all.

The fact that Zhang Xuan could accomplish this meant that he had a fairly good chance at victory. However, each and every time Zhang Xuan attempted an attack, he would eventually back away at the last moment instead of pressing on. It was almost as if he was afraid of hurting Ming Laixiang.

More importantly, his fighting style was changing throughout the battle.

There was no reason for someone to keep changing their fighting style in the midst of the battle unless they were practicing their swordsmanship!

To actually think of practicing your swordsmanship while facing an enemy that is a cultivation realm stronger than you...

Are you serious about this?

Zhang Jia's eyes also widened in astonishment at that sight.

It had no idea whether its master was doing it intentionally or not, but it was starting to wonder if its master had some sort of attention-seeking disease. No matter where its master was, he simply had to do things that would leave the mouths of others agape.

Or could it be that the humans had a very different notion of what 'low profile' meant compared to divine beasts?

"Humph!" Ming Laixiang swiftly noticed Zhang Xuan's intentions as well, and her face turned incredibly livid.

As the strongest contender for the city lord position, she had never been underestimated by another person in such a way before, not to mention that the other party was weaker than her.

You seem to look down on me quite a bit, huh? Very well, I'll give a taste of my strongest move. The reason Lin Xie and Wu Yang don't dare fight me is because they can't deal with this move. If you wish to defeat me, you'll have to withstand it somehow!"

With a cold harrumph, the whip in Ming Laixiang's hands suddenly shot forth like a piercing sword right toward Zhang Xuan's neck. It accelerated so quickly that it seemed to appear before the latter in the blink of an eye.

Seeing how the speed of Ming Laixiang's whip was actually faster th