Let him love you first Chapter 85: Mental Breakdown 3


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The next day the four of them met in a café near their usual meet up. Zoey who initiated the gathering went first, wearing her favorite shirt and jeans. While the three of her friends dressed to impress. Liza wears a jumpsuit with high heels; Shane, her latest Chanel dress and Sweet, her formal attire as she just finished one client meeting from the other mall three blocks away from the café.

Instead of a warm greeting, the three of them explode like an imminent volcano. They postpone all their sermons and agitation last night because they have thought that lecturing her or scolding her would be worthless unless they do it face to face.

"In what God's teaching didn't you heard they you have to stay away from evil or else evil will not leave you," Shane said.

"Oh! Oh! I know that verse. Mrs. Del Mundo used to say it to me during quarterly exams. 'Turn away from it. Avoid then pass.'"

"It's actually 'Avoid it, do not pass by it; turn away from it and pass on.' You're messing the verse, Lisa."

"Whatever it is still the same. The thought is still there."

"Shut up the both of you. Now Zoey answer me or better yet explain what have you shared last night. Did you know that I haven't spoken to Leo since this morning because of his cousin? And I'm determined to continue that until you tell me everything that Michael did to you for the past months." embracing her new role, Shane is very certain with her decision regarding her attitude towards her husband.

"Don't you think it's too much? It doesn't mean that because they are blood-related Leo and Michael, Leo has something to do with what his dumb ass cousin is doing. Don't be too harsh to Leo, Shane." Lisa tried for the first time to be reasonable to her friend.

"That's true. Anyway, okay guys let me explain. I mean let me tell you what had happened. Of course, you all know that since I arrived home Michael has been consistent in contacting me from time to time. He even knew my number beforehand I give it to you guys.

After your wedding, Shane, he started sending gifts in my parents' house. Manang and the rest of the house helpers been declining all the packages and has been telling to all the carriers that there is no Zoey Alcantara resides in our house.

Unfortunately for me, the collaborator of my company is Michael's employer. Making him always present in every gathering we have. And to make things worst, he is now staying in our building as per the managements order or Orb's request.

This world becomes smaller and smaller for the both of us.

Imagine that even in ASC he's been to expert in being an ass because Nickel, my boss, ordered everyone not to aid his request as he is not a regular employee of ASC.

I salute my boss for that. He saved me from all the possible troubles Michael will cause. And because of his gift giving and flower deliveries, Nickel have learned that one housekeeper has been helping him which turned for her to fire.

Did you know that he even followed me home and forced me give him a second chance. He even pushed really hard on the bench of the park near my condo unit.

If without Nickel, he would have succeed forcing me."

"Nickel? Isn't he Leo's best friend? How come he is with you that day?" Lisa remembered Nickel on her friend's wedding day.

"You're not listening. He's my boss."

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I've heard that. What I meant is, why is he with you the day Michael forced you?"

Zoey hesitated to tell them that he lives in the same building, same floor as her. She thought that these green minded friends of her might have mistaken them that they are living together like what Michael had thought.

"Well, actually. The truth is…" she paused for a while and peeked to her friends' expressions. No one would have thought that these pure looking ladies are very dirty minded individuals.

"… we are living in the same condominium, company provided if you go to ask, I invited him over the dinner to thank him for taking care of my dog when still in the office working. No hidden agenda. Okay?"

The three intimidatingly looked at her as if they are thinking that she is lying.

"Hahahahaha! You talk too much. We already knew the thing about you and that cute Nickel guy. Hahaha! Leo mentioned it to me last time Nickel visited us."

Zoey feel relieve after Shane's statement, at least there is someone on her side. But that was she thought.

"Going back to Michael. What does he want you? What was it again? Giving him a second chance? Doesn't he remember that you've given him numerous chances before? Is he out of his mind?" Lisa added.

"With what you have said, Michael seems like an obsessive, creepy and harmful stalker to summarize…" Sweet who is silently drinking her ice Americano contributed to their topic. "… and as I've heard from some clients from Designor, America's Interior Design company, that she has been in AWOL for three weeks already."

"Cut the crap Sweet, no one wants to hear anything about that snake." Shane shuts her up.

"It wasn't about her. The rumors have it that they broke up because of a runaway girl. Considering them as the power couple in interior design industry."

"Oh! Maybe that is why Michael kept his guard in bugging you for the last weeks. He's been free and single again. But do he really thinks that Zoey is still stupid as she is before?" Lisa looked at Shane and Sweet, as if she was waiting for the two to agree with her.

"Ehem! Marisa haven't you notice that I'm here? Do you know that I can hear you, right? And no, I'm not stupid anymore. I'm a change person now." Zoey said it as a matter of fact way.

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